Backyard Landscape Calgary

Backyard Trends for Entertaining

2022 Means spending more time outdoors, especially with spring and summer making their way to Calgary. Whether you plan to hang out with family and friends or enjoy cooking outdoors. Make your patio or deck an extension of the home with these trends for entertaining.

1.    Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Yes, cooking with family and friends is a popular outdoor activity this year. So why not add an outdoor kitchen on your deck or patio. Add a satellite kitchen with a pizza oven or grill outside your kitchen for added convenience. Alternatively, you can create an independent kitchen with storage, prep space, and a sink.

2.    Multipurpose Furniture Is In

Outdoor living furniture is a norm and creates a great social space for gathering with people. Invest in pieces of designer furniture that are versatile to use in any part of the home. For example, choose a convertible to the modular table you can pull apart to provide seating. Or pick a table with hidden compartments for beverages.

3.    Create Privacy and Protection with Structures

You need shade, shelter, and privacy year-round when you entertain outdoors. Whether you practice yoga or work on your laptop, your space needs to be secluded. So, use your furniture to provide protection when outside. For example, you can place outdoor drapery panels as an overhead structure. Or you can plant a wall if permitted. Even titling a huge umbrella gives you privacy. You can even use a tiled accent wall to create an illusion of having an outdoor room.

4.    Add Outdoor Technology

Incorporate technology from the interior to the exterior to entertain guests. For example, you can stream movies onto a screen outdoors using amplifying Wi-Fi signal boosters. Furthermore, it does not change your outdoor look with furniture placed in the right places. Even outdoor work surfaces are rising, and you can incorporate music with a TV outdoors. You can even change the outdoor scenery with LED color-changing technology to set the right mood in a fun way.

5.    Add a Firepit

A fire pit is an excellent extension to your living space to bring your kitchen outdoors. You can have a top-rated Calgary landscaper build you an aboveground or inground one. You can even place seating with décor around your fire pit design. This makes your space more entertaining, comfortable, and livable for guests.

6.    Bring The Indoors Out

You can bring your indoor living space outside as it is one of the biggest entertainment trends for 2022. It is all about creating a cozy, comfortable place out. Accessorize your outdoor area with bistro lights, lanterns, and throws. Create a place where you and guests can kick back and relax. You can even place mirrors on the outside wall and sculptural pieces on all sides of your home.

Wrapping it Up

No matter what trend you choose to entertain family and friends this year. The important thing is to get outside and live life to the fullest. You can create a technology place with expandable furniture to sit around a firepit throughout the year. Nothing is more relaxing than having your feet on a comfortable rug sitting on plush cushions and looking at a fire burning.