Is It Time for a Fence Facelift? Signs you Need a New Fence Installation

Is It Time for a Fence Facelift? Signs You Need a New Fence Installation Fences: they’re not just property lines or design elements in your garden. They’re silent guardians of your backyard serenity, privacy champions, and curb appeal enhancers. But even these steadfast structures have their limits. If you’re nestled in Calgary, where the elements can be as unforgiving as a Canadian winter hockey game, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the health of your fence. Here’s when to say enough is enough and consider a new fence installation by Project Landscape.

Telltale Signs Your Fence is Waving the White Flag

  • Broken or Damaged Boards: Like a knight after a joust, your fence might be showing battle scars. A board here or there might be salvageable, but widespread damage? It’s time for reinforcements.
  • Sagging Fence Lines: When your fence starts resembling a tired smile rather than a straight line, it’s sagging. It’s not just an eyesore; it’s a sign of structural issues.
  • Signs of Rotting: Wood fences can fall prey to rot, especially in Calgary’s diverse climate. If your fence posts are starting to crumble like a cookie in milk, it’s a clear SOS signal.
  • Mismatched Fencing: Repairs over the years can lead to a patchwork appearance. If your fence looks more like a quilt than a uniform barrier, consider a complete makeover for consistency and aesthetics.

The Benefits of Pressure Treated Fencing

Choosing a new fence material can feel like navigating a labyrinth. Let’s simplify one choice: pressure-treated fencing. Here’s why it’s a winner:
  • Longevity: Treated under high pressure to infuse preservatives deep into the wood, this fencing laughs in the face of decay, pests, and weather.
  • Low Maintenance: Spend more time enjoying your yard and less time worrying about upkeep. A little cleaning and occasional staining are all it needs.
  • Cost-Effective: With its long life and minimal maintenance, pressure-treated fencing is kind to your wallet over the long term.

FAQs to Fence By

Q: How often should I replace my fence? A: Lifespans vary by material, but pressure-treated wood fences can grace your yard for 20 years or more, with proper care. Q: Can I install a pressure-treated fence on my own? A: While DIY is possible, professional installation by Project Landscape ensures your fence is not only beautiful but built to last, with every post perfectly placed. Q: Is pressure-treated wood safe for pets and plants? A: Absolutely. Modern treatments are environmentally friendly, making it safe for your entire backyard ecosystem. Q: How quickly can Project Landscape replace my fence? A: Timing can vary based on the project scope and season, but we pride ourselves on efficient, high-quality work. Contact us for an estimate, and we’ll outline a timeline tailored to your needs.

Why Project Landscape?

With the landscape of Calgary as our canvas, Project Landscape has mastered the art of fence installation, blending functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Our pressure-treated fencing solutions offer peace of mind and the promise of a yard that’s not just enclosed, but truly enhanced. Ready for a Change? If your fence exhibits any of the telltale signs of wear or you’re ready to upgrade to the sturdy, low-maintenance beauty of pressure-treated wood, it’s time to talk to Project Landscape. Visit our website or explore our pressure-treated fencing services directly. Your backyard sanctuary awaits a transformation. Call us at 403-257-4059 and let’s bring your vision to life.

Navigating the World of Calgary Fence Contractors: Your Guide To Making the Right Choice

Navigating the World of Calgary Fence Contractors: Your Guide to Making the Right Choice Ah, the great Canadian fence quest – it’s more than just picking the tallest, strongest, or prettiest barrier to grace your yard. It’s about finding the right partner to bring your fencing vision to life. Calgary, with its unique charm and challenges, demands a bit more savvy when selecting a fence contractor. Here’s how to ensure you’re not just picking a contractor, but choosing a fencing champion.

Look Beyond Just Fencing Companies

First off, let’s toss out the idea that only specialized fencing companies can fulfill your fencing fantasies. An experienced landscape company like Project Landscape not only knows the ins and outs of creating beautiful outdoor spaces but also masters the art of fence installation. We’re talking about a team that looks at your entire yard’s aesthetic and functionality, ensuring your new fence is both a protector and a beautifier of your realm.

The Magic Number: Multiple Estimates

Embarking on a fencing project without getting multiple estimates is like going to a duel with a spoon – not the best idea. Gather at least three quotes to compare not just prices, but scope, materials, and timelines. This will give you a clearer picture of what each contractor offers and at what cost. Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best, especially if it compromises on quality or the Project Guarantee that comes with choosing a reputable team like Project Landscape.

The Triple Shield: Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Would you let a cowboy perform a ballet? Probably not. Similarly, hiring a fence contractor who isn’t licensed, bonded, and insured is a risky performance. This trio is your assurance that the contractor is recognized by industry standards, protected against accidents, and liable for any issues that may arise. It’s the peace of mind you need when entrusting someone with your property’s perimeter.

The Power of the People: Read Online Reviews

In the age of information, skipping on reading reviews is like walking blindfolded into traffic. Take the time to delve into what others have to say about their experiences with local fence contractors. Look for comments on professionalism, timeliness, quality of work, and how issues were resolved. An established company like Project Landscape prides itself on positive feedback and a trail of satisfied customers, making it a wise choice for your fencing needs.

Why Project Landscape Stands Out

Choosing the right fence contractor in Calgary shouldn’t feel like a leap into the unknown. With Project Landscape, you’re not just getting a fence; you’re investing in a comprehensive service that considers your entire landscape’s harmony. Our expertise in creating stunning outdoor spaces, coupled with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, makes us the clear choice for your next fencing project. Ready to Fence with Confidence? If you’re looking to partner with a fence contractor who brings more to the table, it’s time to talk to Project Landscape. Visit our website to learn more about our pressure-treated fencing services, or give us a call at 403-257-4059 to start your journey to a beautifully fenced yard.

Project Landscape Opens Indoor Idea centers

Project Landscape, a prominent name in landscaping solutions based in Calgary, is thrilled to announce the opening of our new Indoor Idea Centers. Designed to inspire and assist our customers in visualizing their dream outdoor spaces, these centers are a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience firsthand the quality and creativity of our work. Creating a Hub of Landscape Inspiration At Project Landscape, we understand that choosing the right elements for your outdoor space can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our Indoor Idea Centers are designed to ease this process, offering a tangible experience where customers can immerse themselves in a variety of landscaping options. From the elegance of pergolas to the practicality of low-maintenance decking, our centers showcase a wide range of features. Features on Display at Our Indoor Idea Centers
  • Pergolas: Experience the charm and functionality of our custom-designed pergolas, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living areas.
  • Low Maintenance Decking: Discover the beauty and durability of our low-maintenance decking options, which offer long-lasting quality with minimal upkeep.
  • Landscape Lighting: Explore various landscape lighting setups that add ambiance and security to any outdoor space.
  • Privacy Screens: View our range of privacy screens that provide seclusion and aesthetic appeal to your garden or patio.
  • Paving Stones from Belgard and Techo-Bloc: Get up close with our premium selection of paving stones from renowned brands like Belgard and Techo-Bloc, perfect for creating stunning patios, walkways, and driveways.
Why Visit Our Indoor Idea Centers?
  • Personalized Experience: Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to provide personalized advice and answer any questions you might have.
  • Inspiration: The centers are designed to spark ideas and help you visualize different landscaping possibilities for your home.
  • Quality Assurance: See and feel the quality of materials and craftsmanship that go into every Project Landscape creation.
Bringing Your Outdoor Dreams to Life At Project Landscape, our mission is to transform your outdoor living dreams into reality. The opening of our Indoor Idea Centers in Calgary is a step towards making landscape design more accessible and inspiring for everyone. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy backyard retreat or a grand garden landscape, our Idea Centers are the perfect starting point.


The new Indoor Idea Centers by Project Landscape are more than just showrooms; they are a source of inspiration, a place where creativity meets practicality. We invite you to visit us and take the first step towards creating your dream outdoor space. With our expertise and your vision, let’s make something beautiful together.

