Benefits of Hiring Deck Builders in Calgary

A beautiful deck can be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining.

  • Increased home value – Homebuyers are looking for a place with possibilities.  When you get ready to sell, you have a strong bargaining element with a custom deck.  Depending on the materials used and the design, realtors estimate you recoup from 50% to 80% of the cost.  Plus, you have had the years of enjoyment.
  • Party time – Decks are great for parties.  Indoors can get cramped, but outside on the deck you have fresh air, grilling, seating and conversation areas.  A deck allows your guests to mingle.  An indoor/outdoor party gives you a considerable amount of flexibility in entertaining.
  • Quiet enjoyment – The solitude of a morning cup of coffee or a refreshing drink at the end of a long day, both are more pleasant seated on your custom deck.  You are away from the noise and bustle and can enjoy the birds, breeze through the trees, flowers, and, in general, nature.  Decks are a combination of leisure and luxury.
  • Aesthetics – The addition of a deck makes your home look finished.  It is thought of as an extension enhancing the appearance of your property.  You personalize it with your own furniture, plantings and accessories.  It can coordinate with the current landscaping or act as a contrast.  Whatever you desire.
  • Form and function – A deck increases your living space.  It provides additional area for entertaining and for personal use.  Including a grill, outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and potted plants, you have created a new room.

In Calgary we have a number of choices when it comes to deck construction materials.

  • deck builders CalgaryPressure treated – This is the process of taking wood, usually pine, and treating it with chemical preservatives.  This makes the wood resistant to insect damage and rot.  As compared to untreated wood, it is stronger and lasts longer.
  • Cedar – This is a type of wood that is naturally resistant to insects and rot.  There are a number of different types of cedar, all of which have different costs and quality.  The grades include those with no, or very minimal knots.
  • Exotic – Ipe is a South American wood that is especially dense and resists rot and insect infestation.  Because of its hardness, it can be difficult to work with and should only be used by qualified builders.  Other choices are Massaranduba and Tigerwood.
  • Composite – This is a product made from wood fibers and recycled plastic.  It is then covered with a protective surface like a shell.  This is popular because it looks like a natural wood but won’t warp, rot or split.  It is also considered more environmentally acceptable.

There are other material choices available on the market today.  Check with our decking specialist at Project Landscape to find the best option for your design and budget.  We have experience working with a variety of products and can offer suggestions and designs that will please the whole family.  Send us your information and we will arrange a convenient appointment to discuss your new deck.