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5 Benefits to Aerating Your Calgary Home or Business

5 Benefits to Aerating Your Calgary Home or Business

Top landscaping companies look after Calgary lawn care of residential homes and commercial buildings so they always look their best. Companies offer myriad of services like application of pest control, lawn mowing & maintenance, seed hydroseeding, as well as landscape care, design and architectural services. One of its specific services is aerating or aeration.

Why aeration?

Aeration is one part of lawn care for it involves perforating the soil with tiny holes to allow entry of air, nutrients and water to penetrate grass roots. Your lawn is in need of aeration if it suffers from an excessive thatch problem. This is the result of heavy trampling on the ground when used as neighborhood & children’s playground or racetrack. In another case, heavy traffic stripped or buried the compacted the topsoil of newly constructed lawns. It is not necessary to aerate your lawn every year, especially if your grass is healthy and thriving. Make aeration a part of your spring clean up.

5 benefits to aerate your home or business lawn

  1. Soil compaction reduction. When soil is loose, they plunge deeper into the soil to look for essential resources of water particularly in times of stress.
  2. Lesser thatch issue. Whenever thatch that is composed of roots and grass stems is accumulated faster; there is an excessive need for aeration for it becomes the best environment favorable to pests and disease.
  3. Greater access to the root zone. Aeration perforates soil allowing air, food and moisture easy entry to root zone for nutrients to be absorbed.
  4. Enhances seed germination. As aerated holes provide seeds a secure concealment place, they are able to germinate easily.
  5. Immediate improvement of the appearance of your lawn. Aeration and overseeding helps lawn attacked by animals, fungus or insects. Seeds germination within 7-10 days.

So now you know the importance of aeration

Lawn aeration tips

Here are some basic lawn aeration tips to get you moving in the right direction:

  • You need a core aeration machine that can be rented from any local equipment rental store. If your lawn us large, you might need the machine for the entire day. , Be thorough, no reason to rush the process.
  • Read the manual before operating the machine. The machine is not user-friendly and will give you hard time to operate.
  • Don’t wear lawn aeration shoes as they do not only cost money but will only cause more soil compaction.
  • The night before aerating, water your lawn to make the ground a bit softer so the core aerator can remove deeper plugs.
  • Always mark the location of your sprinkler heads!
  • For heavy-traffic areas of your lawn, go over with machine two to three time more.
  • Be very careful in operating your core aerator on an incline. These are very bulky and can easily tip over if not handled properly.
  • Aeration is a good method of treating either residential or commercial Consider aerating a part of your spring clean up.

Incorporate these tips in your Calgary lawn care repertoire and you’ll soon be reaping the many benefits of lawn aerating or aeration.

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