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The Best Plants for a Pet-Friendly Garden

Pet lovers will want to choose plants that are safe for their pet dog or cat if it nibbles on the leaves.  Knowing which flowers and plants are safe for cats and dogs will help you keep your pets safe.

Outdoor flowers that are safe for pets:

  • Marigolds – These hearty flowers grow in shades of yellow, gold, and orange-red. They will not harm your pup or cat even if it nibbles on them. They are easy to care for and will regrow blooms if you pinch off spent ones.
  • Sunflower – Large bright yellow blooms on tall green stems are also safe if your dog or cat eats some of them. These flowers dry out in the fall and the seeds drop to the ground. Your pet may try to eat the seeds but don’t worry because they will not harm him.
  • Coral Bells – These beautiful flowers are low on the ground and may be attractive to dogs and cats who like to eat a variety of outdoor plants. They range in colors from green to orange and can even be black.
  • Pineapple Sage – Hummingbirds are attracted to these flowers because of their sweet smell. Your dog may also decide to try them, but they are pet-friendly and will not harm your pet.
  • Camellia – These lovely pink flowers grow on shrubs year after year. They are pet-safe. This lovely flower looks similar to a rose and when they open, they have bright yellow centers.
  • Fuchsias – Fuchsias grow in red, deep pink, light pink, and purple. Pets may be attracted to them, but they are safe if it nibbles on them. These bright pink flowers hang down and are just right to plant in hanging baskets containers for outdoor landscaping.
  • Snapdragons – These beautiful flowers grow in colors ranging from yellow to red. They have long stems and grow multiple blooms on one stem.
  • Nasturtiums – Nasturtiums have a wonderful scent and they are edible to humans as well as pets. They grow in many colors like orange, pink, and red and are large flowers that are several inches wide.
  • Forsythia – These bright yellow flowers grow on bushes and bloom each year in early spring.
  • Pansies – These flowers are safe and edible by pets and humans. They grow in many different colors and bloom in cooler weather.

Some other plants and flowers are safe for pets. Some of them are herbs that add beauty to your landscaping while also providing fresh herbs for cooking. You only need to step outdoors to get fresh herbs with these plants.

Herbs your pet may ingest that are safe:

  • Lavender – Known for its delightful scent and attractive purple color, lavender is one of the best flower herbs to include in your outdoor landscaping. If your dog nibbles on it, lavender has a calming effect on pets.
  • Dill – Dill is a weed that spreads and will probably need to be cut back. It does not flower, but its feathery growth can add interest to your outdoor landscaping. It is also used in cooking.
  • Purple Basil – This plant adds color in any area and it will not harm your pet if it is eaten. 
  • Creeping Thyme – This herb flowers with small purple blooms. It is low-lying and is safe if eaten by your pet. Humans often use thyme in cooking.
  • Rosemary – This plant is safe for pets and is often used in cooking. It does not flower but has unique greenery that looks good in outdoor landscaping. 

Avoid these plants that are toxic to dogs and cats:

Toxic plants can make your pet very sick and even kill him. Don’t assume that your pet doesn’t eat plants because one small bite can have serious effects. Here are some of the most toxic plants and flowers to pets:

  • Lilies – All types of lilies are toxic to pets and some can be fatal. Some dogs like to dig up the bulbs which are very dangerous if eaten.
  • Lily of the Valley – These delicate little bell-shaped flowers have a wonderful scent but they are toxic to cats and dogs. An animal that has eaten them may have digestive problems.
  • Chrysanthemums and Daisies – These toxic flowers can cause digestive and nervous problems to your pet if eaten.
  • Rhododendron – Although the rhododendron is a lovely flower, it can be toxic to your pet. It may cause trouble breathing, digestive issues, and changes in blood pressure.
  • Cyclamen – Toxicity to dogs and cats can affect red blood cells and cause heart problems.
  • Daffodils – These flowers can cause digestive problems, heart issues, and trouble breathing if ingested by your pet.
  • Tulips – Every part of the plant is toxic, especially the bulbs. Some dogs like to dig them up. Eating tulips can cause increased heart rate, breathing troubles, and digestive issues.
  • Hyacinth – Toxic to pets and cause digestive problems as well as heart and lung disorders.

