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Xeriscape Landscaping

Xeriscape landscaping is all about water conservation. Look around you, and it won’t take long before you realize over 50% of the water used in homes goes to the lawns and gardens.  Xeriscape landscaping is mainly meant for people living in areas that experience a long period of drought throughout the year. It’s also applicable in the regions where water conservation is highly encouraged among the residents.

With that said, you can opt for a Xeriscape landscape if you have a busy lifestyle with little time to do things such as mowing and watering the lawn. After all, this is usually referred to as no maintenance landscaping.

There are lots of ideas that can be used to come up with a low-water landscape. The focus should not just be on using fewer resources but also creating a beautiful landscape. Keep in mind; you can still have a gorgeous green garden without necessarily using tons of water. Furthermore, a Xeriscape landscape is not characterized by just cacti and lots of rocky surfaces.  There are Calgary landscaping professionals that will get things perfectly done. At Calgary, the team of experts takes time to plan a suitable design, discern ways to improve the soil, and select the best plants for your landscape.

In this brief, I will talk about the features and principles of Xeriscape landscaping. This way, you have a clear picture of what it’s about and how it can help in water conservation.

Plant Selection is Vital

xeriscape-landscaping-calgary-5f0dd45d4b34cNobody said a Xeriscape landscape should not have any great plants apart from cacti. As a matter of fact, with a wide selection of plants, you can create an attractive garden or lawn that is no different from the typical watered one. The truth is plants are quite an important part of a landscape and only prudent to go for the best.

The number one choice for a Xeriscape landscape is native plants that are already well adapted to the surroundings. Also, the plants should be drought tolerant to immensely reduce water usage. With that in mind, drought tolerant plants still require considerable amounts of water during the first stages of growth. These are plants that rely on a deep root system for survival. They require enough water to develop deep roots which will afterwards take in moisture further within the soil. Additionally, it’s prudent to water them at least once in a week during the hot weather.

Notable examples of drought resistant plants include artichoke, lavender, fountain grass, red maple, barberry and blue oat grass among many others.

Opt for Smart Irrigation

The main aim of Xeriscape landscaping is to greatly reduce the amount of water used by as much as over 60%. This goes beyond simply selecting a variety of drought tolerant plants. Xeric vegetation still requires a bit of watering to keep all the plants healthy, vibrant and strong. This is usually done in the first weeks of growth and even after they reach maturity to prevent wilting during extreme hot weather.

Look into effective irrigation methods that are not only stress free but will aid in conserving water. Consider having a drip irrigation system on your Xeriscape landscape. This kind of irrigation system gradually provides water to the plants depending on the intake.

Another thing I must mention is smart irrigation. This is basically an automated irrigation system. You don’t have to estimate the irrigation needs of your particular landscape with this technology.  The smart irrigation technology has sensors engineered to monitor the current weather conditions and the soil moisture to determine the water requirements of the landscape. This is especially helpful to people interested in Xeriscape garden or a sizeable lawn.

Put Up a Water Feature

Xeriscape means dry but we live in the 21st century where everything is possible. The truth is in this case, the landscaping is supposed to be low water but who said anything about waterless. Bend the rules and go ahead to install a water feature. The landscape will definitely stand out.

With that said, putting up a water feature especially on seemingly dry land is quite a challenge.  For instance, do you have a reliable water source for the fountain or pond? What kind of water feature is suitable? Do you want a pool, bird bath, fountain or waterfall?

Additionally, think of a way to reserve water since it will be evaporating. A water feature with an underground reservoir is a good choice. Remember, any water feature on a Xeriscape landscape will add appeal and bring about ambience.

Create Practical Turf Areas

People often prefer to reduce the lawn rather than completely eliminate it. The first thing to do is research on the various types of grasses in the region. You will definitely come across some which need less water and suit your kind of landscape better. There is also the option of using artificial turf which is basically low maintenance and requires no water.

One of the perfect ideas you might want to consider is replacing the lawn with a cedar deck. At the moment, I believe decks are a vital part of any home. They work well in enhancing the outdoor living experience. Additionally, cedar decks are long lasting, resistant to insects and rot and are low maintenance. For sure, it’s a classic addition to a Xeriscape landscape.


Mulch is a layer of organic matter at the base of plant. On a hot day, there is very little you can do to prevent the soil moisture from evaporating. However, mulching makes this possible. It’s one of the key techniques that greatly aid in conserving water.

Place mulch at the base of the plants to conserve water in the soil. This ultimately means very little watering. Besides, drought tolerant plants require moisture in the soil so that they can spread their roots further and deeper into the soil.

Sit Back and Plan

Xeriscaping calls for efficient planning regardless of the size of the area. You have to identify how much hardscape should be allowed as well as the area that will be used for plants. Do you need many plants or just a few?  What about the entertained areas and how much spaces will that take up? This is among the many questions you have to answer before getting started.

Take out a paper and a pen so as you put down everything you have in mind. Additionally, you don’t have to do this alone when there are professional ready to help at the go. Calgary landscaping experts will deliver the Xeriscape landscape of your dreams.