Fence Installation Calgary

7 Fence Building Tips

Fences represent safety of our property, family members, and pets. Choosing the right fencing material is critical in your long-term enjoyment and durability.


First identify the primary reason you want the fence.  Is it to keep your dogs in?  Identify and maintain property lines?  The aesthetics of a white-picket fence?  To discourage prying neighbors or passersby?

Once you have that established, you will have a better grasp on how high the fence should be and whether it is open, like pickets, or not.


Different building materials offer different looks.  Compare wrought iron to vinyl to aluminum.  Chain link is always popular but can offer an industrial feel rather than homey.  Start looking at types of materials and see what appeals to you the best.


Start by determining the length of the fence.  That means stringing tape measures across the yard and making rough sketches.  You can then start pricing out the cost of the vinyl or wood to see how much it will cost per foot.  You already have an idea of how much it will take to encapsulate your yard, and do the math.

You may decide that it is the best move to save for a bit longer to get what you really want and need.  The least expensive alternative may not be the best choice.  If it will not offer the durability you need, you will find yourself replacing it in only a few years.  That will mean more money in the long run.


Aluminum and vinyl require almost no maintenance over time.  Using a good pressure even with just a garden hose can give them a good wash and a refreshing appearance.  Wood, however, will require staining, sealing, painting, cleaning, etc.  You need to decide how much time you want to invest in the maintenance aspect as well as the additional cost.


You need to consider whether this will be used as a snow break in the winter as well as the force and direction of the winds any time of the year.  This may dictate the types of materials that will or will not work in your circumstances.

Resale Value

Assess your property in its entirety and be sure that the type of fence you install will add value to your property and not detract from its curb appeal.  If it appears cheap or unattractive it will negatively impact the resale price.  Quality fences will attract buyers.

Codes and Regulations

Your fence will need to meet all local codes.  You may need a permit and inspection.  If you live in an area with a homeowners association, you could need their blessing as well.

All of these issues can be easily dealt with.  The fencing specialists at Project Landscape are experienced helping property owners decide the best fence style and materials for their purpose.  We are also adept at negotiating the paperwork that may be necessary to complete the project.  Our skilled workers are able to install the fence quicker and better than most DIYers.  If we can answer any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.