5 Modern Types of Decks

A good deck can uplift your mood after a long stressful day out. Despite being a small space, you can enjoy various activities like reading a book, playing board games, or having coffee with your friends while breathing in fresh air. It’s like having your own mini paradise per se. 

This 2022 is a great time to upgrade your home to a more relaxing place for you and your family. To give you an idea, here are five modern deck types that even your neighbours will fall in love with:

Skirted Decks

Skirting your deck hides the gap between the platform and the ground. This makes your deck look more visually pleasing and provides extra hidden storage under the deck. 

Wood lattice is the most common material used for deck skirting. However, this is quite outdated. For a trendy look, you could go for horizontal skirting or stone skirting. Horizontal skirting uses the usual decking materials. The only difference is that it is attached horizontally, making it look more modern. If you want a classic and nostalgic feel, then stone skirting may suit you better.

Multi-Seasonal Decks

Gone are the days when decks were left unused during winter. In today’s time, multi-seasonal spaces are in trend. 

Multi-seasonal decks have retractable walls and are best for active people. With this feature, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun, and keep out of the cold during winter. This makes it fully functional all year round. For its retractable walls, you can go for accordion doors, retractable vinyl walls, and the like. 
Attached Decks

An attached deck is suited for those with L-shaped or U-shaped houses. As its name suggests, it is attached to the main house. It is similar to a patio, except it hovers slightly and uses composite decking materials. You can use it to bridge two exterior doors or as a simple and easy-to-access outdoor relaxation space.

Floating Decks

Unlike attached decks, a floating deck can be placed anywhere around your property. It’s also commonly called detached or island decks. 

What’s great about it is that a floating deck can be built anywhere regardless of existing bumps and uneven surfaces unlike your typical concrete patio. For easy access, you can simply install stone paths, walkways, or stepping stones to guide you from the main house to the deck and vice versa. 

Multi-Level Decks

If you have a large property and home, then you might prefer a multi-level deck. This type of deck is made up of multiple decks of varying levels. It is best for houses on hills, slopes, or properties with a rocky landscape. This is a lot more practical and economical than building a concrete patio from scratch as it can simply sit on top of uneven surfaces.

The joys of home improvement are unparalleled, and the great news is that these are only a few of tons of deck styles you can choose from. Discover more by visiting us at Project Landscape.