As you can see, planting many common flowers can have a very negative effect on your pet.

How do I know which plants to choose when I own a pet?

Use the above list to make a beautiful garden plan. Be sure to tell your landscape construction company that you do not want any plants that may be unsafe for your pet.

There are many wonderful varieties in the “Safe” category from which to choose. You can have different species that have unique colors and appearances by choosing from this list. There are many choices of safe plants for pets.

Are there toxic indoor plants that can harm pets?

There are also toxic indoor plants that can have a serious effect on your pet. An easy approach for inside and outside your house are to use only safe for pet plants.

Signs that your pet ate a poisonous plant:

The first sign of a toxic reaction is vomiting and refusing to eat. You will notice a different than usual behavior in your cat or dog. Trouble breathing and seizures may also occur.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly plants for your garden, check out Project Landscape. They are a reliable landscaping company that will ensure your garden has only safe plants for your furry friend. Don’t risk planting something that could harm your pet, trust Project Landscape to create a beautiful and safe outdoor space for both you and your pet. Visit their website at to learn more.

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6 Landscaping Tips for Beginners

When you move into your first home, the landscaping becomes your responsibility, and yes, you may be nervous as you have never had a garden. However, you need not feel anxious about this chore. If you want the best curb appeal, it helps to keep your yard maintained. We have some helpful landscaping tips for beginners here. 

1 Know the Lawn and Soil

Okay, with new relationships, you introduce yourself, but we’re not saying you must introduce yourself to your lawn. Still, if you know the type of grass and soil in the yard, things become smoother caring for them. So, research the type of lawn you have and the soil to help with the problem-solving you can face. Also, knowing the basics of the climate you live in helps determine if the grass in the landscaping is the best for the region you live in. 

2 Know the Different between Seeding and Overseeding 

Does the lawn in the yard look as if the previous owner drove it into the ground? Or you may need to plant new suds. Then the best options to grow from seeds as it is affordable to give you the healthiest looking landscaping. 

Still, research the type of seedling for your region and also determine the best time of the year to plant grass in the area. Alternatively, your new yard might not need a complete redo and only a touch-up. If you notice spots where the lawns are damaged, then consider overseeding. 

You can add new grass seed over the lawn present to make it an affordable option for a healthier lawn. The method is excellent for treating thinning areas to brown patches to make the lawn thrive.

3 Watering The Garden 

All plants, trees, to grass need water, varying from season to season according to your location. You can contact a local landscaping professional to find out what works best for your yard. 

Or you can even hire them to care for your landscaping throughout the year. Still, if you go the DIY route, remember that overwatering flora is not always healthy, and you must get a happy medium. 

The rule of thumb is constantly to check the soil to see if the top two inches are dry before watering. While for grass to build a healthy root system, it needs deep watering with about 1.5 inches of water a week to seep about six inches into the soil.

So, take a screwdriver and push it six inches into the ground, and if it happens without difficulty, you know your lawns are getting enough water. Furthermore, the best time to water is in the early morning, allowing the ground to dry out before nightfall. 

You will water more often in summer than winter, so do your watering as per the above screwdriver test.

4 Mowing the Lawn 

Mowing sounds straightforward, pushing the lawnmower over the grass. But, you’re mistaken as cutting your grass too short to save you more mowing time does not work. All it will do is leave your yard looking unhealthy. Instead, it helps to adjust the blades to remove ⅓ of the grass length. So, if your grass is three inches high, trim one inch for grass health. Another helpful tip is to clean your lawn mower after use and keep the blades sharp. 

5 Aerating and Fertilizing 

All plants to grass need aeration by using a fork to redistribute the soil. In the olden days’ people used a gardening fork to poke holes in the lawn, but these days landscapers use an aeration machine. 

