Commercial Landscaping Calgary

Commercial Landscaping Tips for Calgary

A great way to improve the exterior of your Calgary business operation is with commercial landscaping.  Although it has no real connection to the inner workings of your company, it may make the difference of a customer coming in or not.  A welcoming design can influence someone to see what else you have to offer.

If you think your commercial landscaping could use an upgrade, here are some tips you might find interesting.


Just like you started your enterprise with a solid business plan, landscaping needs a good blueprint.  In addition to the layout of plants, parking, walkways, etc., it should include a plan for regular maintenance.  A good commercial landscaper will be happy to work around your schedules to provide you with a manicured lawn and healthy looking plants.  They can even change out the flowers to give seasonal interest.


While you want your landscaping to be unique, it should still match the architecture and surrounding structures.  A good landscaper will help you decide on the right balance of professionalism and aesthetics.

Commercial landscaping tipsDesign

It is all about balance between green space, color, and walkways.  The paths should be clear and clean in a commercial setting.  You want the client to have an easy path to your front door.  Overgrowth needs to be handled to make entry and exit unencumbered and pleasant.


Once everything is in the ground, it will take some upkeep.  Watering is critical.  Under or over watering will kill plants.  Besides mowing the grass, the plants will need some attention.  Shrubbery will need pruning periodically and trees will need low-hanging limbs removed for safety and aesthetics. Flowering plants will need to be tended as appropriate to their type and some will need replacement from time to time.  If you accent the area with annuals, this will call for seasonal attention.  The plants should be checked regularly for disease prevention.


Landscapers have access to many native plants that will thrive in the Calgary area.  They will also give attention to thinning out as necessary.  They can also advise on recycling plants and using good products for remodels or maintenance.  Water conservation and eco-friendly products are a must.


Just as important is the right lighting for the paths and to identify the areas yo want pedestrians to avoid.  Landscapers can offer suggestions based on past experience and access to suppliers.

Overall you will need a design that will survive maturity.  Overplanting in the early stages will only mean loss over time.  Also the shape, placement, and scale of trees and shrubbery is very important.  Function is just as important as beauty.

Keeping these tips in mind, you are now ready to start interviewing Calgary commercial landscapers.  Price, availability, and expertise will be high on your list.  Include Project Landscape to your list and you will find they are helpful and knowledgeable.  Their rates are competitive and you will find references available.  Fully insured and accredited, they will give your commercial property the attention it deserves.