Landscape Experts

What Services do Landscapers Provide?

Choosing a residential landscaping Calgary provider presents you with a variety of services. Do not just assume these companies only do typical jobs. You may think they only mow the lawn and trim the trees. The reality is the majority of Calgary landscapers have extraordinary services for you to choose from. Let’s explore the different services offered by a professional landscaper.

Residential Landscapers vs. Commercial Landscapers

Calgary companies offer you landscaping management for residential and commercial clients. You can find similar services provided for your normal to suburban home to huge commercial complexes. You may find a landscaper specializing in both or one specific area. In the services, they also provide:

Landscaping Maintenance

Whether you need a residential landscaping Calgary or a commercial one, it helps to have landscaping maintenance done. A landscaper keeps the lawn cut, maintains the trees and shrubbery. As well, they do brush trimming, leaf blowing, weed whacking, to snow blowing.

Landscaping Installation

Maybe you have an idea how you want to set your garden up, but bringing it to the concept is different. The professional landscaper in Calgary knows what you need. The experts will meet up with you to design a perfect garden for you. Whether a fairytale or Zen garden with bubbling boulders and makeshift waterfalls, they can help. Landscapers have the right tools with expertise to start making it happen. With their guidance, they walk each step of the landscaping process with you to bring it to life.

Do You Need a Sprinkler System?

One of the best lawn maintenance techniques is using a sprinkle to keep your garden thriving. Your landscaper understands that grass needs to thrive in the drier months and can install a sprinkler system at your office or home.

Putting Down Sod

Have you recently moved into a new home? Alternatively, have you renovated in front of your office? Your yard may need new grass. Yet, planting seeds can take forever to grow. So instead, get a residential landscaping Calgary service to put down sods. They will do the soil preparation to the sod installation.

Residential Landscaping Calgary Experts near You

As you can see, a professional landscaper does more than only maintaining your yard. You can give a landscape in the area a call to install walkways to driveways as well. Regardless of the size of your garden using, an expert landscape helps to take care of all your gardening needs. The best part, you can sit back and relax while they do all the hard work. Contact Project Landscape for your next project.