The machine looks like a mower and helps you do the aeration process across your lawn. The best time to do this is in spring, as it prepares the grass for the harsh summer with winter stress ahead. 

Another important thing is to fertilize your garden, which can be done by a professional or yourself. You can choose a granular product for your lawn as it will simplify the process. Choose one rich in nutrients and follow the directions on the label. 

6 Weeding and Pest Control 

Yes, playing whack-a-mole with the weeds is frustrating. Still, preventing them is impossible. So for the best results, we recommend a professional landscaper to help. If you want to control them yourself, we recommend pulling them out to avoid disturbing the soil. 

When you toss the soil, the weeds will grow on top of it. The best is to remove the root or add some mulch to fit in with your yard design. You may find that weed-eating insects move in to keep it under control. 

For controlling pests, it helps to hire an expert landscaper rather than buying products from the hardware store. Not all insects are harmful to the yard, and you do not want to remove your pollinators using insecticides. 

These are some helpful tips to get you started but if ever you get stuck, call in a professional landscaper to help. Never be afraid to ask! 

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5 Tips for Keeping Weeds Under Control


As summer approaches, we all want that beautiful yard to spend the weekends with the family. However, weeds are a huge problem for many homeowners. You might be in this fight right now, trying to figure out why you got rid of weeds on one side of the yard, but more apparent on the other. Luckily, there are some easy tips that you can follow to make your life a little easier.


When working on a yard, you need to find the sweet spot when it comes to fertilizer. If you fertilize too little, the lawn can become sparse, and weeds can take over. If you apply too much, it can lead to certain weeds growing and thriving as well. The best way to find a balance is to follow instructions on the package and use a fertilizer with a high percentage of controlled-release nitrogen. This will allow a slow and steady nutrient supply to the soil. You should also the frequency and timing into consideration. Depending on the type of lawn, you might need to fertilize more times during the year than others.

Water Grass Infrequently

If you water your grass frequently and lightly, it can lead to shallow roots, which give way to crabgrass, bluegrass, sedges, and other weeds to germinate. Additionally, if you water your lawn too little, it might dry out in some spots and give way to other types of weeds. Overall, the best option is to provide infrequent, deep soaking.

Use Mulch

If you do not keep watch of your garden, or take the proper precautions, weeds can quickly take over unplanted areas and any open ground around plants. To make sure that does not occur, you should spread mulch over the soil surface to block the sunlight, preventing weeds from growing in the mulched area. In the rare case that a few weeds sprout, they can be easily pulled out. Different types of mulch are better for certain areas of your garden. For example, shredded or chipped bark is good for large areas between trees and shrubs, since it decomposes slowly and is not easily blown away by the wind. For any path, you should go for a thick layer of sawdust, which suppresses weeds as well.

Mow Higher

It is also important to pay attention when you are mowing the lawn. If you are mowing too low, the turf can become weak, which reduces the ability of the grass to produce enough nutrients, giving it space for weeds. You might need to do some research, but each grass type has a range of height that is recommended when mowing it. Once you find this height, go for the largest option in the range.

Apply Herbicides

Preemergence herbicides kill weeds as they are germinating, but they will not kill established weeds. These herbicides should contain oryzalin or trifluralin, but you can also use nontoxic corn gluten meal. For the preemergence herbicide to be effective, you must apply it to a soil that does not have any visible weeds along with water.

If you do not want to have to deal with weeds, Project Landscape can help you out. We offer a variety of annual packages to keep your lawn healthy and lush all year long. The best part? You do not have to worry about anything. We will mow, remove leaves, and aerate. Our Platinum and Diamond packages include weed removal, fertilization, and seeding. Contact us to get a quote and learn more about our services.

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Why is Using Artificial Grass the Best

Are you considering using an artificial grass Calgary service? Then you have chosen the best option as artificial turf has loads of benefits. The best part is it looks great, and if you find a drought-taking place, your lawn still looks great. But, that is not all; using artificial grass in Calgary has much more to offer.

