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What Can You Do To Winterize Your Landscape?

Winter is quickly approaching! While you may want to curl up under those covers and stay there until the sunshine comes back, there is some work to do first. The drying winds and snow that accompany winter are often enough to cause major damage to our landscaping without us knowing until it’s too late! Sprinkler systems can freeze, plants can die or become windburned, and tree branches can break from the weight of the snow. That doesn’t even include the patios and driveways that can become permanently damaged from slow protection chemicals or corrosive products!

Protecting Your Landscaping

With that said, protection begins at the design level. Our snow management team recommends that you have a plan for storing snow from the very start of the season by leaving around 20 ft. of empty space where your driveway reaches the garage or where a plow can push the snow. For some, we know this is not an option. Instead, you can leave an open space on the edge of the driveway for the snow. Regardless, know that a small driveway or a light post right against the driveway will not make snow removal easy for you. Plan ahead and consider the best way to have the snow removed before the first snowfall happens.

Summer is Best

While it seems a little odd, summer is a great time to start protecting your decks, pathways, pergolas, and patios from the winter cold. Wood soaks up water, so by applying a sealant or other protectant can help keep them lasting for years to come. Also, you can increase their safety level by applying these products when they have adequate time to dry and set. We recommend filling an asphalt cracks as well for safety purposes.

Autumn is Next

Once fall comes around, that’s when it’s time to have your Calgary landscaper check on your irrigation system. This is the best time to use a blower to get all the liquid out of the pipes. This will keep your pipes in working order. Also, fall is the time to drain any above ground pools, ponds, and other standing water. Protect any outdoor pipes from freezing, bring in any patio furniture, and use special covers to keep this furniture nice through the wintertime if you can’t bring it indoors.


Not all plants are immune to winter weather! However, if you choose native plants and take good care of them, you may find that your landscaping remains beautiful when all the snow finally melts. Fertilize your lawn with a fertilizer appropriate for winter, rake it free of leaves, and feel free to mow the grass lower than normal to prevent any fungal diseases from growing. You may need to wrap shrubs to protect them from the weight of the snow.

Once winter is over and all of the snow has melted, you can then uncover your plants and refill any drained ponds and pools. Just keep in mind that things can change over the winter! Before flipping on the sprinklers, don’t forget to…

Hire a Landscaper

While there are steps you can take on your own to protect your Calgary home this season, it’s important to call a landscaper to ensure that everything is taken care of. Sometimes, irrigation heads can be moved out of place. Leaks can spring. With all that said, landscaping experts can survey your lawn and ensure that everything is in working order.

Contact the team at Calgary Landscape Ltd. today to learn how we may be able to help. We take time to analyze your property and give you the best landscape imaginable for your budget. Whatever your vision is, we know we can help! Reach out now to get started and let us know what you have in mind.