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5 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Private


With the warm weather approaching, spending the day in your backyard has never seemed more possible. However, it can be awkward to see your neighbours when hanging out with the family. Therefore, you must bring some privacy to your backyard to make you feel more comfortable. There are several options from the most common, like wooden fences, to a more modern look, like metal fences. Here are some of the options:

Wooden Fences

Perhaps one of the most popular options when trying to bring some privacy to your backyard, a wooden fence is affordable and long-lasting, with the proper maintenance. Additionally, this type of fencing will add to the interior design of your backyard, bringing a cozier feel to your backyard. Not to mention, if you have some woodworking knowledge, you can install them yourself. Wooden fences come in a variety of woods that range from light to dark, making it easy to choose the one that best suits your backyard.


Another way to make your backyard more private is by growing a fence with hedges. One of the benefits of hedges is that, depending on the choice of plant, the fencing can reach any height that you want. However, it is expensive to install it and a lot of work to maintain it. However, if you have the money and you feel like it is the missing piece to the perfect backyard, it is worth the splurge for how good it looks.


Unfortunately, fences can take a stunning view away from you. If you do not want to sacrifice that, a pergola is a great option. Although they do not have any walls, pergolas still offer some privacy and add to the design of the space. Additionally, you can make it even cozier by filling in the structure with twining plants. Not to mention that the plants will add some shade and make it even more comfortable during the hot summer days.

Use the Landscape

If you are planning on redesigning your entire backyard, you can use landscaping to bring some privacy. A cascading landscape, for instance, is a creative way to add privacy in a picturesque way. This type of landscaping offers multiple levels of greenery that offer privacy and look better than a simple fence obstructing the view.

Corrugated Metal Fences

If you want a more modern feel to your backyard, corrugate metal is a great option. Metal fencing is extremely durable and long-lasting, requiring very little maintenance. Additionally, it is a great way to add a different texture to your backyard and it is budget-friendly.

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