Fence Installation Calgary

Top Reasons Why You Should Get a Fence

Whether you have a ranch with acres and acres of land, or just a small backyard, or a business or school, there are a lot of reasons to install a fence on your property in Calgary.


Probably the top reason for a fence is to establish boundaries and provide privacy.  For the homeowner it is a way to have quality time with family and friends without the neighbors gawking.  It will separate your home from the world around you and allow the personal enjoyment as you see fit.  It is also a factor for families with small children.  It allows them to play freely without fear of some stranger watching them.


fence install calgaryAnother top reason is to add to the security of your home or business.  It will keep unwanted intruders from coming into your area, especially in areas with higher crime rates.  For businesses it can lower insurance rates by adding a level of security from break-ins or intruders.

If you are in an area with a proximity to wildlife, it can help keep some of those critters away from your property.


Fencing is a clear sign of noting where your land ownership begins and ends.  It will help avoid disputes with neighbors that can escalate into lawsuits.  It also shows where maintenance starts or stops making sure you can mow your lawn to the desired height without dealing with a neighbor that feels it should be higher or lower.

It will give you a clear idea of how much space remains on your property so that you can easily decide about additions, renovations, or landscaping.  This includes a play area for children or a dog run for Fido.  It may mean that you can install that swimming pool you have always wanted or to create a nook for gardening or seating area.


Choosing the right materials for a fence means you can add to the decorative effect of your property.  It will coordinate with the architecture of your home and create an exterior effect that will make your property more attractive.

One of the newer trends is vertical gardening.  A fence will give you the blank slate to add pots of flowers, herbs, or small vegetables.  Combine it with some decorative elements and you have a focal point that all of your friends and family will envy.  It will combine the practical with the ornamental.

There are many different choices when it comes to construction materials for your fencing, including chain-link, vinyl, a number of different woods, or wrought iron.  These come in a variety of price points to fit most budgets.

If you check with us at Project Landscape, you will see how easy it is to have a fence for your property.  We have specialists who will help you survey the area and select the right kind of fence for your needs.  We will follow through with layout and construction.  If you like, we can offer suggestions about other options like retaining walls or patios.