Top Deck Design Tips

Deck builders in Calgary will tell you that each construction takes on the personality of the owner.  Each has its own style that reflects the neighborhood, architecture of the home, and attitude of the household.


The first step is to look at the availability of space and the terrain of the current landscaping.  Extending a deck from the door, the deck elevation or height from the ground will determine much.  Low decks may not require guardrails but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them.  The underdeck can become a haven for small animals, or insects, so some type of barrier is recommended.  It is usually a good idea to create some sort of ventilation to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

Higher decks can appear more lightweight.  They will either require steps or can be constructed as a multi level area.  Guardrails will be necessary but that also means you can attach permanent bench seating along the perimeter to make entertaining easier.

Traffic Patterns

deck design calgaryYour deck will take a lot of foot traffic as well as static areas for seating or dining.  For safety reasons, the stairs should be accessible from all areas of the deck.  That means you should carefully consider where you place your grill, the position of the door to the house, and other accessories like a fire pit.  Thinking of these items prior to actual construction will give you a better concept of the final product.

If you are leaning toward multiple levels, be cautious to avoid severe changes in elevation, not just for the aesthetics but because they can become dangerous.  Tripping is always a concern and if the stairs are difficult to identify, you have an additional problems.  Sometimes you can use a cascading wrap to help the stairs be more navigable and to blend into the landscape.


The right kind of decking for your design is equally important.  There is real wood like cedar, redwood, or other imports.  There are manufactured decking materials as well.  It will also depend upon how much maintenance you are willing to devote like cleaning or re-staining.  Consider the various colors and textures as well.

You can contrast the border placement with the decking.  You can also place the boards diagonally or in a pattern like herringbone.  It will depend on the character you want to convey and even where to guide the eye of your guests like toward a particularly nice area of planting.

To secure the boards, you can use hidden fasteners, nails or screws.


Much of what you choose will depend on your overall vision and the intended uses.  Play areas for children need different materials than adult, or older adult entertaining.  While it is nice to emulate your neighbors, creating your own design will set you apart from the rest.

Check with our experts at Project Landscape. We have a lot of ideas to share with you and can make your dreams happen within your established budget.  We can also help with the surrounding landscaping to make your outdoor area perfect.