Choosing the Right Deck Builders in Calgary

You’ve decided to add a deck and you are beginning to speak with Calgary builders.  It is a good idea to arm yourself with as much information before you shop.  Here are some tips that may help.

There are a number of options about where to place the deck.  Most are attached to a back door but they can also be freestanding or on a second story like a balcony or with steps to the lower level that can be a patio area.  Some big box centers have software that will allow you to help you create the best design for your space.


calgary deck buildersFootings must comply with all municipal codes and be properly installed.  The footings should be set in concrete and the depth will depend on the terrain, weight of the deck, and be below the frost line.  If the deck is attached to a home, it must have a properly set ledger.  This is a large beam attached to the home and to which the deck’s substructure is attached.  It also must conform to code.  Joists must be set in parallel rows and accurately set to provide adequate support.

After these safety and preliminary measures are complete, you get to add the flooring.  Wood is always a popular choice.  Be sure it is either naturally weather and insect resistant or has been chemically treated to be so.  Another option that is becoming more popular is composite decking.  This starts out with a higher initial cost but saves money over time in low maintenance especially in the fact that a composite won’t need replacement.  Many have up to a 20 year warranty.


The boards need to be secure so you have to decide on nails or screws and visible or invisible.  If you want a seamless appearance there are screws that attach from below or at an angle.  Whichever you decide on, make sure they are rated for exterior use.  They are usually called deck screws or deck nails.

If you have gone with wood boards, they will expand and contract over time with heat, cold and moisture.  That is why most contractors will use a spacer to keep them about 1/8 inch apart.  You can use manufactured spacers or a few screws.  A wood deck will also need a final coat.  Most start with a stain to achieve the color you want and then use a finish.  Treated lumber means you need to wait a few months before the finish can go on.  After that, it will need to be redone every few years.

At Project Landscape we build high quality, large or small decks at affordable prices.  We work with all types of decking materials including low maintenance composites and natural wood products.  Contact us to set up a preliminary meeting so that we can discuss your needs and wants.  In that way we can design the best type of deck and use the materials that will best apply in your situation.