All You Need to Know About Decks


With the summer months approaching, we are all thinking about getting the family together for a nice barbeque. You might be thinking about adding a deck to your home to increase its value in the long run and have a place to spend warm summer nights with the family. However, there are many decking options for all sorts of budgets and aesthetics. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the most popular options in the market.

Types of Decks

Decks are a great outdoor space option to spend those warm summer nights with the family. However, there are many options you can choose from when adding a deck to your home.

Composite Decking

This is one of the most popular choices among homeowners because of its high durability and wide range of colors. Composite decking requires little to no maintenance, especially when comparing it to wood decking. Wood decks often require you to stain or paint them, as well as replace boards from splintering. Composite decks are resistant to heat and rainstorms, lasting over 30 years. The only downside to composite decking is the upfront price. While you will not have to deal with the maintenance that comes with more affordable options, they can be pricey.

Pressure Treated & Cedar Decking

Another popular option is cedar decking, which offers natural resistance to weathering, moisture, and insects. Pressure-treated decks resist the elements better than untreated wood and are chemically treated to resist molding, rotting, and insects. Both options are on the more affordable side of the spectrum. Pressure-treated decking is the perfect option if you are under a tight budget but will need additional maintenance throughout the years. Cedar decking is also cost-effective, does not require staining, and there are no chemical treatments.

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl decking is another low-maintenance decking option. The material has a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from to build the perfect deck for your home. Vinyl has many benefits, including long life expectancy, low maintenance, no splintering, and waterproof, and it is an affordable way to increase your home’s market value.

Kayu Decks

Kayu decking features one of the finest hardwood products in Canada. This type of wood is low maintenance, as it is extremely durable, resistant to abrasion and decay, and lasts many years. This beautiful wood does not shrink or splinter because of its high durability. Additionally, there are many types of kayo wood, such as red and yellow balau Batu, ipe, meranti wood, camaru batu, and Burmese teak. This versatile hardwood product can be applied to the exterior and interior flooring, privacy screens, decking, fencing, pergolas, gazebos, benches, railings, and much more.

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