6 Garden Styles: Which one Is Right For You

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Modern Garden
  • Traditional Garden
  • Rock Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Native Gardens
  • Cottage Garden
  • Top FAQ about Gardening with Trees and Shrubs
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Garden Styles

Welcome to Project Landscape’s exploration of garden styles, perfectly tailored for Calgary’s diverse and dynamic landscapes. Selecting the right garden style is more than just a matter of aesthetic preference; it’s about creating a space that resonates with your lifestyle, complements your home’s architecture, and thrives in the local climate. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through six distinct garden styles, each with its unique charm and characteristics, helping you discover which one aligns best with your vision and Calgary’s unique environment. Whether you’re looking to transform your outdoor space into a serene retreat, a vibrant gathering spot, or a sustainable haven, understanding different garden styles can significantly influence your landscaping journey. From the sleek and sophisticated modern garden to the whimsical and lush cottage garden, each style offers a unique way to express your personal taste and interact with nature. Join us as we delve into the world of garden styles, where we’ll explore the beauty and functionality of each design, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision for your next landscaping project. Let’s find the perfect garden style that not only enhances the beauty of your home but also becomes a cherished extension of your living space. Modern Garden The Modern Garden style is synonymous with simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate a sleek, contemporary look with a focus on architectural elements. At Project Landscape in Calgary, we recognize the growing trend of modern gardens and their ability to transform outdoor spaces into stylish, functional extensions of the home. Key Features of the Modern Garden:
  • Clean Lines and Minimalism: The hallmark of the modern garden is its clean, uncluttered look. Straight lines and geometric shapes dominate the design, creating a sense of order and neatness.
  • Hardscaping: Hardscaping plays a significant role in modern gardens. Features like concrete pathways, wooden decks, and metal structures contribute to the garden’s structured appearance.
  • Subdued Color Palette: Typically, modern gardens stick to a neutral color palette. Shades of green, white, black, and grey are predominant, with occasional splashes of color for visual interest.
  • Low-Maintenance Plants: Plants in a modern garden are chosen for both their aesthetic and their ease of maintenance. Ornamental grasses, succulents, and other drought-tolerant plants are popular choices.
  • Outdoor Living Areas: Modern gardens often incorporate functional outdoor living spaces, such as patios or outdoor kitchens, blending indoor luxury with outdoor relaxation.
Benefits for Calgary Landscapes:
  • Modern gardens can be particularly well-suited to Calgary’s urban settings, where outdoor space might be limited.
  • The use of drought-tolerant plants aligns with Calgary’s variable climate, ensuring a garden that is both beautiful and sustainable.
A modern garden is more than just a landscaping style; it’s a lifestyle choice that values simplicity, elegance, and harmony between architectural and natural elements. Traditional Garden For those who admire the classic and timeless beauty in landscaping, the Traditional Garden style offers an elegant and structured approach. Rooted in historical design principles, these gardens are characterized by their symmetrical patterns, formal layouts, and a sense of balance. At Project Landscape in Calgary, we understand the appeal of traditional gardens and their ability to create a serene and orderly outdoor environment. Key Features of the Traditional Garden:
  • Symmetry and Structure: Traditional gardens are known for their symmetrical designs. Neatly trimmed hedges, orderly flower beds, and straight pathways contribute to a balanced and harmonious look.
  • Formal Plantings: These gardens often feature well-defined planting areas with a mix of perennial borders, annual bedding plants, and neatly pruned shrubs and trees.
  • Classic Elements: Elements such as fountains, statues, and gazebos are commonly found in traditional gardens, adding a touch of grandeur and history.
  • Green Lawn Spaces: A well-maintained lawn often serves as the centerpiece in a traditional garden, surrounded by complementary plantings and decorative elements.
Benefits for Calgary Landscapes:
  • Traditional gardens can bring a sense of tranquility and elegance to Calgary homes, offering a peaceful retreat from the urban hustle.
  • The structured design makes it easier to plan and maintain, especially in Calgary’s varied climate, ensuring year-round beauty.
Traditional gardens are more than just spaces; they are reflections of a love for elegance, order, and the timeless beauty of nature. With careful planning and design, a traditional garden can become a cherished and inviting extension of your home. Rock Garden The Rock Garden, with its rugged charm and naturalistic appeal, offers a distinctive landscaping option that beautifully complements Calgary’s diverse terrain. Ideal for those who appreciate the raw beauty of nature, rock gardens are designed to mimic a natural, rocky landscape, often incorporating alpine plants and other hardy varieties. At Project Landscape, we specialize in creating rock gardens that are not only visually appealing but also sustainable and easy to maintain. Key Features of the Rock Garden:
  • Natural Stones and Boulders: Central to rock gardens are various sizes and shapes of rocks and boulders, arranged to replicate a natural, rugged terrain.
  • Drought-Tolerant Plants: Plants in rock gardens are typically drought-resistant, such as sedums, succulents, and alpine species, which thrive among the rocks and require minimal watering.
  • Low Soil Fertility Requirement: Rock gardens are ideal for areas where soil fertility is low, as the plants used in these settings are adapted to thrive in less nutrient-rich conditions.
  • Layered Planting: Incorporating different layers and heights of plants adds depth and interest, creating a multi-dimensional landscape.
Benefits for Calgary Landscapes:
  • Rock gardens are perfect for Calgary’s fluctuating climate, as they require minimal water and can withstand harsh conditions.
  • They offer an excellent solution for sloped or uneven areas, helping in soil stabilization and erosion control.
  • Rock gardens provide an opportunity for creativity and personalization, as you can choose from a wide variety of rocks and plant species to suit your taste.
A rock garden brings a slice of the wilderness into your backyard, creating a serene and picturesque outdoor space. It’s a style that celebrates the resilience and beauty of nature in its most elemental form.
Japanese Garden The Japanese Garden style is a tranquil and harmonious escape, offering a serene retreat from the busy world. These gardens are designed to create a miniature, idealized landscape, inspired by the natural beauty and philosophical principles of Japan. At Project Landscape in Calgary, we embrace the art of Japanese gardening, creating spaces that are not just visually stunning but also spiritually uplifting. Key Features of the Japanese Garden:
  • Water Elements: Water, whether in the form of a pond, stream, or waterfall, is a central element in Japanese gardens, symbolizing purity and fluidity.
  • Rocks and Stones: Carefully placed rocks and stones are used to represent mountains and islands, adding structural elements to the garden.
  • Minimalist Planting: Plantings are typically restrained and thoughtful, with species like bonsai, bamboo, and Japanese maples adding to the garden’s Zen-like ambiance.
  • Paths and Bridges: Winding paths and wooden bridges encourage slow, reflective strolls through the garden, enhancing the meditative experience.
Benefits for Calgary Landscapes:
  • Japanese gardens are ideal for creating a peaceful sanctuary in your backyard, a place for relaxation and contemplation.
  • The minimalist approach to planting and maintenance makes these gardens a practical choice in Calgary’s diverse climate.
  • These gardens can be designed in various sizes, making them suitable for both expansive yards and smaller urban spaces.
A Japanese garden is more than a style; it’s a philosophy that brings balance, simplicity, and natural beauty into your landscape, transforming your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility. Native Gardens Embracing the natural flora of the region, Native Gardens are an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to landscaping, perfectly suited to Calgary’s unique ecosystem. At Project Landscape, we advocate for native gardening, recognizing its benefits for the environment, local wildlife, and the ease of maintenance for gardeners. Native Gardens involve using plants that are indigenous to the area, creating a landscape that is in harmony with its natural surroundings. Key Features of Native Gardens:
  • Indigenous Plant Species: Utilizing plants native to the Calgary area, such as wildflowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees, which are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions.
  • Support for Local Biodiversity: Native plants provide essential habitats and food sources for local wildlife, including birds, bees, and butterflies.
  • Low Maintenance: These gardens typically require less watering, fertilizing, and pest control than gardens with non-native plants, as they are well-suited to the local environment.
  • Natural Pest Resistance: Native plants have evolved to be more resistant to local pests and diseases.
Benefits for Calgary Landscapes:
  • Native Gardens contribute to the preservation of the local ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • They are particularly effective in conserving water, a crucial aspect in Calgary’s varying climate.
  • These gardens offer a beautiful, low-maintenance option for homeowners looking to create a natural, wild look in their landscapes.
Native Gardens are an expression of the beauty and resilience of Calgary’s natural landscape. They offer a practical, beautiful, and sustainable gardening solution, aligning with the growing trend of environmentally responsible landscaping. Cottage Garden The Cottage Garden style is a delightful blend of color, fragrance, and informal beauty, offering a whimsical escape into a more relaxed and bountiful version of nature. Known for its dense plantings and romantic ambiance, the cottage garden is a timeless choice for those who enjoy a lush, layered look. At Project Landscape in Calgary, we love to bring the enchanting charm of cottage gardens to life, creating spaces that are as inviting as they are abundant. Key Features of the Cottage Garden:
  • Diverse Plantings: Cottage gardens are known for their diverse mix of flowering plants, herbs, and edible vegetation, all growing together in a seemingly haphazard yet harmonious way.
  • Informal Layout: Unlike the symmetry of traditional gardens, cottage gardens have a more relaxed layout, with winding paths and plants spilling over borders.
  • Climbing Plants: Vines and climbing plants, such as roses or clematis, are often used to adorn fences, arbors, and trellises, adding vertical interest and a sense of romance.
  • Vintage Accents: Elements like rustic benches, antique garden tools, and decorative birdhouses enhance the garden’s old-world charm.
Benefits for Calgary Landscapes:
  • Cottage gardens can turn any yard into a vibrant and inviting space, full of life and color throughout the growing season.
  • They offer a habitat-rich environment for beneficial insects and birds, enhancing local biodiversity.
  • This style provides an opportunity for creative expression and personalization, as almost any plant can find a home in a cottage garden setting.
A cottage garden is more than just a landscaping style; it’s a celebration of nature’s spontaneity and abundance, perfect for those who appreciate a garden that’s both a feast for the eyes and a haven for wildlife. FAQ about Gardening with Trees and Shrubs In our experience at Project Landscape in Calgary, we often encounter various questions from homeowners about incorporating trees and shrubs into their garden designs. Here, we address some of the most common queries to help you enhance your landscaping with confidence and knowledge. Q1: How do I choose the right trees and shrubs for my garden?
  • A: Consider the plant’s mature size, growth rate, and maintenance needs. Also, think about the local climate and soil conditions in Calgary. Opt for species that will thrive in your specific garden environment and complement your desired garden style.
Q2: When is the best time to plant trees and shrubs?
  • A: The ideal planting time is during the dormant season, either in the fall after leaf drop or in early spring before bud break. This timing allows the plants to establish roots before the stress of extreme weather.
Q3: How often should I water newly planted trees and shrubs?
  • A: Water them deeply and regularly for the first few seasons until they are well-established. The frequency depends on the weather and soil conditions, but generally, a deep watering once a week is sufficient.
Q4: How much space do I need between trees and shrubs?
  • A: Space them according to their mature size to avoid overcrowding and ensure proper air circulation. Check the specific spacing requirements for each plant variety.
Q5: Do I need to mulch around trees and shrubs?
  • A: Yes, mulching helps retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and suppress weeds. Apply a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around the base, keeping it a few inches away from the trunk or stems to prevent rot.
Q6: How do I properly prune trees and shrubs?
  • A: Prune to maintain shape, remove dead or diseased branches, and encourage growth. The best time to prune depends on the plant species and the purpose of pruning.
Conclusion: Finding Your Perfect Garden Style with Project Landscape As we conclude our journey through the world of garden styles, it’s clear that the right choice can transform your outdoor space into a reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle. From the sleek lines of a Modern Garden to the lush abundance of a Cottage Garden, each style offers a unique way to experience and interact with nature. At Project Landscape in Calgary, our passion is to help you bring these visions to life, creating outdoor spaces that not only look beautiful but also resonate with your individual sense of style and the local environment. Recapping the Garden Styles:
  • Modern Garden: Perfect for those who love minimalism and clean lines.
  • Traditional Garden: Ideal for fans of symmetry, structure, and classic elegance.
  • Rock Garden: A great choice for low-maintenance, naturalistic landscapes.
  • Japanese Garden: Offers a tranquil, harmonious retreat.
  • Native Gardens: Focuses on sustainability and supporting local ecosystems.
  • Cottage Garden: A whimsical, free-form garden filled with a variety of plants.
Your Garden, Your Sanctuary Your garden is more than just a space outside your home; it’s a sanctuary where you can relax, entertain, and connect with nature. Choosing the right garden style is about more than aesthetics; it’s about creating a space that suits your lifestyle, compliments your home’s architecture, and thrives in Calgary’s unique climate. Project Landscape: Your Partner in Garden Design Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to redesign your existing garden, Project Landscape is here to guide you every step of the way. Our team of experts in Calgary is dedicated to understanding your vision and translating it into a garden that you’ll love for years to come. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of garden styles. We hope this guide has inspired you and provided valuable insights into the world of gardening. If you have any questions or are ready to start your landscaping project, reach out to us at Project Landscape. Let’s create your perfect garden together!

