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Types of Wood Fencing in Calgary

Types of Wood Fencing in Calgary

Cedar fences have natural characteristics which protect them from harsh winter climates.  These low-maintenance fences can be painted or stained. If you choose to paint it, repaint every five years. If you stain it, it’s every two years with a maximum of once a year.

There are two different types of vertical fencings to consider to protect and guard your property. The most popular wooden fences for residences are vertical fences or fortress style. On each stake, the vertical slats or pickets are fastened to each rail. Think of the different types and sizes you can pick, including the cedar wood slats. If you prefer a picket fence, you can go for the traditional brown pressure-treated ones. The installation can be done in an orderly fashion to give your home or business total privacy and security.

If you like to give your home a distinctive appeal, horizontal wooden fences offer an alternative to the classic ones. They give your home a modern, gorgeous design. Three types of heavy-duty lattices can guard your home: privacy, square, and diagonal. You can adjust the height to suit your privacy needs and they’re expensive and would give your property excellent protection. These horizontal wood fences are also popular with farmers. To protect your livestock and the land, the horizontal post and rail fencings are a brilliant choice to choose from. To keep your acreage and your livestock secure, consider the First Class Fencing line. It has a variety of wooden fences you can pick from.

Brown, pressure-treated woods, preserve the finish when arborists spray a forced layer of micronized copper azole into the grains. Painting or staining makes the wood heavier but more durable. The only downside is that the weather, sun, and moisture might cause the wood to warp or split.  To prevent this from happening, don’t let them air dry. Wear gloves when handling the lumber. Seal out the cut ends from exposure with paint.

For long-lasting fencing that requires no treatment, consider exotic hardwoods or composites. The tongue-and-grooved surfaces in the colors are beautiful and well as eco-friendly. It gives your property and its surroundings a unique natural beauty. Both types of fences are easy to install in your yard and need no treatment. They come in different colors and has a tongue-and-grooved surface. It’s used with your existing fence posts.

If you’d like to learn more about the different wood fencing options, contact our Calgary landscaping team today.