Summer Deck Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Deck Looking New All Year Round

You stand looking at your summer deck, you wonder how you can keep it maintained to look new. No problem, we have some summer deck maintenance tips right here for you. With these tips, you can keep your deck looking great throughout the year.

Keep It Clean

Wash your summer deck to clean it. Remove the debris on the deck and use a hose to spray it. If needed, give it a good scrub on each plank. Now, deciding on power washing instead of scrubbing ensures that it’s not in a high-pressure setting. Doing this can damage the deck.

Remove Defective Nails and Wood

Great, you will already see a considerable difference after washing. Now you can check if your summer deck needs maintenance. Take a nail set and hammer to put back loose nails. If you notice them popping out, best replace them with new screws.

The reason as putting back popped nails only pops out again within a year. Doing this helps to prevent the wood curling on the edges. If curled underneath the board, straightens them out again. You can use deck screws to connect the curved wood and the board.

At the same time, you can replace slit or rotten wood with new ones. If wood rot is present, remove the infected wood as the rot can spread if left alone.

Give Your Summer Deck a New Coat

You can stain your summer deck to give it a fresh appearance and helps prevent water and sun damage. You can do this every three to four years. Preserve the natural beauty of the wood using a sealant and needs doing every two years. If the summer deck looks discolored, consider giving it paint with UV protection instead of a sealer. However, if you go the seal way, it helps sand the wood down before staining it.

Keeping Your Summer Deck Maintained

Your deck looks spanking new, right! Yes, it does. Now you need to keep it maintained doing the following:

  • Sweep the summer deck regularly from debris landing on the deck. If left on the deck and wet, it can cause mold, mildew, and stains. Even pollen covering the deck looks unsightly.
  • Keep bushes and plants trimmed close to your summer deck. Doing this prevents contact with the wood leading to rot or moss growing. Also, do not use any harsh chemicals to treat your plants, as it can ruin the deck.
  • Do you have BBQ oil on the deck? Clean it up as it destroys the finish of your deck and becomes a mold breeding ground.
  • Keep moving your furniture as the sun can change the color of the wood and noticeable if the furniture remains in one place. Move the furniture often to provide equal amounts of sun exposure.

Keep the Summer Deck Brand New

We hope the tips help you to make your summer deck look beautiful. Now it’s time to grab that broom and hardware to get it done. Yes, it takes time and hard work but the best part it’s worth all the effort. Your summer deck will look new, and you will be proud of your work. If you need help deciding which deck maintenance plan is right for you, contact our team today.