Top Native Trees & shrubs for your landscape

Table of contents:


Top Native Trees

Top Native Shrubs

FAQ about trees & shrubs

Welcome to Project Landscape’s latest blog post, “Top Native Trees & Shrubs for Your Landscape,” where we delve into the beauty and benefits of incorporating native greenery into your Calgary landscape. Nestled in the heart of Calgary, Project Landscape is committed to enhancing the natural charm of your outdoor spaces with the best of local flora.
In this blog, we’ll explore a curated selection of trees and shrubs that not only thrive in Calgary’s unique climate but also add an unmistakable touch of local splendor to your garden. Embracing native plant species in landscaping is more than just a trend; it’s a sustainable practice that promotes biodiversity, supports local ecosystems, and ensures your garden is a vibrant and resilient oasis.
From the majestic beauty of aspen trees to the hardy resilience of native shrubs like the Saskatoon berry, each plant we discuss is a testament to the natural heritage of Calgary. These native species are perfectly adapted to our local weather patterns and soil conditions, meaning they require less maintenance, water, and care than non-native varieties.
Join us as we take you through a journey of discovering the top native trees and shrubs that can transform your landscape into a thriving, eco-friendly, and visually stunning space. Let’s celebrate the natural beauty of Calgary together with Project Landscape!
Top Native Trees:
Amur Maple Tree:
The Amur Maple, a small and resilient deciduous tree, is a popular choice for landscapes due to its adaptability and ornamental appeal. Native to northeastern Asia, it thrives in a range of soil types and environmental conditions, making it a versatile option for gardeners. In spring, it boasts lovely fragrant flowers, followed by winged samaras, adding unique texture to the garden. Its most striking feature is the vibrant autumn foliage, displaying a spectacular array of reds and oranges. Compact in size, the Amur Maple is ideal for smaller gardens or as an accent in larger landscapes.
Colorado Blue Spruce:
The Colorado Blue Spruce, with its majestic stature and striking blue-green needles, is a favorite among evergreen conifers. Native to the Rocky Mountains, this tree is renowned for its beautiful pyramidal shape and dense foliage, making it an excellent choice for a focal point in landscapes. It’s particularly loved for its resilience to cold climates and ability to thrive in various soil types. Perfect as a windbreak or for adding year-round color, the Colorado Blue Spruce is a classic addition to any garden.
Toba or Snowbird Hawthorn:
The Toba Hawthorn, also known as the Snowbird Hawthorn, is a captivating ornamental tree celebrated for its stunning floral display and compact growth habit. In late spring, it bursts into a breathtaking show of double white flowers that gradually turn to a delicate pink, exuding a subtle fragrance that enhances its charm. This small, deciduous tree, reaching about 15-20 feet at maturity, is ideal for urban gardens and smaller spaces. Its foliage transforms into a rich, golden hue in autumn, adding seasonal interest. The Toba Hawthorn’s disease-resistant nature and hardiness in various soil types make it a low-maintenance choice for both novice and experienced gardeners, adding elegance and beauty to diverse landscapes.
Ivory Silk Lilac:
The Ivory Silk Lilac tree, a smaller yet stunning ornamental tree, is renowned for its showy late spring and early summer blooms. It features large, creamy-white flower clusters that exude a sweet, captivating fragrance, attracting both admirers and pollinators like butterflies. This deciduous tree, growing to about 20-25 feet, is well-suited for smaller gardens or as a striking accent in larger landscapes. Its compact, rounded shape and attractive dark green foliage, which turns a lovely yellow in the fall, make it an excellent choice for adding visual interest and a touch of elegance to any outdoor space.
Columnar Spruce:
The Columnar Spruce is a magnificent evergreen that stands out for its unique, narrow upright form, making it a perfect choice for landscapes with limited space. Reaching heights of up to 30 feet while maintaining a slender profile, this spruce variety is ideal for creating vertical accents in gardens or as a natural privacy screen. Its dense, blue-green needles and uniform columnar shape provide year-round visual interest and texture. Hardy and low-maintenance, the Columnar Spruce is well-adapted to a variety of climates, thriving in both cold and temperate regions.
Swedish Columnar Aspen:
The Swedish Columnar Aspen, a sleek and elegant tree, is celebrated for its narrow, upright growth habit, making it a perfect fit for landscapes where space is at a premium. This fast-growing deciduous tree reaches impressive heights while maintaining a slender profile, creating striking vertical interest. Its leaves, a vibrant green turning to golden yellow in the fall, flutter beautifully in the breeze, adding movement and a soothing sound to your garden. The tree’s ability to thrive in various soil types and its tolerance for cold climates make it a popular choice in urban and suburban settings, providing a graceful, low-maintenance screen or accent.  
Top Native Shrubs:
Globe Blue Spruce:
The Globe Blue Spruce shrub is a captivating dwarf evergreen, treasured for its distinct spherical shape and striking blue-silver needles. A compact variant of the classic Blue Spruce, it’s perfect for small gardens or as a standout feature in larger landscapes. This slow-growing shrub typically reaches 3 to 5 feet in height and width, making it an excellent choice for accentuating rock gardens, borders, or foundation plantings. Its unique color and form offer year-round interest, requiring minimal care and thriving in a range of soil types and climates, adding a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.
The Potentilla shrub, a hardy and versatile perennial, is a popular choice for gardeners seeking a long-lasting floral display. Known for its profusion of delicate, five-petaled flowers that bloom from late spring to frost, it comes in shades of white, yellow, pink, and orange. This low-maintenance shrub reaches about 1 to 3 feet in height and thrives in full sun, adapting well to various soil types. Its drought tolerance and disease resistance make it an excellent addition to any landscape.
Calgary Carpet Juniper:
The Calgary Carpet Juniper is an exceptional ground-cover conifer, prized for its dense, low-growing habit and vibrant green foliage. This evergreen shrub, native to the Calgary area, forms a lush carpet-like mat, spreading up to 6-8 feet wide while staying only about 12 inches tall. Its fine-textured, soft needles create a plush appearance, making it an excellent choice for covering large areas, controlling soil erosion, or adding a verdant touch to rock gardens. Hardy and adaptable, it thrives in a variety of soil conditions and withstands Calgary’s harsh winters, offering a maintenance-free and visually appealing solution for year-round greenery.
The Ninebark shrub, a robust and versatile deciduous plant, is renowned for its multi-seasonal appeal and ease of care. Named for its unique, peeling bark that reveals multiple layers, it adds textural interest, especially in winter. In spring and summer, it flourishes with clusters of white or pink flowers, complemented by foliage that varies in color from deep purple to bright green, depending on the variety. This hardy shrub adapts well to a range of conditions and is ideal for naturalizing, mass plantings, or as a standalone specimen, bringing enduring beauty to any landscape.
Top Grafted Globe Spruce:
The Top Grafted Globe Blue Spruce is a unique and eye-catching ornamental tree, combining the classic appeal of the Blue Spruce with a distinctive form. Grafted onto a standard, this tree features a perfectly round, globe-shaped crown atop a straight trunk, creating a lollipop-like appearance. Its striking blue needles maintain their vibrant hue throughout the year, offering a constant splash of color in the landscape. Compact and versatile, it’s ideal for small gardens or as a focal point in larger landscapes, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to any setting.

