Composite Decking in Calgary

Is Composite Decking Worth The Cost?

Less than two decades ago, treated lumber was basking as the only material one can use to whip up the perfect Composite decks. Now to the good, Calgary decks potion are now in myriads, offing dozens of widely sought-after Composite decks styles. Regardless of your choicest color, texture and style, there is nothing stopping you from finding an all-time best set of composite boards for your new deck.

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But should the upfront cost of these upgrades give the chill down your bank account, then you should pause to have a look at the long-term investment. Run the numbers you can in Calgary and find out for yourself the reason behind the whole composite craze – the boards can actually bring you a lot more bang for the buck!

Treated Wood versus Composite Decking

Calgary composite decks material are in the habit of varying tremendously on both cost and longevity or service. To be both honest and general, I won’t hide it that treated wood is the most economical option. The cost of its materials is on the low-side because the boards don’t break anyone’s back during manufacturing. Some of Calgary deck boards may cost you twice or thrice over than the conventional lumber, getting many homeowners if their money spent on the higher price tags would turn out profitable.

Everything is dependent on the composite decking material’s quality, because not all out-there types are designed the same way, making the often best option to go with a recognizable brand. The producers topping the list in the composite decking industry include a multiplicity of tiers for the cost and style of the product. If you are able to opt from composite decking types, it would save you the strain of building outside your budget and yet enjoy the benefits of composite decking.

Main idea- when comparing treated wood with its more styled counterpart, always keep ‘maintenance’ in mind. Calgary composite decks don’t demand the same care and attention that treated wood gets. As far as you power-wash the composite deck one or twice in a year, you can get your mind off of all-round maintenance. So compared that to the regular, extra steps undergone in treated wood care and you would have your answer.

Calgary Deck Stain and Water Sealing

The time it would take you to start enjoying your new deck is contingent upon the type of material you employ in building it. If you the composite, you will be ready to use it as soon as the handyman completes his work, but with treated wood you have to sing the national anthem about a hundred times while mumbling an ancient voodoo priest luck chant in your mind.

Once new Calgary decks are completed, most builders will inform that treated wood requires instant staining and treating because when they are neglected, they soon start to fade and warp. With each moment that passes you are going right back to scratch. For the fact that stain and sealant do the best job when applied to new wood, most homeowners choose to go on with the process ASAP – tedious but absolutely necessary. So if you don’t go with the composite buddy, these extra efforts and expenses should be kept in mind.

Annual Maintenance Costs

As stain types range from $20 to over $100 per gallon, you might be in for a heck-load of an add-on. Then factoring in another $25 for brushes tapes and other necessary equipment- the cash just keeps leaving that wallet.

To preserve Composite decks color, especially from sun damage, you will want to give it fresh stain coats every year. Well, frankly, there is absolutely nothing unreasonable to expect to pay $250 or more each time you need to coat your deck, but the actual here is the time.

Regardless of you paying a contractor or resorting to DIY to reduce the costs for your treated deck maintenance, the time is the huge expense. You’re either paying for the cost of labor or sacrificing your own time over the weekend just to get to grips with your deck’s orderliness. If you want to keep your deck looking good all-time, it’s quite worth the investment. But it also makes the maintenance-free style of composite decking even more of a captivating choice.

Contrary to popular notions, the real saving happens when you use composite decks, because the only real maintenance required us a quick power wash. Theoretically, you will enjoy your deck more when you use composite because the space in never actually off limits for maintenance, because as soon as you turn of that power washer, you are ready to go!