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8 Types of Residential Fences

Installing a fence on your residential property is quite a decision.  You need to consider why you need the fence (privacy, pets, etc.), curb appeal, style of your home, restrictions by your homeowners’ association, and budget.  The first step is knowing what is available.

Wroughtiron – This is a tried and true ornamental fence option.  It will be very durable for many years and will complement almost any type of architectural style.  It will last for decades if properly maintained.  The initial price is pretty high and will need regular treatments to prevent rusting.  You can increase the cost if you include decorations and a matching gate.  It does not provide privacy but will allow you to enjoy the neighborhood.

Steel – Made from a combination of iron and carbon and coated with zinc, this is another material that will stand the test of time.  It resembles wrought iron and is almost equally expensive.  Just like iron, you will need to establish a regular maintenance schedule to keep it looking nice and in good shape.

Aluminum – Another metal, this looks a bit like the iron or steel fences but is considerably less expensive.  Generally these are made from recyclable materials and if you get one that is coated, maintenance is not as frequent.  However, the downside is that it is much more lightweight and will not be nearly as sturdy as other fences.

cedar fenceWood – Assuredly the most popular.  There are many different choices in types of wood and styles like low picket fences or high privacy types.  It will take a fair amount of maintenance in staining and painting.  You will also need to be alert to any warping, splintering, or rot.  Generally the price is more affordable but it will depend on the availability and the type of wood.

Vinyl – If you are all about low maintenance, then vinyl is a good option.  From a distance, vinyl appears to be wood and can offer the same variety for privacy and designs.  It is not 100% weather resistant and can result in mold and algae.  Some of this may not completely disappear even with regular cleaning.  Prices are very reasonable.

PVC – While this resembles vinyl, which in turn can look like wood, but is far less durable.  It will cost about as much as vinyl.

Chain link – Not nearly the sophisticated choice, but it is probably the most economical.  It is easy (i.e. low cost) to install and maintenance is minimal.

Stone – If properly built, a stone wall will last for centuries.  If you are looking for eco-friendly products, eco-stone is made from 25% recycled materials.  Available in quite a few natural colors, it will blend into the landscape.  While the product price is reasonable, because of their weight, the brunt of the cost will be in the labor.

For more information about fence designs and installation options, contact us at Project Landscape.  We have years of experience dealing with fences and materials and are happy to work within your budget parameters.