FAQ on Tree and Shrub Planting

Q1: When is the best time to plant trees and shrubs?

  • A: The ideal time to plant trees and shrubs is during their dormant season, typically in early spring before bud break or in the fall after leaf drop. This timing allows the plants to establish roots in their new location before the stress of summer heat or winter cold.

Q2: How do I choose the right location for planting a tree or shrub?

  • A: Consider the plant’s sunlight, soil, and water requirements, as well as its mature size. Ensure there’s enough space for the tree or shrub to grow without interference from buildings, power lines, or other plants.

Q3: How deep and wide should the planting hole be?

  • A: The hole should be as deep as the root ball but two to three times wider. This gives the roots room to spread out and establish themselves.

Q4: Should I amend the soil when planting?

  • A: It’s generally best to plant trees and shrubs in native soil without amendments. Over-amending can cause roots to circle inside the planting hole and not spread into the surrounding soil.

Q5: How much should I water a newly planted tree or shrub?

  • A: Water thoroughly at planting time and then regularly, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings. The amount and frequency depend on the plant type and local climate conditions.

Q6: Do I need to mulch around newly planted trees and shrubs?

  • A: Yes, mulching helps retain soil moisture, regulate temperature, and reduce weed competition. Apply a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around the base, but avoid piling it against the trunk or stems.

Q7: When should I start fertilizing newly planted trees and shrubs?

  • A: It’s usually recommended to wait until the second growing season to start fertilizing, allowing the plant to focus on root establishment initially.

Q8: How can I protect new plantings from pests and diseases?

  • A: Choose disease-resistant varieties and maintain proper plant care. Regularly inspect for signs of pests or diseases and consult with a local gardening expert for treatment options.


As we conclude our journey through the diverse and enriching world of trees and shrubs, it’s evident that these natural wonders are more than just plants; they are essential elements that breathe life, beauty, and balance into our landscapes. At Project Landscape in Calgary, we are passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant ecosystems where trees and shrubs play a pivotal role.

Whether you’re looking to create a serene backyard retreat, enhance your property’s curb appeal, or contribute to a greener planet, the right selection of trees and shrubs can make all the difference. Each species, with its unique characteristics and needs, weaves a distinct story into the tapestry of your garden. From the majestic heights of the Swedish Columnar Aspen to the subtle elegance of the Ivory Silk Lilac, every tree and shrub holds the potential to turn your landscape into a living masterpiece.

In Calgary, where the climate and soil present their own set of challenges, the knowledge and expertise of Project Landscape come into play. We understand the local environment intimately and can guide you in choosing the most suitable varieties that will thrive in your specific setting.

As we wrap up, remember that the journey of creating a beautiful landscape is ongoing and ever-evolving. Trees and shrubs will grow and change, and so will your connection with your outdoor space. At Project Landscape, we are here to accompany you every step of the way, ensuring that your garden continues to flourish and inspire.

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of trees and shrubs. May your gardens bloom with health and happiness!


The Essential Deck guide

Embarking on a deck-building project is an adventure that promises to enhance both the value and enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Whether you’re diving into a DIY project or enlisting the expertise of professionals, having a solid grasp of deck fundamentals is essential for a successful build. In this essential guide brought to you by Project Landscape, Calgary’s premier deck builders, we delve into the various facets of deck construction and offer seasoned advice to ensure your decking endeavor is a resounding success.

Introduction: Laying the Foundation for Your Deck

Building a deck is more than just an addition to your home; it’s a lifestyle enhancement. In Calgary, where outdoor living is treasured, a well-constructed deck becomes the heart of backyard activities. Whether you’re tackling the project yourself or seeking the skills of experienced deck builders near you, understanding the intricacies of deck construction is key.

The Value of a Well-Built Deck

A deck not only extends your living space but also adds a new dimension of functionality and aesthetic appeal to your home. It’s a place for family gatherings, a sanctuary for relaxation, and a showcase of personal style. For homeowners in Calgary, a deck isn’t just a structure; it’s an integral part of home life.

Expertise Meets Design

At Project Landscape, we understand that each deck is unique. Our team of skilled deck contractors and builders combines technical precision with creative design to craft decks that are not only structurally sound but also visually stunning. We specialize in low maintenance decking solutions, ensuring that your deck remains a source of pride with minimal upkeep. In the following sections, we’ll explore the key components of deck building, from selecting the right materials to understanding design nuances, ensuring that your deck is not only a beautiful addition to your home but also a durable and functional outdoor space.

Substructure Material: Pressure-Treated Lumber

When embarking on a deck-building journey, one of the crucial decisions is selecting the right material for the substructure. At Project Landscape, we often recommend pressure-treated lumber for this foundational component. This choice is backed by several compelling reasons that make it a standout option for deck construction in Calgary.

Cost-Effectiveness and Durability

Pressure-treated lumber is lauded for its balance between affordability and durability. It offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on the lifespan of your deck. The treatment process the lumber undergoes ensures it can withstand the test of time, maintaining its integrity through Calgary’s varied weather conditions.

Resistance to Elements

One of the key strengths of pressure-treated lumber is its resistance to common outdoor threats. It’s specially treated to resist rot, decay, and damage from insects. This resilience makes it an ideal material for the substructure of your deck, which is crucial for the overall stability and longevity of the construction.

Easy Availability and Customization

Another advantage of pressure-treated lumber is its widespread availability. It’s a readily accessible material for deck builders near you, ensuring that your deck project isn’t delayed by material shortages. Moreover, this type of lumber is versatile and can be customized to fit the specific design and size requirements of your deck.

