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2018 Landscape Design Trends for Your Calgary Home

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Greet the New Year with a beautiful home; landscape and all! After these renovations, your Calgary home is worthy to compete with those houses featured in Beautiful Homes magazine. And by adopting this year’s landscape design trends will even make your place the most attractive in the neighborhood.

4 Design Trends and Tips:

Design trend 1 – Composite Decking

The growing wood deck alternative on the market is composite decking. Aside from longevity, it boasts of low maintenance. This building product is man-made from approximate equal mix recycled materials of wood fibers and plastic. Being extremely durable, it does not rot and has much longer lifespan than wood decks. The materials do not need staining, sanding, sealing, and board replacement. Its only downside is higher initial investment. But durability and longer life spam more than make up for the higher initial cost. It is much in demand due to its low-cost lifestyle. Break away from wood with composite decking.

Design tip 2 – Paver Patios

Paver patios are popular trends for their installation that is fast and ready for use upon completion of the project. Made of concrete, brick or stone, they come in all shapes and colors. Brick-colored pavers warm up a home but not recommended for brick homes with brick hardscape shows too much red. Grey pavers in brick houses are a subdued combination of color. Create a rustic look with uneven edged tumbled pavers. To make areas appear bigger, use light-colored pavers as they reflect more space and light. With colors pink, yellow, or gray, natural tone pavers can blend well with surroundings. Paver patios with natural tone are trending for they are reminiscent of beach or desert tranquility and feelings of being on vacation.

Design tip 3 – Irrigation

Install an automatic irrigation system at home for good reasons. Few homeowners realized that despite its cost, they earn back its initial investment, saving additional cost and equity earnings. It minimizes cost of your utilities. Your water bill will be reduced to as much as 70%. Your home’s value is enhanced as landscape constitutes up to 20% of total value of your home. Irrigation system that is functioning and well-maintained guarantees the value of your outside investment. You can sell your house faster for buyers are looking for a new home that is not only beautiful but well-cared for and easy to maintain. An automatic irrigation system helps maintain a lush landscape and provides convenient and easy way to water.

Design tip 4 – Artificial Turf

The dark secret revolving around the gardening world is out – the use of artificial grass. Consider these benefits: the end to mowing, low maintenance and it looks better than the real stuff. During summer when real grass is yellowing and drying, your turf looks as fresh and as green as ever. Come winter, the real green is a pale comparison to artificial grass. Your pets’ penchant for digging is stopped as fake grasses are coarser and very resistant to the most persistent pet paws. With a wide array of 50 different types, it will surely suit your need. If you have pets, artificial grass is for you. Finally, pricing options are great and will not affect your budget!

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