Artificial Grass in Calgary Needs no Maintenance

While this might be overstated, it still needs minimal maintenance. You spend a lot of time mowing and water grass, right! Yet, with synthetic turf, it needs no lawn care, and you can enjoy relaxing more. Still, even better, it also eliminates puddling. When an artificial turf Calgary provider installs it for you, they roll out the ground to make it smooth. Doing this removes grooves or valleys where water accumulates. Then, they install small irrigation channels to drain the excess water away.

You Have no Grass Stains

How often have your kids played on the grass bringing in mud stains or having grass stains on their clothes? Yes, there are no grass stains when you have artificial turf. But, neither do you have unsightly brown streaks across the lawn caused by them sliding over it.

You Have no Bare Ruts or Spots

Natural grass with high volumes of traffic leads to pathways with bare spots and ruts. Using artificial grass removes these damages and remains to look resilient even when walked on. In addition, the blades bounce back to remain standing upright.

Weather is of no Concern

Your artificial grass needs no shade to prevent it from fading or drying in the sun. Instead, you can leave it in direct sunlight throughout the year. You can even place it in shaded areas without giving it sunlight or water. Best of all, the turf is safe for your pets and kids. The synthetic material has anti-bacterial properties preventing the spread of bacteria and germs. Therefore, your pets and children can safely play on it without exposure to fertilizers, toxic chemicals, or harmful pesticides.

You need not fertilize the Grass

As your artificial turf does not grow you, cut out on the expenses of investing in fertilizer to keep it growing. The grass remains green, lush, and toxin-free. Further, it does not add any harm to the environment. The turf is drought resistant, as it needs no watering saving you load on the utility bills.

Works Well in Recreational Spots

If you have a tennis court, bocce ball, or putting green, artificial grass works well in these areas. Best of all, it looks great on a patio. The artificial grass withstands high traffic and is resistant to damage. You can shape it according to your needs and get it in a variety of patterns.

Artificial Grass Calgary Services are Cost-Effective

With artificial grass, you get a long-lasting benefit with value, and it is cost-effective. While it might seem expensive at first, it pays for itself in the end. The reason is that you save loads of money on water, fertilizers, compost, and more. The best part is it improves the value of your home after a couple of years. So if you are still wondering if you should use an artificial grass Calgary provider, we hope the benefits mentioned help you make the right decision.

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Thinking about Getting Artificial Grass in Calgary?

When it comes to your grass at your Calgary home or business, more than likely you are always looking for ways in which you can make it easier to deal with, yet still, hold the beauty that you desire. One of the suggestions that we make to our clients who are wanting a great-looking yard with less maintenance is to consider artificial grass in Calgary.

Artificial Grass Has Advanced in Recent Years

When you think about artificial grass or artificial turf, you may imagine something that was from the 1950s. It may look super smooth…but at the same time looks extremely fake. The good news is that artificial turf has advanced a lot over the years. Now, it is made to look more realistic, so much so that most people cannot tell the difference until they are told that it is artificial.

Is is Truly Maintenance Free?

artificial turfImagine how many hours per week you can save when you have artificial grass installed at your home. You are going to find that the hours that you spend mowing, cutting down weeds, fertilizing and watering is not going to be needed with artificial grass. You do have to clean this artificial grass from time to time, usually once a week or so is recommended. You simply have to hose it down and run a broom over the yard. It is that simple…and definitely beats having to run the mower for hours on end.

What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass?

If you are still debating on artificial grass in Calgary, you are going to find that it offers several benefits to homeowners and even businesses. For example:

– You no longer have to worry about mud which pets or kids can track through the house once they run through regular grass.

– No longer do you have to worry about picking up rocks that have been kicked into the grass since you are not having to mow this.

– There is no sod involved, so you don’t have to worry about replacing this at all.

– It is super easy to clean up after pets who use this area.

– No trimming or mowing…which is always a huge plus…what will you do with your time now?

