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Invest in These Types of Backyard Fences

Are you looking to add some privacy or a decorative element to your yard? Then fences make for an excellent addition to any living space. Yet, there are so many types of backyard fences available. Finding one in the right color, style, and size can make it challenging to choose. For this reason, Project Landscape decided to make a list to determine what fence will work for you.

1.    A Wood Privacy Fence

The traditionally shaped slats form a gorgeous backdrop and are functional to provide privacy. You can choose the wood planks heigh to fit in with your needs. For example, you can paint it a color that fits your home or leave it in natural wood. Or you can spice up a timber fence with some hanging planters expanding into your garden.

2.    Nothing Beautifies a Place Like a Cedar Fence

Yes, cedar is a popular fence that lasts a lifetime. The wood’s naturally resistant to insect attacks, decay, and rot. In addition, you find it available in reddish-brown or rich red hue, adding color to any property. You can even add some rustic material to give your cedar fence a modern look. One thing is for sure you will have peace of art.

3.    Create a Bamboo Screen

One of the most inexpensive backyard fences is bamboo. The wood is lightweight, and you can use it to create a privacy screen or a fence. Bamboo is resistant to rot and durable, making it another long-lasting wall. You can add a modern yet clean touch to your garden. With evenly cut bamboo, you get clean lines, and at the right height, it provides privacy.

4.    Vinyl Fence

Vinyl, a synthetic polymer, can also provide privacy in your backyard. You can find vinyl fences in different designs and prices. You get clean lines with durability, and it gives a property curb appeal with its contemporary look. Shaped posts shout awesome vibes without sacrificing surface texture and are easy to maintain.

5.    A Popular Option Metal Fencing

Metal remains a popular option when it comes to backyard fencing. You can create scrolling curves and have delicate vining twine through the structure. Metal remains a durable, long-lasting option but does need some maintenance to keep it that way.

You can use it as a property boundary or hedging in the garden. Iron gives a modern feel to any space.

6.    Everything Brick

Yes, brick walls are famous for complete privacy from the front and back of your home. Whether it is a wall, border, or walkways, bricks are something to love. You find bricks in vibrant shades like bright red when exposed against the greens of trees. For added color, grow flowering trees or a flower garden in the space.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to backyard fences, you are spoiled for choice. If you would like to have a wall put up in your yard, contact a top-rated Calgary landscaper to help.