A Solid Foundation for Your Deck

Choosing pressure-treated lumber for your deck’s substructure is a decision that promises a strong and enduring foundation. With this material, your deck is well-equipped to handle both the load of daily activities and environmental factors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor space for years to come. Footing Types: Screw Piles Or Concrete Piles Screw Piles: When considering the foundation of your deck, screw piles emerge as an outstanding option. These precision-engineered footings are tailored to specific torque readings, guaranteeing that they can bear the intended load with unwavering stability. Opting for screw piles brings multiple benefits, chief among them being their swift installation process. Unlike traditional methods that require waiting periods for concrete to dry or for inspections, screw piles allow for immediate progress with framing and other construction phases, significantly streamlining the overall project timeline. This efficiency is a key factor in their growing popularity among deck builders and homeowners alike. Concrete Piles: When building a deck, concrete piles are a traditional and reliable choice for footings. These sturdy foundations are poured into drilled holes, reaching down to stable soil layers. Concrete piles excel in load-bearing capacity, ensuring a strong and stable base for your deck. They are especially suited for heavy structures or uneven terrains. While installation takes longer due to curing time, the end result is a highly durable foundation resistant to shifting and settling. Concrete piles are a time-tested solution, offering peace of mind for the longevity and safety of your deck. Post & Beams: The process of determining the correct spacing for posts and beams is a crucial step in deck construction, and it varies significantly based on the deck’s size, layout, and design. At Project Landscape, we understand that every deck is unique and requires a tailored approach. The spacing between posts and beams must be carefully calculated and customized to fit the individual specifications and needs of your deck. This attention to detail ensures that the structure maintains optimal integrity and support, which is essential for the safety and longevity of the deck. Our approach ensures that each deck we build is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound and reliable. Joist Size & Spacing: For the joists in deck construction, 2x10s are often the preferred choice. These joists offer an ideal combination of strength and manageable weight, ensuring a robust structure with a favorable span rating. To optimize the deck’s stability and feel, a spacing of 12 inches on center is typically recommended. This closer spacing not only adds extra joists for better load distribution but also contributes to a firmer and more secure decking surface, enhancing the overall quality and durability of the deck structure. Deck Surface Boards: Pressure Treated Wood: Pressure-treated wood is a staple choice for deck surface boards, especially in Calgary where durability is key. This type of lumber undergoes a special treatment process, making it resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestation, which is crucial for withstanding Calgary’s varied climate. Its longevity and strength make pressure-treated wood an ideal option for outdoor decking. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also offers a classic, natural aesthetic that blends seamlessly with outdoor environments. Additionally, its versatility allows for a wide range of design possibilities, from traditional to contemporary styles. Homeowners looking for ‘deck builders near me’ often find that Calgary Deck Builders, like Project Landscape, recommend pressure-treated wood for its balance of affordability, durability, and natural beauty, making it a popular choice for both new constructions and deck renovations. Cedar Decking Boards: Cedar decking boards are highly sought after by Calgary homeowners for their exceptional natural beauty and durability. Revered for their rich color and distinct grain patterns, cedar boards add an elegant, rustic charm to any outdoor space. Renowned for being naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage, cedar stands up well against Calgary’s diverse weather conditions. Additionally, cedar’s lightweight nature makes it a favorite among deck builders and contractors for its ease of installation. For those searching for ‘deck builders near me’ or ‘Calgary deck builders,’ cedar decking is often recommended as a top choice for its aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance. Composite Deck Boards: Composite decking boards are increasingly popular among homeowners in Calgary, offering a perfect blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. These boards are crafted from a mix of wood fibers and recycled plastics, making them eco-friendly and highly resistant to fading, staining, and scratching. Unlike traditional wood decking, composite boards require minimal maintenance, freeing homeowners from the tasks of painting, staining, or sealing. Their moisture-resistant properties make them ideal for Calgary’s varied climate, effectively combating rot and decay. As top Calgary deck builders and deck contractors will attest, composite decking provides a luxurious look without the upkeep of natural wood. Whether you’re searching for ‘deck builders near me’ or considering ‘low maintenance decking’ options, composite decking boards are a compelling choice for their longevity, ease of care, and contribution to sustainable building practices. PVC Decking: PVC decking boards are a top-tier choice for Calgary homeowners seeking a low maintenance yet high-performance decking solution. Made from 100% recyclable polyvinyl chloride, PVC decking is remarkably durable, resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage, perfectly suited to withstand Calgary’s diverse weather conditions. Unlike traditional wood, PVC boards do not splinter, warp, or fade, making them ideal for a long-lasting, beautiful deck surface. For those searching for ‘deck builders near me’ or ‘Calgary deck builders,’ PVC decking offers a practical, aesthetically pleasing option with the added benefit of being an environmentally friendly choice for modern decking needs. Exotic Wood Decking: Batu decking boards are increasingly gaining traction among Calgary homeowners for their exceptional durability and striking visual appeal. Known for their rich, reddish-brown hue, Batu boards bring a touch of exotic elegance to any outdoor space. These hardwood boards are not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly durable, resistant to decay, insects, and harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for Calgary’s diverse climate. With their smooth texture and natural resistance to warping and splintering, Batu decking offers a luxurious, low-maintenance option for those searching for ‘deck builders near me’ or ‘Calgary deck builders.’ Batu decking is a perfect blend of beauty, durability, and sustainability. Enhance Your Deck With Custom Features: The possibilities for customizing your deck are limitless, allowing you to tailor it perfectly to your lifestyle and Calgary’s diverse weather. Consider incorporating a fireplace for a warm, inviting atmosphere during the snowy Calgary winters, or add a shaded section complete with garden elements and insect protection for comfortable summer days. Selecting these extra features not only personalizes your deck but also significantly enhances its practicality and enjoyment, making it a true extension of your home and a reflection of your personal style. Here are some popular deck design features you may be interested in: Pergolas:   Adding a pergola to your deck is an elegant way to enhance its charm and functionality. It provides a shaded retreat for relaxation, elevates the aesthetic appeal, and creates a distinct, inviting outdoor living area. Fire Pit Or Fireplace: Incorporating a fire pit or fireplace into your deck design transforms it into a cozy gathering spot, ideal for Calgary’s cooler evenings. It not only adds warmth and ambiance but also serves as a focal point for socializing, extending the use of your deck into the cooler months. Cascading Stairs:  Cascading stairs as an add-on feature for your deck bring a graceful, flowing aesthetic. They create a seamless transition from the deck to your garden or yard, enhancing accessibility while adding an element of architectural sophistication to your outdoor living space. Privacy Screens: Privacy screens are a practical and stylish addition to any deck, offering seclusion and comfort. These screens provide a barrier from external views and winds while adding a decorative touch. They are perfect for creating a more intimate, personal outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment. Wrap Around Benches: Wrap-around benches are an ideal feature for maximizing seating on your deck while maintaining a sleek, unified design. These benches offer ample, comfortable seating, perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying quiet moments outdoors. Their integrated design also serves as an efficient use of space, enhancing the deck’s overall functionality. Deck Lighting: Deck lighting is a transformative add-on feature, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal. Strategically placed lights not only enhance safety by illuminating steps and edges but also create a warm, inviting ambiance. From subtle recessed lighting to statement fixtures, the right lighting can turn your deck into a captivating evening retreat, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Custom Deck Design For Every Style & Budget: Project Landscape recognizes that each homeowner’s vision for their outdoor living space is distinct, shaped by individual style preferences and budget considerations. Our commitment is to deliver tailor-made deck design solutions that align perfectly with your personal aesthetics while respecting your financial parameters. Our seasoned design team prides itself on collaboration and communication, ensuring your ideas and expectations are central to the deck design process. From the classic charm of a wooden deck to the contemporary flair of a composite deck, our expertise is in transforming your dream of an ideal outdoor oasis into a tangible, beautiful reality. With Project Landscape, your perfect deck is not just a concept, but a carefully crafted extension of your home. Understanding Deck Inspection & Permitting: For homeowners contemplating home renovations or additions like decks, it’s crucial to be aware of the local building permit requirements. These permits are more than just formalities; they grant legal authorization to commence construction based on pre-approved plans and specifications, ensuring that all work complies with local building codes and regulations. Prior to applying for a permit, it’s important for homeowners and their chosen general contractors to conduct thorough deck inspections. These inspections assess the current condition of the existing structure and the surrounding land, determining their capability to support a new deck. This preliminary step is essential for ensuring the safety, stability, and compliance of your upcoming deck project, aligning it with local building standards and contributing to the overall success of the renovation. When planning your deck project, it’s important to be aware of the specific circumstances under which a Building Permit is necessary. In Calgary, you will require a Building Permit in the following scenarios:
  • Height Considerations: If any part of your deck will be higher than 0.6 meters (approximately two feet) above the ground level, a Building Permit is mandatory. This regulation ensures that decks of a certain height adhere to safety and construction standards.
  • Covered Decks: If you’re planning to build a covered deck, such as an enclosed sundeck, a deck with open rafters, or a gazebo, it is classified as an addition to your property. Such structures typically require a Development Permit, as they involve more comprehensive changes to your home’s structure and potentially its appearance.
Understanding and complying with these permit requirements is crucial for legal and safety reasons. It ensures that your deck is built according to local codes and regulations, providing peace of mind and enhancing the value of your property. FAQ for Calgary Decks

1. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck in Calgary?

