Fence Installation Calgary

Fencing Versus Hedges

You have a nice backyard but feel you would enjoy it more with some boundaries, fewer prying eyes from the street or neighbours.  You have two basic choices:  a privacy fence or hedge.


This is usually a shrubbery that outlines the perimeter of your property.  Their use is centuries old and classic.

Planting – This is not a case of plop it in the ground and walk away.  For at least the first year you should monitor the watering through natural rain showers and possibly supplementing from your garden hose.  Even with careful attention, not all plants survive.  That means replanting.

Maintenance – Bushes will need to be pruned at least once per year, sometimes more often depending on the variety.  As they grow they can encroach on your neighbours’ property.


  • A large yard means lots of plants
  • A small space means much of your own yard will be reduced


After it is fully grown, a hedge is

  • An effective barrier from wind force
  • A natural shield for privacy.
  • Block more noise and dust
  • Environmentally friendly as a haven for small animals and birds
  • Using a combination of species you can also provide food through berries
  • Improve air quality; plants intake carbon dioxide and produce oxygen

fence yard woodFencing

Installing a wooden fence begins with digging holes for the posts and securing the uprights with cement footings.  Once the posts are set, rails are added and then the pickets or boards are placed.  If you live in a breezy area, the fence should be constructed with gaps to allow the wind to pass through.  Post caps are recommended to prevent moisture from infiltrating the wood.

While fences have a harder look, there are a number of things you can do to diminish that feel.

  • A neutral color will blend into the background
  • Create your own living wall by hanging planters or pots of flowers, herbs and some vegetables onto the planks.
  • Paint a mural to add color and interest.


A stain will keep your fence looking quite good for several years before reapplication.


  • A large storm, including snow, can cause the fence to collapse in part or whole.
  • May require permits and building restrictions
  • Can be expensive to install


  • Creates visible boundaries for children and pets
  • Keeps many animal pests out of your yard
  • Low maintenance
  • Resale value returns 50% or more of the costs

You need to make the best decision for your space, needs, and budget but this should give you ample food for thought. If you would like to learn more about fence installation in Calgary, contact our team at Project Landscape today.