Composite Decking in Calgary

Tips for Choosing Composite Decking in Calgary

Attaching a deck can be a perfect option when you want to extend your outdoor living space or want to optimize the worth of your property, it contributes to the aesthetics value to your house and also creates an avenue for relaxation and entertainment.

Calgary is a renowned and attractive city in Canada, with good records. It is the cleanest city in the world. Maximum compliance is ensured towards individual homes and their surroundings from the appropriate authorities. Composite decking is common practice in Calgary to enhance aesthetics.

Composite Decking Applications

Composite decking also referred to as wood-plastic, it is made with recycled plastic and wood fiber, it serves several purposes including balconies, terraces, pool, outdoor dining, board walks, jetties, leisure’s area, roof gardens, pond edges, etc. 

Uniqueness of Composite decking

Composite decking is environmentally friendly. The board surface is dual and has a multi-tone finish, they are made to eradicate the deficiencies of timber securing its endorsement against warping, rotting and splitting.

Boards are moisture resistant, requires low maintenance and light clean up to keep in its best quality.

Installation of composite decking is quite easy; the board easily get fixed into position without the need checking for spacing between boards.

Quite number of factors are needed to be considered before selecting composite decking; these includes; Maintenance cost, Aesthetics, location of installation, climate conditions.

On-site Operations Associated with Composite Decking

Here is an overview of cogent points to be familiar with as regards composite decking installation;

Handling & Installing Composite Decking

  • Composite decking requires one to be careful when handling and conveying during operations.
  • Prior to installation, composite decking must be place on a flat surface for storage.
  • There must be a reasonable space between Joists Preparation for an excellent composite decking installation.
  • Decking boards must be attached to a solid platform using the clips and screws provided. This solid platform requires stump adequately attached to the bearer, then to the joist for a firm base to allow decking board installation.

Tools Required for Composite decking Installation

Carpentry tools needed for composite decking includes hammer, screwdriver, power saw, string lines, level, drill, post hole digging tools etc.

Precautions to Observe when Installing Composite Decking

  • Screws needed for composite decking should be made of zinc, galvanized stainless steel or galvanized variety to prevent rusting.
  • Composite decking is inappropriate to be substituted for structural components in any buildings.
  • Gapping is necessary to permit drainage, thermal expansion and contraction of composite decking boards. Avoid fixing composite decking in contact with any solid surface, such as concrete, rooftop or balcony, etc. Gapping is necessary between the board’s connection also.

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