The cost of building a deck in Calgary varies widely based on size, materials, and additional features. A smaller, basic deck starts around $2,000, while larger, more elaborate decks can cost significantly more. On average, deck construction costs range from $21.0 to $71.0 per square foot, meaning a standard 12′ x 4′ deck could cost between $3,528 and $11,928.

2. Do I Need a Permit to Build a Deck in Calgary?

Yes, a Building Permit is required if your deck is higher than 0.6m (approximately two feet) above grade at any point, or if you’re building a covered deck, such as an enclosed sundeck, a deck with open rafters, or a gazebo.

3. Do I Need a Railing on My Deck in Calgary?

For decks where the surface is 1.8m (5′-11”) or more above the adjacent ground level, a railing at least 1.07m (3′-6”) high is required.

4. How Close to My Property Line Can I Build My Deck?

For decks less than 2 feet in height, the setback is usually 4 feet from side and rear yard lot lines. If the deck is higher than 2 feet from the ground, it must be set back 4 feet from side yard lot lines and 11 feet 6 inches from the rear yard lot lines.

5. How Far Should a Deck Be from the House?

When positioning a freestanding deck frame, it should ideally be set 1 inch or less away from the house for optimal safety and construction quality.

6. What Is the Correct Slope for a Deck?

For decks with solid surfaces or deck boards running perpendicular to the house, a slope of ¼” per foot is ideal. In areas with heavy rainfall, a slightly steeper slope, between ⅛” and ¼”, may be necessary.

Deck Railing Accessories & safety

A deck isn’t just about the boards underfoot or the railings that encircle it; it’s also about the accessories that enhance its functionality and aesthetic appeal. At Project Landscape in Calgary, we understand that the little details can make a big difference. Here’s a look at some deck railing accessories that can elevate your outdoor space to the next level.

Adding Functionality and Style with Accessories

  • Post Caps and Lighting: Illuminate your deck with integrated lighting within post caps. Not only do they provide a safety feature by lighting up your deck at night, but they also add a stylish touch.
  • Decorative Spindles and Balusters: Choose from a variety of designs, from classic to contemporary, to add character to your deck railing.
  • Planters and Rail Boxes: Incorporate greenery into your deck with planters and rail boxes. They can be used to grow flowers, herbs, or small plants, adding life and color to your deck area.

Customizing for Your Needs

  • Privacy Panels: If privacy is a concern, especially in urban settings, consider adding lattice or solid panels to your deck railing. These can provide seclusion without sacrificing style.
  • Gate Additions: For those with pets or small children, adding a gate to your deck railing can provide peace of mind by keeping loved ones safely enclosed.

Calgary’s Weather Considerations

  • Durable Materials: Given Calgary’s diverse weather conditions, opt for accessories made from durable materials that can withstand the elements, such as powder-coated aluminum or treated wood.
  • Weather-Resistant Finishes: Ensure that all accessories have weather-resistant finishes to maintain their appearance over time.

Enhancing Your Deck’s Overall Look

The right accessories can seamlessly tie together the look of your deck with the rest of your home, creating an outdoor space that feels like a natural extension of your living area. Whether it’s through subtle lighting, decorative elements, or functional additions, these accessories can greatly enhance the enjoyment and usability of your deck. At Project Landscape, we’re committed to helping you make the most out of your outdoor space. With a wide range of deck railing accessories, we can help you customize your deck to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Contact us to explore the possibilities and add those finishing touches that make your deck uniquely yours.

Deck Safety Requirements

Ensuring a Safe and Secure Outdoor Experience with Project Landscape

Essential Deck Safety Considerations

  • Railing Height Regulations:
    • For decks with a surface less than 1.8 meters (about 5 feet 11 inches) above ground level, railings must be at least 0.9 meters (approximately 3 feet) high.
    • If the deck surface is 1.8 meters or more above the ground, railings should be a minimum of 1.07 meters (around 3 feet 6 inches) in height.
  • Rail Spacing:
    • To prevent accidents, especially with children and pets, the space between the rails should not exceed 100mm (roughly 4 inches).
  • Material Durability:
    • Choose materials that can withstand Calgary’s weather conditions. This includes resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and potential pest damage.
  • Deck Inspection and Maintenance:
    • Regularly inspect your deck for signs of wear and tear. Look for loose boards, unstable railings, or any signs of rot or corrosion.
    • Ensure timely maintenance, such as re-sealing wood decks or checking the integrity of fasteners and supports.
  • Weight Capacity:
    • Consider the weight capacity of your deck, especially if it’s a venue for large gatherings. This involves not only the number of people but also furniture, grills, and other items.
  • Safe Stairways and Entries:
    • Ensure that stairs leading to and from the deck are stable and have adequate railings.
    • Keep the entry and exit points clear of obstructions for easy and safe access.
  • Lighting and Visibility:
    • Proper lighting is essential for evening use to avoid trips and falls. Consider adding lights along stairs and the perimeter of the deck.
  • Fire Safety:
    • If you have a grill or fire pit on your deck, maintain a safe distance from the house and any flammable materials. Regularly check and clean to prevent grease or debris buildup.


At Project Landscape in Calgary, we prioritize not just the aesthetic appeal of your deck but also its safety and functionality. Adhering to these safety requirements can ensure that your outdoor space is a secure and enjoyable place for everyone. Regular maintenance and awareness of safety standards can make a significant difference in the longevity and enjoyment of your deck. For professional advice, design, or safety assessments of your deck, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s ensure your outdoor space is both beautiful and safely built for lasting enjoyment.

Which Deck Railing Material Is Right For you?

Project Landscape – Enhancing Calgary’s Outdoor Living Spaces Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Aluminum Deck Railing
    • Key Features
    • Benefits for Calgary Homes
    • Ideal Applications
  • Framed Glass Deck Railing
    • Characteristics and Advantages
    • Suitability for Different Home Styles
    • Maintenance Considerations
  • Topless Glass Deck Railing
    • Distinctive Qualities
    • Enhancing Outdoor Views
    • Durability and Safety Features
  • Wood Deck Railing
    • Timeless Appeal and Varieties
    • Compatibility with Traditional and Modern Homes
    • Care and Maintenance
  • Conclusion
Introduction Deciding on the perfect deck railing material for your home in Calgary is more than a matter of aesthetics. It’s about finding the right balance between style, durability, maintenance, and safety. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which material will best suit your lifestyle and the architectural style of your home. At Project Landscape, we understand the importance of this decision and are here to guide you through the options, helping you make an informed choice that you will be happy with for years to come. From the sleek modernity of aluminum railings to the classic charm of wood, each material offers its unique benefits and considerations. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most popular deck railing materials – aluminum, framed glass, topless glass, and wood – and discuss their features to help you decide which is the right fit for your Calgary home’s deck. Whether you’re building a new deck or revamping an existing one, the right railing material can elevate your outdoor space, ensuring safety while complementing your home’s aesthetic. Join us as we delve into the world of deck railings, where functionality meets design in the creation of your perfect outdoor retreat.

1. Aluminum Deck Railing

When it comes to combining durability with modern aesthetics, aluminum railing is an outstanding choice for Calgary homeowners. Known for its strength, low maintenance, and sleek design, aluminum railing can seamlessly fit into a variety of outdoor living styles.

Key Features of Aluminum Railing

  • Durability: Resistant to corrosion and rust, aluminum railings withstand Calgary’s varied weather conditions, maintaining their integrity over time.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike some other materials, aluminum doesn’t require regular painting or staining. A simple cleaning routine is all it takes to keep these railings looking new.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Available in a range of colors and styles, aluminum railings can be easily tailored to complement your home’s exterior. Their sleek, minimalist design is perfect for modern homes, but they can also blend well with more traditional architectures.

Benefits for Calgary Homes

  • Long-lasting Beauty: Aluminum railings retain their appearance for years, resisting wear and tear from weather and UV exposure.
  • Safety and Reliability: Strong and sturdy, they provide a safe barrier without compromising on visibility or style.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Aluminum is a recyclable material, making it an environmentally conscious choice for homeowners looking to reduce their ecological footprint.

Ideal Applications

  • Contemporary Deck Designs: The clean lines of aluminum railings enhance the modern look of contemporary decks.
  • View Preservation: Their slim profile minimizes obstruction, making them ideal for decks with scenic views.
Aluminum railing is a versatile and practical choice for those seeking a balance of style, durability, and ease of maintenance in their Calgary deck railing.

