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The Best Ways To Protect Your Landscaping During the Winter

Winter time is when you need to shower a little more attention on all the features of your landscaping in Calgary. Here are some tips to help you protect your landscape during winter time:

  • Remove All Debris And Rake The Leaves– Leaves and debris can smother the grass on your lawns and impact the growth of new grass. Leaving these items in the landscaping in Calgary may also kill your lawn altogether.
  • Cut The Grass Shorter- It’s important to cut your lawn down to 2- 2.5” before winter sets in. This protects new growth and helps minimize the risk or your lawn spaces becoming the breeding ground of pests.
  • Aerate & Fertilize The Soil Before The First Freeze Sets In– While lawns don’t really use any fertilizer when they are in a dormant stage, they do draw on all the nutrients once the weather starts to warm. Aerating and fertilizing the soil in your landscaping in Calgary before the winter, helps ensure that your grass gets the fertilization it requires, at the right time.
  • Apply A Good Mulch– Applying mulch very methodically around shrubs, plants, and trees gives them some protection from the cold weather. In addition, mulching helps prevent loss of water and soil erosion.
  • Prune All The Shrubs– It’s best to complete most of your pruning in late winter, just prior to the spring growth spurt. This ensures that the fresh wounds are exposed for a very short period of time before the new growth starts.
  • Helps Reduce Water Loss– Make sure you apply antitranspirants to all the trees and plants; this helps reduce water loss from the leaves. You can also use thick burlap wrapping to protect your evergreens from the freezing temperatures and winter winds.
  • Take The Right Precautions Against Ice & Snow– Tie thinner tree branches together as that makes them less susceptible to ice or snow loads. It also a good idea to remove all the weak branches that can potentially break from the weight of ice or snow. This is because damaged trees can easily become infected with diseases.
  • Provide Adequate Protection To The Tree Trunks– Aside from the inclement weather during winter, your trees and shrubs are also at risk from becoming damaged by animals. Rats and rabbits can cause a significant amount of damage to young trees. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to install wire/plastic tree guards.

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