Fence Installation Calgary

Calgary Fencing Experts

At Project Landscape we have crews experienced in installing or repairing fences including those for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Recreation Areas
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial

Particularly for our residential and commercial clients, aesthetics are as important as the function.  That is why we stock or have access to a number of different manufacturers that will provide the best options for your area.  Cost is always a concern.  We have found that there are a number of very affordable options available in wood and vinyl.  We are also able to provide more ornamental options.

Fence Installation in Calgary

calgary fence installers

Come to us with your ideas and we will be happy to show you what we can do to make your concept reality.  Our fence designers may also offer alternatives that will fit into your plan but provide options you had not considered.

Designing a fencing project is only a small part.  The major work comes in the construction and installation.   That is where our trained workforce will come into play.  We will show up when scheduled and complete the project to your satisfaction.  We take special care to be respectful of your property and the environment.  We take care to avoid damaging any plants or landscaping effects.  We try to be as quiet as possible to avoid disturbing you, your family, employees or neighbors.

In Calgary and its surrounding areas, agriculture and ranching are important industries.  Often these enterprises require appropriate fencing.  Project Landscape is also able to help these people and companies to secure their acreage.  We have a number of product options that are appropriate for this type of open use.

Personnel that work on these projects are carefully trained to be aware of the impact their work will have on the nearby crops, cattle and horses, and other wildlife.  We only use the marked roads or those paths that are designated for our use.  If we run into situations we feel we are unable to handle, our crew will contact the owner or designated individual to resolve the incident.

With out extensive experience installing and repairing fences, wide range of products and materials, and sincere interest in customer satisfaction, Project Landscape should be your choice for fencing needs.  Whether it is to prevent intruders, enhance the value of your property, or to keep Fido in your backyard, we are ready to help solve your fencing needs.

Our pricing and workmanship are competitive and reasonable.  Just contact us through this website and one of our representatives will be be happy to follow up.  You can also call us with questions or concerns.  Project Landscape has developed a reputation in Calgary for its expertise in many areas of exterior work.  We would be pleased to help you with your project.  We will arrange for a convenient appointment time for our estimator to view the property and take measurements.  After you decide on the materials, we will offer a bid for the job plus an estimated start date.  It is just that simple.