And the benefits continue. For example, many people opt to have artificial grass installed in their backyards so that they can practice their putting on grass that is similar to the golf course. In addition, this can be cut to put under playsets in backyards, making it a better solution to avoid kids having falls that result in injury.

We take pride in every project that we handle, including when we install artificial grass in the Calgary area. You can rest assured that when you call us, we are going to have your best interests in mind and get you top-of-the-line quality products that are going to fit your dream for what your outside area could be when you use artificial grass. Call us today to learn more about how artificial grass could benefit your home or business.

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Full Season Lawn Care Programs

When it comes to lawn care in the Calgary area, there are plenty of things that you can do yourself or hire a professional to handle for you. Here at Project Landscape we offer a full-season lawn care program that is meant to have your lawn looking amazing year-round. While you may see fertilizer and other materials on the market that are meant to make your lawn look amazing, in many of these cases, they are using harmful ingredients that can have devastating effects on the Earth. That is why we strive to use organic products whenever possible. We truly believe that they are better for your lawn and environment and will render amazing results.

Why do we use organic fertilizers?

Fertilizer is meant to be food for the soil, thus when traditional fertilizers are used which are full of chemicals, this is resulting in chemicals running into the groundwater and other bodies of water. With organic fertilizers, we can feed the soil to help it become better naturally and help with any growing issues that you may be having. Plus, organic fertilizers offer benefits like:

– Helping the soils ability to hold water and nutrients

– Organic fertilizers help the lawns to be healthier, resulting in healthier and stronger plants

– This is safe for pets and families

– It is environmentally friendly

Top Dressing: Step for a Great Lawn

Topdressing your lawn can be done at any time of the growing season, though Fall is the best time to do this. The benefits to top dressing your lawn include:

– Repairs any low spots in the yard and helps to stop erosion

– Smooths the lawn surface

– Helps control thatch

– Improves the soil

– Improves drainage especially when we aerate the area

– Is beneficial for when you need to seed the yard or have overseeded the yard

– Is the best way to protect the grass throughout the winter months

We offer several different lawn care packages that are going to benefit any yard in the Calgary area. Your lawn should always be cared for, even in those months that the winter weather hits hard. You will find that the more care you give the yard now, the better it will be the next season. Year after yard of great Calgary lawn care is going to show with a healthy yard that your neighbors will be envious of. And if you notice that you have a problem area in your lawn, we can diagnose what is going on and take steps to remedy this issue.

Ready to get started? While you can do this on your own, we recommend that you contact us, the professionals in lawn care in the Calgary area. You will find that our staff is focused on your yard, the safety of the products that are used and we always ensure that we show up for the appointment that best fits your schedule. For quality lawn care that you can count on, there is no better place to turn than Project Landscape for all your lawn care needs.

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Why Should You Choose Calgary Professionals for Landscape Maintenance?

lawn maintenance calgary Summer months are for spending time outside all day and even in the evening. You can spend quality time with your family and friends if you have a well-maintained landscape. But, the task of landscape maintenance is not as easy as it seems.

Why should you choose us for landscape maintenance?

We offer premier landscaping services that will help you in increasing the value as well as the overall aesthetic of your home. We use the best quality brands, products, and processes to keep your landscape healthy so that the outdoor part of your property can look incredible and aesthetically pleasing. We offer the best calgary landscape maintenance, and we take pride in being called the most reliable company that people trust.

From maintenance of trash, lawns, to line painting and sweeping, our services are aimed towards making sure that your property is safe, clean, and functional.

Benefits of hiring professionals

Landscape can be tiring, especially in the summer months when the temperature is scorching. The heat can also make it challenging to keep plants alive. Doing landscaping tasks without any professional expertise can lead to sunburn and dying plants. Following are some of the major reasons you need to look for professionals for calgary landscape maintenance.


Trying to get equipment, tools, chemicals, and other products needed for landscape maintenance can cost you too much. But, when you choose professionals like Project Landscape, you get the best maintenance services without spending any extra amount on tools and products.

