Fire Pit

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

Fire pits are a terrific way to improve your outdoor experience in any season. They are also the best method to turn your yard or balcony into a delightful spot to gather with family members and friends. A fire pit would be ideal for all those who have a simple backyard, but if you already have the privilege of a huge backyard, there are some very spectacular options to jazz it up!

The best feature is that there are firepits for practically any budget and aesthetic, from basic to wood burning to fuel operated. These fantastic outdoor fire pit ideas can be a great fit for any cost, even if you are hunting for custom suggestions or the finest economical fire pits to purchase!

Suggestions for a Fire Pit

  • Wooden Fire Pit

It is a typical outdoor fire pit design. The main idea is that you have a fire-resistant structure built of stone or hard materials where you may lay dry firewood. Then you easily ignite it and experience the heat of a blazing fire. Wood fire pit barriers are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and capacities. Simply choose one that suits your preferences and needs.

  • Fire Pillars

When you have a minimal outdoor area, this is an excellent option for you. Many retailers sell fire pillars, which are identical to bowls, except the only variation being their design. This is a petroleum or natural gas-powered gas fire pit in the form of a tall cylinder with a place on top to start the fire. Pillars made of wood or rock with a metallic interior are also available. The complete design offers your garden or terrace a rustic, overall glow.

  • Traditional Paver Fire Pit

We cannot leave out the classic aesthetic of pavers in our collection of outdoor fire pits. This popular fire pit design is simple to put together and extremely durable. If you are looking for a fire pit that can be a permanent thing in your outdoor area for upcoming years, this is the one. It is also simple to install barbeque burners and other apparatus to the surface to simplify outdoor dinners.

  • Fire Pit in the Ground

The ground fire pit is the solution if you want a modest fire pit choice that will not take too much room in your garden. Since it is relatively small and can confine fire effectively, this fire pit choice is frequently regarded as friendlier than classical fire pits. But there is a possibility of kids or dogs walking into the flames, so use caution. In-ground fire pits are very stylish and give a unique viewpoint to your outdoor sitting area. They are available in various forms, heights, and fashions, so you are sure to find the right in-ground one according to your demands, or you can build your own out of pavers, concrete slabs, or garden stones.

Bottom Line

Whatever outdoor fire pit idea you pick to breathe new life into your outside location, you will create new cherished moments with your friends and relatives that will last for many years. There is nothing greater than that.

You can always contact Project Landscape for the eco-friendly resources, and fire pit settings that will consume less energy while adding a visually attractive aesthetic to your outdoor space.



Fire Pit

Fire Pit Options to Choose From

What better way to create a cozy place than sitting at a fire to keep warm with winter approaching. The best part is you can with a fire pit Calgary provider. Here are some excellent fire pit designs that you might like.

A Wood Burning Fire Pit

Why not enjoy a realistic replica of sitting at a campfire but only limited to a space. You can enjoy an authentic experience with real smoke and a crackling fire. Have a fire pit Calgary provider install one for you made of stone or brick. Add a grill to double it up for cooking while enjoying the warmth. You can have one indoors if you have the space or add it to your backyard.

A Gorgeous Propane Fire Pit

Create a cozy place inside with a propane fire pit, offering you the convenience to remain indoors from the cold. It is beautiful with a flame, and you need not refill it with wood. Instead, you find them in small to large sizes to liven up any living space. You can choose your design from glass, rock pebbles, wood to stone. The choice is endless as a copper bowl fire pit is fancy for the outdoor and inside the home. You can even have a fire pit table with propane gas making it safe for children.

Gel Fuel Fire Pit

The gel fuel fire pit is what you need for a perfect ambiance in the home or your backyard. You can enjoy a clean burn without smoke, and it is versatile to move anywhere. You can have one with gel-fueled logs in the pit or have a tabletop design to move indoors, making a great display.

A Fire Bowl

Yes, while it is not a fire pit, the fire bowl presents you with the same cozy feeling of warmth. The bowl has a portable design standing on its legs and allows you to build a fire inside. Actually, it looks like a bird feeder, and with wood, it heats up the space around it while sitting there. You can find them in small to large designs, and some of them are lightweight to move around.

Natural Gas Fire Pit

Great, if your yard has the capacity available, you can install a natural gas fire pit. It is similar to propane but is a permanent fixture. Still, you can have a fire pit Calgary provider create a sunken design pit built into the ground. Or you can opt-in to having a square, round or tabletop design.

Even the choice of materials is endless, from copper, stone, to brick. While it is expensive to run, the installation can be a bit costly as it is permanent. So as you can see, there are different options to provide you with warmth on a chilly winter’s evening.


Fire Pit

The Best Fire Pit Backyard Ideas to Keep the Party Going

When you have a fire pit in Calgary, it becomes a centerpiece in your backyard. We have some fantastic ideas to consider when investing in one. You can even find some unconventional ones as well.