2. Framed Glass Deck Railing

For those seeking to merge unobstructed views with a touch of elegance, framed glass deck railings are an exceptional choice. This option is gaining popularity in Calgary for its ability to provide safety without sacrificing the visual openness of your outdoor space.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Uninterrupted Views: The transparent nature of glass railings ensures that your view remains unobstructed, perfect for properties with scenic landscapes or gardens.
  • Modern Aesthetic: Framed glass railings lend a contemporary and sophisticated look to any deck. Their sleek design complements both modern and traditional architecture.
  • Wind Protection: The glass panels provide a barrier against winds, making your deck a more comfortable space even on breezy Calgary days.

Suitability for Different Home Styles

  • Versatile Design: Whether your home features a modern minimalist design or a more classic look, framed glass railings can be customized to blend seamlessly with your architectural style.
  • Enhancing Small Spaces: For smaller decks or balconies, the transparent nature of glass can make the space feel larger and more open.

Maintenance Considerations

  • Easy to Clean: Glass railings are relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with glass cleaner is usually sufficient to keep them looking pristine.
  • Durability: While glass is durable, it’s important to choose tempered safety glass for added strength and security.
Framed glass deck railings offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution, particularly for Calgary homeowners who don’t want to compromise their view for safety.

3. Topless Glass Deck Railing

Topless glass deck railings are a sleek, modern choice for homeowners who desire an unobstructed view combined with a contemporary design. These railings are especially popular in Calgary, where maximizing the enjoyment of the natural beauty and expansive landscapes is a priority.

Distinctive Qualities

  • Seamless Views: The absence of a top rail in topless glass railings provides a completely unobstructed view, making them perfect for decks overlooking scenic areas.
  • Clean, Modern Look: This railing style offers a minimalist aesthetic that aligns well with modern architectural designs, adding elegance without visual clutter.
  • Sturdy and Safe: Despite their minimalistic appearance, topless glass railings are designed for safety and durability, using tempered glass panels and robust anchoring systems.

Enhancing Outdoor Views

  • Ideal for Scenic Locales: If your property in Calgary boasts a beautiful view, be it a cityscape, a garden, or a natural vista, topless glass railings ensure that nothing comes between you and the scenery.
  • Expanding Visual Space: This railing type is particularly effective in creating a sense of openness, making it an excellent choice for smaller decks where you want to avoid a boxed-in feel.

Durability and Safety Features

  • Weather-Resistant: Topless glass railings can withstand the varying Calgary weather, ensuring longevity and maintaining their pristine look over time.
  • Safety Assurance: The use of tempered glass not only provides strength but also ensures safety, as it crumbles into small granular chunks instead of sharp shards if broken.
Topless glass deck railings strike a perfect balance between enhancing aesthetics and ensuring functionality, making them a favored choice for modern homes in Calgary.

4. Wood Deck Railing

Wooden deck railings are a classic choice that never goes out of style. They offer warmth, natural beauty, and a versatility that appeals to many Calgary homeowners. Whether your home is a modern marvel or a traditional treasure, wood railings can be crafted to enhance its aesthetic.

Timeless Appeal and Varieties

  • Natural Aesthetics: Wood railings bring a natural, organic feel to your outdoor space, complementing both the architecture of your home and the surrounding landscape.
  • Variety of Choices: From pressure-treated wood for durability and cost-effectiveness to more luxurious options like cedar or redwood, there’s a wood type to suit every style and budget.

Compatibility with Traditional and Modern Homes

  • Flexible Design Options: Wood railings can be designed in a multitude of styles, from classic spindle designs to more contemporary, horizontal layouts.
  • Customization Potential: Wood is easily customizable – it can be stained, painted, or carved to match your specific design vision.

Care and Maintenance

  • Regular Upkeep: Wood railings require periodic maintenance, including staining or painting and sealing, to protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan.
  • Inspection and Repair: Regular inspections for signs of wear, such as splinters or loose parts, are crucial for safety and longevity.
Wood deck railings are an excellent choice for those who appreciate the warmth and adaptability of natural materials. They offer a combination of traditional charm and the ability to adapt to more modern design sensibilities, making them a versatile option for decking in Calgary.


Choosing the right deck railing material is a crucial decision in designing your outdoor living space. In Calgary, where each home has its unique style and the outdoor environment plays a significant role in our daily lives, selecting a railing that aligns with your aesthetic preferences, functionality needs, and maintenance capabilities is essential.
  • Aluminum Railing: For a modern, low-maintenance option, aluminum railings offer durability and a sleek look.
  • Framed Glass Railing: If unobstructed views are your priority, framed glass railings provide transparency and a touch of elegance.
  • Topless Glass Railing: Ideal for those who want a seamless view without the top rail, offering a contemporary and minimalist design.
  • Wood Deck Railing: A timeless and versatile choice, wood railings bring warmth and natural beauty, adaptable to various styles.
At Project Landscape in Calgary, we understand that your deck is more than just an outdoor area; it’s an extension of your home and your lifestyle. Our goal is to help you create a space that not only looks fantastic but also serves your needs for years to come. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek lines of aluminum, the clear views offered by glass, or the natural charm of wood, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Remember, the right railing can transform the look and feel of your deck, enhancing not just its safety and functionality but also its aesthetic appeal. We encourage you to consider all factors – durability, maintenance, style, and safety – to make the best choice for your home. If you’re ready to explore the possibilities for your deck railing in Calgary or have any questions about these options, feel free to reach out to us at Project Landscape. We are here to provide expert advice and high-quality installation services to ensure your deck is everything you’ve envisioned and more. Transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional area that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Contact us today, and let’s start designing the perfect deck for your Calgary home.

Project Landscape: An Outstanding Landscape Lighting Company Near Me in calgary

Transforming your outdoor space into a beautifully lit haven is no small feat. In Calgary, where the landscape is as diverse as the people, Project Landscape stands out as a leading provider of exceptional landscape lighting solutions. Our approach combines innovative design with practical functionality, bringing your outdoor vision to life.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Landscape Lighting Company Near Me in Calgary with an Exceptional Illumination Method
  2. 2. LED Landscape Lighting Tailored to Your Preferences
  3. 3. How to Choose the Right Landscape Lighting for Your Home in Calgary

1. Landscape Lighting Company Near Me in Calgary with an Exceptional Illumination Method

At Project Landscape, our passion for creating captivating lighting landscapes is matched only by our dedication to customer satisfaction. Our process is meticulous and tailored, ensuring that your property’s lighting not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Our Personalized Approach

From the moment our expert designers step onto your property, our focus is on understanding and bringing your vision to life. We engage in a thorough consultation process, walking through your property, listening to your ideas, and suggesting innovative lighting solutions. Our recommendations are not just about placing lights; they’re about crafting an atmosphere that complements and enhances your outdoor space.

Precision in Installation

Once your custom lighting design is finalized and installation day arrives, our skilled team works diligently to place each light with precision. We understand that the beauty of landscape lighting truly comes to life after dusk. Therefore, we make it a point to return once the sun has set, ensuring every light is perfectly positioned and functioning as intended. This attention to detail is what sets Project Landscape apart as a top choice among Calgary landscape companies.

2. LED Landscape Lighting Tailored to Your Preferences

Every property in Calgary is unique, and so are the landscape lighting needs. At Project Landscape, we offer a wide array of LED lighting options, each designed to highlight the best features of your property.

Customized Lighting Solutions

Pathway lighting ensures your walkways are safe and well-lit, while string lights can cast a broad, festive glow over larger areas. Illuminate your garden to showcase your green thumb, or create a mystical ambiance with sphere lights strategically placed around trees and landmarks. Our LED solutions are not only energy-efficient but also offer longevity and reduced maintenance.

Crafting the Perfect Ambiance

Our team at Project Landscape specializes in understanding your specific lighting preferences. Whether you’re looking for subtle elegance or a dramatic statement, we have the expertise to tailor a lighting design that aligns with your vision. The versatility of LED lighting allows us to create customized solutions that enhance both the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.

3. How to Choose the Right Landscape Lighting for Your Home in Calgary

Selecting the perfect landscape lighting for your Calgary home is more than just a decorative decision; it’s about creating the right ambiance, enhancing safety, and complementing your home’s architecture. Here’s a guide to help you make informed choices for your landscape lighting needs.

Define Your Lighting Goals

Before diving into the myriad of lighting options available, it’s crucial to pinpoint the purpose of your landscape lighting:
  • Ambiance Creation: Are you looking to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for outdoor gatherings?
  • Feature Highlighting: Do you wish to accentuate specific landscaping features like trees, gardens, or architectural details of your home?
  • Curb Appeal: Are you aiming to enhance the visual appeal of your home from the street?
  • Safety and Security: Is your priority to improve visibility and security around your property?
Identifying your primary objectives will steer you towards the right lighting choices.