Appealing beauty

No matter if you want to maintain the landscape for recreational purposes or you want to sell your house, your lawn is the first thing that people see when they enter your property. Thus, proper maintenance of the lawn by professionals can give an aesthetically pleasing look to your lawn.

Increase in the value of property

Investing in lawn care services offered by us can help you in the long run if you want to sell your house at some point. A well-kept landscape can be helpful in increasing the value of the property.

Save time

Even if you like doing some of the maintenance work on your property, you may not have the needed time to maintain the landscape every day. These jobs require lots of time and effort. For best results, you need to invest time and effort in trimming, weeding, mowing, and mulching.

Professionals have expertise

Professional landscapers like Project Landscape know how to handle landscaping tasks very well. They have an expert team who know the ins and outs of each task they are doing to make sure your landscape stays beautiful They can also offer you in-depth knowledge about pesticides, fertilizers, and all other aspects of landscape maintenance.

If you want your property and landscape to look pristine, it is always advisable to have expert care on your side. One of the biggest advantages of hiring professionals like Project Landscape is that you can easily relax on your days and weekends off without worrying about lawn maintenance.

Hiring us will ensure that your landscape stays exceptionally beautiful in the summer months when you are busy. Get ready to get a professional touch to your lawn and landscape by calling us today. 

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4 Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services in Calgary

Do you want to get rest on weekends, but you can’t get it as you are busy mowing and edging your lawn? Well, maintenance of the lawn is an important task. You can’t ignore it, or else it will impact the overall look of your lawn. In this article, we have come up with some of the best tips that can help you to make a choice in looking for a professional lawn care services in calgary.

Following are the major benefits of having professional lawn care services:

Avoid unnecessary damage lawn care calgary

If you want to maintain your laws, you may not have the exact tools and equipment. Thus, you may need to work very hard to get the exact maintenance and cleanliness for your lawn. On the other hand, hiring a professional can be a good choice as they are well-equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to take care of your lawn. Thus, if you want to avoid all types of hassles and extra struggles, try to look for a professional who can take care of the maintenance task of your lawn.

One of the biggest reasons people look for professionals for lawn care is that professionals know how to take care of the task. Thus, when you hire a professional, they won’t cause any accidental damage to your laws and the grasses. Most homeowners have no idea about how to water the lawn. Thus, overwatering or underwatering of the laws can impact the look as well as the growth of grasses. So, if you want to avoid any unnecessary damage, make sure to look for the best lawn care services in calgary.

Less physical labor

Consistent care

We don’t get time even on weekends. Sometimes we may have to go to a party and some days we may be busy watching our favorite movie. In these cases, the look of our lawn may be neglected. But, if you hire a professional, you will get consistent care and maintenance of your lawn.

Increased home value

If you want to have a beautiful-looking home inside out, hiring a lawn care service can be one of the best options. You can spend free time with your kids and pets if you have a well-maintained lawn.

So, for the next weekend, start looking for professionals who can help you in maintaining your laws so that you can have the perfect lawn for the weekend picnic with your family.

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Calgary Landscape Maintenance Tips

Keeping a beautiful landscape through the season is a lot of work.  The value comes in pride in your property and a welcoming atmosphere for guests, family, clients, and onlookers.

A healthy landscape is easy when you hire professionals.  They will assign a team to maintain your lawn, flowers, and other plants to stay healthy and appealing.  This will maintain the curb appeal of your home or commercial building area.  It will assure that your property is in perfect shape for special occasions or just an ordinary Tuesday.

Maintaining a Healthy Landscape

Maintaining a healthy Calgary landscape is also important to the environment.  The soil is a natural filtration system for watershed.  In addition, the trees, plants, and flowers clean the air as they grow and mature.  Careful plantings can also help bird and other wildlife thrive to maintain a solid ecosystem.

lawn-maintenance-calgaryMany people don’t realize that by maintaining a healthy lawn, you are actually preventing weed growth.  If turf is healthy with a solid root structure, the weeds will have no place to germinate.  This also means there is less chance for an infiltration of grubs or other unwanted insects.  A landscape maintenance company will keep your lawn mowed to the correct height so that it can properly photosynthesize the sunlight and nutrients and stay healthy.  Watering and appropriate fertilization will also mean there is less chance for weeds to sprout.  Without weeds you won’t need to worry about using chemicals to control the growth, which means it is, again, better for the environment.

