Fire Pit

Fire Pit Options to Choose From

What better way to create a cozy place than sitting at a fire to keep warm with winter approaching. The best part is you can with a fire pit Calgary provider. Here are some excellent fire pit designs that you might like.

A Wood Burning Fire Pit

Why not enjoy a realistic replica of sitting at a campfire but only limited to a space. You can enjoy an authentic experience with real smoke and a crackling fire. Have a fire pit Calgary provider install one for you made of stone or brick. Add a grill to double it up for cooking while enjoying the warmth. You can have one indoors if you have the space or add it to your backyard.

A Gorgeous Propane Fire Pit

Create a cozy place inside with a propane fire pit, offering you the convenience to remain indoors from the cold. It is beautiful with a flame, and you need not refill it with wood. Instead, you find them in small to large sizes to liven up any living space. You can choose your design from glass, rock pebbles, wood to stone. The choice is endless as a copper bowl fire pit is fancy for the outdoor and inside the home. You can even have a fire pit table with propane gas making it safe for children.

Gel Fuel Fire Pit

The gel fuel fire pit is what you need for a perfect ambiance in the home or your backyard. You can enjoy a clean burn without smoke, and it is versatile to move anywhere. You can have one with gel-fueled logs in the pit or have a tabletop design to move indoors, making a great display.

A Fire Bowl

Yes, while it is not a fire pit, the fire bowl presents you with the same cozy feeling of warmth. The bowl has a portable design standing on its legs and allows you to build a fire inside. Actually, it looks like a bird feeder, and with wood, it heats up the space around it while sitting there. You can find them in small to large designs, and some of them are lightweight to move around.

Natural Gas Fire Pit

Great, if your yard has the capacity available, you can install a natural gas fire pit. It is similar to propane but is a permanent fixture. Still, you can have a fire pit Calgary provider create a sunken design pit built into the ground. Or you can opt-in to having a square, round or tabletop design.

Even the choice of materials is endless, from copper, stone, to brick. While it is expensive to run, the installation can be a bit costly as it is permanent. So as you can see, there are different options to provide you with warmth on a chilly winter’s evening.