Choose the Right Type of Lighting

Once you’ve clarified your goals, the next step is to select the types of lights that will best achieve your desired outcome.
  • Pathway Lights: Ideal for illuminating walkways and driveways, they come in various designs to complement your landscaping style.
  • Uplighting: Perfect for spotlighting your home’s architectural features or garden highlights.
  • Floodlights and Task Lights: Great for broad illumination, useful for areas like driveways or outdoor kitchens.
  • Festive String Lights: Create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere, suitable for any outdoor gathering space.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Opting for energy-efficient lighting like LED not only benefits the environment but also reduces your energy bills. LEDs provide long-lasting illumination, making them a practical choice for outdoor settings.

Placement is Key

The positioning of your lights significantly impacts their effectiveness:
  • Even Space Path Lights: Ensure safe and uniform illumination along paths.
  • Angle Task Lights Appropriately: Focus on specific elements without creating glare or shadows.
  • Avoid Hazardous Placement: Keep lights clear of potential tripping areas and out of harm’s way.
ILLUMINATE YOUR OUTDOOR SPACE WITH PROJECT LANDSCAPE As Calgary’s premier outdoor lighting installer, Project Landscape is dedicated to elevating your outdoor area into a realm of exquisite beauty and practicality. Our team, skilled in the nuances of custom outdoor lighting and design, specializes in crafting unique lighting solutions, including elegant pathway lighting, to bring your outdoor dreams to life. Reach out to us online or call us at (403) 257-4059 to set up a consultation. Let us guide you through the myriad possibilities for lighting your outdoor space, ensuring it becomes a stunning, functional extension of your home. Imagine an environment bathed in the perfect ambiance, creating unforgettable moments for you and your guests. For exceptional outdoor lighting solutions, look no further than Project Landscape Near me in Calgary. We’re here to fulfill all your outdoor lighting aspirations with expertise and creativity.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscape Lighting company

Transforming your outdoor space into a beautifully illuminated area not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your Calgary home but also adds to its functionality and safety. This is where hiring a professional landscape lighting company like Project Landscape in Calgary becomes invaluable. Here’s why:

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, and nothing elevates the first impression of your home like well-designed landscape lighting. Professional landscape companies understand the art of curb appeal. They use strategic lighting to accentuate the architectural features of your home and the natural beauty of your garden. This thoughtful placement of lights not only makes your home stand out in the neighborhood but also increases its value.

Light Up Your Landscaping

A professional landscape lighting design goes beyond just installing lights; it’s about creating an ambiance. Outdoor landscape lighting can transform your garden into a nighttime wonderland. With the right lighting, your garden’s textures and colors come alive in the evening, offering a completely new perspective and extending your enjoyment of your outdoor space beyond daylight hours.

The Best Features and Equipment

Choosing a professional company like Project Landscape ensures you have access to the latest and most efficient lighting features and equipment. Calgary landscape companies stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in landscape lighting, from energy-efficient LED lights to smart control systems that allow you to manage your outdoor lighting with ease. Professionals also bring an eye for detail and quality, ensuring that every fixture is not only functional but also complements your home’s style. In the realm of landscape lighting near me, choosing a professional company in Calgary means choosing expertise, quality, and creativity. Whether it’s highlighting your garden’s best features, creating a welcoming entrance, or ensuring your pathways are safely lit, a professional touch can make all the difference. So, light up your home with Project Landscape, one of the leading Calgary landscape companies, and see the transformation for yourself! SELECT THE RIGHT OUTDOOR LIGHTING FOR YOUR SPACE Selecting the right outdoor lighting is key to transforming your Calgary home’s outdoor space into a captivating retreat. At Project Landscape, we understand that every home in Calgary is unique, and so are your lighting needs. Whether you’re looking to highlight a garden path, create a cozy patio ambiance, or enhance your home’s security, the perfect outdoor lighting can make a world of difference. Our expertise in landscape lighting design ensures that we can tailor solutions to fit your specific requirements. From energy-efficient LED options to stylish accent lights, we offer a wide range of outdoor lighting choices that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Let Project Landscape illuminate your outdoor space, turning it into a nighttime haven for relaxation and entertainment right in the heart of Calgary. Types Of Landscape Lighting When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces, landscape lighting plays a pivotal role. This diverse range of lighting options not only illuminates your garden and architectural features after sunset but also adds to the safety, security, and overall ambiance of your property. From subtle accent lights to bold statement pieces, the variety of landscape lights available can cater to every style and need, transforming your outdoor area into a stunning extension of your home. Whether you’re looking to highlight a garden path, showcase a water feature, or create a cozy outdoor living space, the right lighting can make all the difference. Recessed Landscape Lighting: Landscape recessed lighting offers a sleek, unobtrusive way to illuminate outdoor spaces, seamlessly blending with the surroundings. Perfect for privacy screens, patios, deck stairs and garden features, these lights provide a subtle yet effective glow, enhancing safety and ambiance. Their low-profile design minimizes visual clutter, making them ideal for highlighting landscape elements without overpowering them, ensuring a beautifully lit outdoor area Deck Lighting: Deck lighting transforms your outdoor living area into a warm and inviting space, perfect for evenings spent outdoors. Strategically placed lights not only enhance the beauty of the deck but also improve safety by illuminating steps and edges. It creates an ideal ambiance for relaxation and entertainment in your backyard haven.
Hardscape Lighting: Hardscape lighting is an elegant solution to accentuate the architectural features of your outdoor space. It subtly highlights retaining walls, seating walls, and pillars, enhancing both aesthetics and safety. This lighting method blends seamlessly with stone, brick, and other hardscape materials, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow that brings your garden’s textures and forms to life, especially after dusk. Pathway Landscape Lighting: Landscape pathway lighting is essential for guiding steps and enhancing the charm of garden paths. These lights create a welcoming ambiance while ensuring safe navigation through outdoor spaces at night. Skillfully arranged along paving stone walkways, they cast a gentle glow that accentuates the natural beauty of the landscape. This lighting not only elevates the visual appeal of your garden but also adds a layer of safety and security. Outdoor Landscape Spotlights: Outdoor landscape spotlights are a dynamic way to illuminate key features of your garden, such as trees, water features, accent boulders or architectural details. These focused lights add drama and depth to the landscape, drawing attention to specific elements while creating a stunning visual effect. Perfect for accentuating the beauty of your outdoor space, spotlights offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal in landscape design. Garden Bed Landscape Lights: Landscape garden bed lights delicately highlight the natural beauty of your garden beds, casting a soft glow on flowers, shrubs, and plants. These lights not only enhance the visual appeal of your garden at night but also create a serene ambiance. Thoughtfully placed, they bring your garden to life after sunset, showcasing its colors and textures in a new light. Pergola Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor landscape pergola lights add a magical touch to your garden, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. These lights, strung along the beams or wrapped around the pillars of a pergola, provide a warm and ambient glow, perfect for evening gatherings or quiet nights under the stars. They not only enhance the structure’s beauty but also extend its usability into the night, blending functionality with charm. You Have Questions, We Have The Answers:
  1. What are the benefits of landscape lighting? Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your outdoor space, improves safety by illuminating walkways and steps, increases property value, and extends the use of your outdoor areas into the night.
  2. How do I choose the right landscape lighting for my home? Consider your home’s architectural style, the size and features of your outdoor space, and the primary purpose of the lighting, whether it’s for safety, aesthetics, or functionality. A professional landscape lighting design service can provide personalized recommendations.
  3. What types of landscape lighting are available? Common types include path lights, spotlights, floodlights, deck lights, and accent lights. Each type serves a different purpose, from illuminating walkways to highlighting architectural or garden features.
  4. Is LED lighting a good option for landscape lighting? Yes, LED lighting is highly recommended for landscape lighting due to its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and minimal maintenance requirements.
  5. Can landscape lighting be automated or controlled remotely? Many modern landscape lighting systems offer smart controls, allowing you to automate lighting schedules or control lights remotely via smartphone apps.
  6. How much does landscape lighting cost? The cost varies depending on the scale of the project, types of lights used, and installation complexity. It’s best to get a customized quote from a professional landscape company.
  7. Is professional installation necessary for landscape lighting? While some lighting can be DIY-installed, professional installation ensures optimal placement, electrical safety, and high-quality results, especially for complex designs.
  8. How do I maintain my landscape lighting? Regular maintenance includes cleaning fixtures, replacing bulbs as needed, checking for wire damage, and adjusting fixture positions.