3 Perfect Railing Options for Your Deck

Our deck railing options are the ideal complement to any outdoor seating space. They’re a terrific way to add a little more beauty to your deck while still being functional. And there are a plethora of options to suit your preferences and wonderfully complement your story.

Perhaps you’ve already fallen in love with our decking designs and want to build your own this year. Alternatively, perhaps your current deck is looking a bit worn and in need of some TLC. In any case, installing a railing will instantly change and finish the area. It will also make it feel like a separate ‘zone’ from the rest of your plot.

Deck railings, on the other hand, aren’t simply for looks. Garden House Design’s Creative Director, Debs Winrow, remarks on their utility. She claims that not only do they keep people from falling off, but they may also act as a wind barrier. As a result, they’re an excellent option for providing additional protection for you, your decking furniture, and your plants. Keep in mind that there are specific restrictions and standards for decking balustrades, particularly for high-rise decks, so double-check your designs before proceeding.

Take a peek at our favorite decking railing designs without further ado. You’ll find something you like among the modern and classic designs.


A basic, traditional, light-hued wood is one of the most ageless decking railing designs. It creates a clean border between the elevated flooring and the surrounding greenery, providing a subtle yet gorgeous border around this deck.

We adore how it contrasts with the charming little shed, nearly changing the deck into a small porch. Light can also pass through the spaces between the balusters, giving the room a more open sense.

You may use a wood stain to provide a splash of color and an extra layer of protection from the outdoors. Sadolin has a wide range of applications.


This deck rail has a lovely pastel blue-gray tone to it. The country-style environment is given a modern edge with a pulled-together effect by painting the outside table and chairs in the same color. Take note of how the color complements the vivid blue of the surrounding agapanthus.

The glass panels provide for a green vista while also giving protection from severe winds – ideal for potted plants. If you’re considering painting your decking railing yourself, check out our guide to the best outdoor wood paint for additional information.


If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a spectacular view, why not make the most of it with glass railings?

With this magnificent curving balustrade, you can enjoy this amazing ocean view all year long from the sundeck. You can take it all in securely and appreciate the fresh air with the addition of a railing. Sometimes all you need is a clean, simplified style.