How do I Find a Deck Builder in Calgary?

Finding a professional and trustworthy deck builder may not be easy, especially if you live in a new neighborhood. Nowadays, there are many new technologies and knowledge about deck construction, and it is crucial to find a professional that stays up to date concerning these subjects. Luckily, there are many ways to find such a person.

Searching Online

The easiest way to find a deck builder is to search online for professionals near your property. While searching, you should prioritize constructors or companies with many reviews, licensing, and other essential details to separate good workers from bad ones. I’ll discuss those details later in the article.

Asking a Friend or Neighbor

You can go through the old and efficient way of asking a friend or neighbor for a reference. This can be helpful since the chances are that they will recommend you someone that they already worked with and trust. But don’t keep from researching the company or person only because you’ve received an indication. Better be safe than sorry.

As mentioned earlier, some details are the difference between a good and professional deck builder and a build one. Be aware of the following when you are going to hire a deck constructor:


To work as a deck builder, the professional needs to have all obligatory legal requirements in your region, especially the licensing and bonding. Do not hire someone that doesn’t have it, and check if they have general liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance.

Every legitimate contractor now the importance of credentials and will be more than happy to show you theirs. If they refuse to show, don’t hire them.

References and Testimonials

Before hiring, search for the professional’s references and testimonials. See what their clients have to say and check out the complaints and praises. It is even better if you can see their portfolio. If you know someone that worked with this professional, ask them how the construction went, if they had any problems, and things like that.


The essential part of hiring a deck constructor is the interview. Make sure that you ask all questions and pay attention to the answers. Remember to ask to see their proof of insurance and licensing. Some other questions that you may want to ask are:

  1. “Can you explain to me your planning and building process?”
  2. “Could you give me a detailed cost estimate?”
  3. “Could you show me your portfolio?”
  4. “Do you have experience with this type of project?”
  5. “Could you give me some references?”

A professional and trustworthy constructor will gladly answer all and any questions you have.

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