Composite Decking in Calgary

5 Great Types of Decks to Choose From

Dura Deck provides a solution for your desk’s waterproofing problems. It’s made from a tough outdoor PVC-laminated material that has a polyester and Fiberglass backing. It lasts enduring, is slip-resistant, and low-maintenance after it’s installed. It’s weather-resistant, safeguards your wood from moist and mild inhibitors, endure against any type of abuse. It lasts longer than any painted surfaces. It can give your yard an inviting look in various color patterns.

Ruba Deck is a brand-new, slip-resistant rubber decking board material. It provides safety and comfort to any commercial and domestic walkway, garden patio, and other decked areas. The non-slip material has a top-notch rubber inlay, simple and quick to install, and can be fixed with trim-head screws or deck clips. Ruba Deck is inexpensive and comes in different colors and a variety of decking designs. The tiles can be used for small areas and suitable flat surfaces. The RetroFit strips can be attached to your existing traditional decks, including ramps and walkways.

Exotic hardwood/composite decks offer a distinctive wooden inlay design and a twenty-five-year color fastness warranty. It provides a choice of a square or grooved surface in three different decking profiles. When you install the deck or dock outside, make sure you leave gaps between them and fasten them with screws or metal clips. The Standard  and PreGroove Decking are used for traditional, outdoor, uncovered decks.

If you have a covered porch and patio, consider the tongue-and-grooved porch deck, which can be used year-round and has no gap spacing.  They feature insect and termite resistance, low-maintenance, and a long lifespan.

Spruce decks can be sealed, painted, or stained to protect against the elements.  There’s no better decking material like cedar, for price and quality. These decks can be raised, multi-leveled, and two-storied. A raised deck is ideal if your home’s main floor is above your yard’s grade. To prevent slips and falls, you would need to add foundations and safety features to the deck. If entertaining company, a two-storied deck is perfect, because it can be accessible from both levels of your home. If your backyard’s sloped, consider the multi-level deck. A nice variation from two-storied decks, it’s conveniently connected to both levels by ramps or stairs.

If you’re looking for types of decks in Calgary to choose from, contact our landscaping experts today.