Diamond Plated Fir Pit Calgary

Using a diamond-plated fire pit works well if you’re short on space. With a landscaper in Calgary, you can have them install one made with metal. However, if you want to do it yourself, you need your angle grinder. The best part is the fire pit has a portable design to take anywhere.

Brick Fire Pit

For a straightforward approach, you can turn your backyard into a cozy place with a brick fire pit. You can gather around it with family and friends on those chilly evenings. Not sure how to build one! Then it helps to call in a residential landscaper Calgary provider to help. They will help design one that fits in with your landscaping.

Create a Flagstone Fire Ring

In the design, you use flagstones as it helps retain heat well and looks great in the backyard. Yet, it is more expensive than using bricks. Still, it is bigger and much easier to build. You can even do it yourself. You need no mortar skills and can create a perfect spot to unwind.

Be Like the Cowboys

For something different going back to the Wild West, a cowboy fire pit is a way to go. The cauldron is one of the most astonishing fire pits you can have. All you need is a big cast iron pot that can make such a difference. You can buy it in three styles made with steel. Yet, it is expensive, and a huge one works well if you entertain many guests.

Relax at Your Spa Fire Pit in Calgary

Create a relaxing spot at your spa with a cozy fire pit to keep you warm when getting out of the whirlpool spa. Adding one to your backyard creates a place for everyone to enjoy themself.

Stone Bar Fire Pit

If you have the space, why not get a fire pit Calgary provider to install a combined bar with a fire pit in your backyard. You can have it designed out of stone to fit in with your deck or patio. Still, if you prefer not to go this route, you can invest in the portable fire pit instead. However, think of it this way, you will have a table where you can relax with drinks while enjoying the warm fire.

Bowl of Fire

If you prefer installing your fire pit yourself, invest in a bowl of fire design. For many homeowners, it is the latest trend. Yet, if you are handy, all you need is an old bowl with concrete mixed well to create the perfect fire spot to sit.

Wooden Fire Pit

Yes, you can create a fire pit with wood and line it with a sheet of metal bucket to prevent it from catching fire. You will agree it looks as if you have a fireplace outside as well and not only in the house.

Use that old Washer Tub

Do you have an old washer standing in the garage for years? Get it out to repurpose it as a fire pit in your Calgary backyard. You can add some legs and give it high-heat paint to get it started.

Create a Perfect Patio Table Fire Pit  

Double up your old patio table with a fire pit. All it needs is welding with a bit of experience and propane heat. Once done, your patio table turns into a fantastic backyard piece for all to sit around. Yet, if you are not DIY inclined, you can always call in a fire pit Calgary expert to do it for you.

Grocery Cart Fire Pit

Yes, who would have thought you could turn an old grocery cart into a portable fire pit. You can add a spark screen with a base to help catch the embers. At the bottom, you can keep a stockpile of your wood within reach. So as you can see, you can find many fire pit backyard ideas to keep your party going in Calgary. One thing is sure your fire pit will look different to your neighbors.


Fire Pit

Fire Pit Ideas for Calgary Homes

What does your outdoor space look like? Could it be enhanced with a fire pit? There are tons of people who are taking the time to really dress up their backyard areas. Most people are finding that they are spending more time at home, they are entertaining close friends or family at home, they want to be able to do this comfortably outdoors, so they are installing fire pits. Is a fire pit something that your Calgary home could benefit from having?

Why Consider a Fire Pit?

If you are looking at fire pits for your Calgary home, you are going to find that this can be a wise investment for those who visit your home and for your overall curb appeal. Why should you consider a fire pit?

  1. It gives a huge aesthetic boost to your property.

Imagine having a charming fire pit in your backyard that has numerous places for your guests and family to sit around. And then imagine using it on a chilly night, everyone is warm and cozy, as they enjoy all that the fire pit can offer. It is a great investment that you will find you will use more than what you realize!

  1. It allows for you to have outdoor events longer into the year.

How many times have you found yourself wishing that the weather was a bit better and could have your guests outdoors? Most of everyone has thought this at one point. However, when the weather gets chilly, you hate to ask everyone to step outside. When a fire pit is installed outside, then you are going to find that it can be used for warmth, allowing you to have more space for those gatherings that you have at your home.

  1. Fire pits are extremely functional.

When you envision a fire pit are you imagining a stone structure that is not movable Or are you imagining something that you can move around from one spot to the next in your yard? Either one of these scenarios can be true. Fire pits are extremely functional so that you can get the one that best fits your needs. If you know that you will want to move this from time to time, then having one of these that is built to do just that is going to fit your every need.

  1. These can be huge fun!

You can use fire pits to roast hot dogs, make smores, or just simply use this for gatherings. You will find that everyone will get use of this in your home, and those who visit your home.

If you are looking for a fire pit for your Calgary home, then you will find that we are the ones to call. We have tons of experience in putting in fire pits at homes, whether they are traditional or have the ability to be transported. Call us today with your idea and we can work with you to make your dream come true!