Deck Construction Tips

A deck is one of the best ways to increase your space for entertaining or family enjoyment.  If you are thinking of adding one to your home, or changing the one you have, here are some things to think about.

Deck Materials

You will probably start by deciding the type of wood for the flooring.  Traditional choices include pressure-treated cedar and redwood.  There are also some hardwoods that give a rich, finished look, but are a bit pricier.  You might also want to consider composite and synthetic materials.  They are virtually free of maintenance and have a good lifespan.  They don’t look like traditional decking, so part of it comes down to personal preference.  The manmade products are also more expensive than wood.

Don’t scrimp on fasteners.  Nails have a tendency to work themselves up and out of the boards over time.  That means some tripping hazards.  Low quality screws will corrode and need replacement, besides discoloring the surface of the wood.  They also fail faster than stainless steel or coated screws.  There are some that are specifically made for pressure-treated wood.  It is suggested that you avoid using electroplate galvanized screws.

Deck Design

Before you begin, look online for tools that will help you design the best deck for your purposes.

Especially if you are working with an area that has a slope to it, consider incorporating levels into your deck design.  It can help with reducing the flight of stairs and gives different areas to decorate or congregate.  It also makes serving easier.

Not all decks need to be square or rectangular.  Look for unusual angles or even curves.  It will give you some interesting architectural features to decorate and incorporate into the overall landscape.

Adding shade is another way to distinguish your deck from the run-of-the-mill variety.  A pergola is a dramatic effect that also gives you a place to attach speakers, lights, hanging plants and offers a bit of privacy.  If you don’t want to invest in a pergola, install some uprights and then lattice work for the roof.

Deck Railings

There are some nice design choices when you start working on the railings.  There are options like glass, metal, vinyl, cables, and composites.

If you are in the market for a new deck or want to enhance your current one, contact us for more ideas.  One of our specialists will be happy to discuss your options and arrange for an appointment to view the space.

For more information about deck building and installation in Calgary, contact our landscaping team today.