Our yard is an important part of our daily lives.  Children play and pets roam.  Preventing weeds means eliminating the worry of some toxic plant starting to grow in your lawn that would be tempting for some pet or toddler to nibble on.

Most people today live hectic schedules between work, professional commitments, travel, volunteerism, children’s activities, and other responsibilities.  Arriving home near dark leaves little time for mowing or maintaining a good looking landscape.  Using a landscape maintenance service means one less thing to worry about.  The crew comes in to mow, trim, water, and otherwise take care of your yard and you can concentrate on the important matters of life.

Professional Lawn Maintenance in Calgary

If you are interested in exploring the advantages of professional lawn maintenance, contact us at Project Landscape.  We bring a team of experts who are dedicated to the quality of your landscape.  We are able to establish and maintain a lush lawn for your personal enjoyment and to provide the curb appeal that your neighborhood will appreciate.

For our commercial customers we are able to provide all the services to keep their green space carefully manicured and healthy to present a professional appearance to their clients and employees.

We can make it happen by your contacting our office.  We will send out a specialist in Calgary to look at the current condition of your lawn, trees and other plants and help decide the best plan of action that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact our team at Project Landscape today to see how we can help!

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How to Prepare Your Lawn For the Spring and Summer

Here in Calgary, winters can be long and cold, but we all know how gorgeous our summers are! Yet, at the end of this long winter, our lawns will be brown and trying to come back to life. How do you prepare your lawn for the incoming spring and summer? In this blog, we will go over seven ways in which you can prepare your yard so it looks its best during the summer.

Clean Up Your Lawn

The first thing you can do to help your lawn and your outside house appeal is to clean it up. Although this is a tedious chore, it is necessary for you to clean your yard up of any twigs, branches, and any other debris that may be lying around. This will help the grass grow more naturally and make the following tips easier.

Cut Your Grass

Once the snow melts away, the grass will start to grow and, in some cases, will grow more rapidly, compared to the end of summer. It is important that you consistently trim your lawn as there might be leaf development. Think of it as cutting split ends off your hair.

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Aerate and Scarify

Aerating and scarifying involves removing as much of the thatch and other grass growing prohibitors. You can do this with a fork or spike roller to create holes of at least 20cm deep into your soil. Doing this will prevent limited movement of water, air, fertilizer, and other beneficial substances within your lawn. Spring is the ideal time to do this because the grass is actively growing and can recover from the process more efficiently.

Feed Your Lawn

Feeding your lawn adds a protective topcoat that can help prevent weeds, keep the soil moist and increase growth. This will also help your lawn retain water, especially through those dry Calgary summers. Make sure that you don’t overdo it on fertilizers with a lot of chemicals as they can either kill your grass or influence weeds to grow bigger.

Try to Prevent Weed Growth

Weeds are prominent in spring and at the end of summer. Properly aerating and feeding your yard will definitely help when it comes to weeds, but weeds have their reputation for a reason. To help prevent weeds from growing, make sure your lawn is properly fertilized. If weeds still grow, it is safer to manually get rid of the weed as weed killers have chemicals that kill grass.

Water Your Lawn

Now this one seems fairly obvious, but giving your lawn a long, thorough watering a couple of times a week is better than watering a little bit every day. Overwatering it can cause the grass to succumb to diseases. When you irrigate, make sure it’s either early morning or late afternoon as the grass will absorb more of the water.

Have Project Landscape Do It For You!

Here at Project Landscape in Calgary, we are dedicated to providing our community with beautiful lawns that people love and appreciate. We have years of experience and a knowledgeable team that is ready to prepare your lawn for the warmer months coming ahead. Call Project Landscape today for a free, one-hour consultation.