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3 Important Fence Installation Tips

When you’re thinking about setting up a fence, you need to make sure that you cover basic needs first. What do we mean by that? The fence needs to protect or cover the property first and foremost. This may seem like the simplest statement ever uttered, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to realize this when they’re planning the perimeter the fence is going to cover. That’s why you can drive around and see fences that don’t fulfill their main purpose, which is to cover a specific perimeter.

The other problem that we commonly see is people who just go out and buy the tools necessary to set up a chain link fence to just kind of get that need for a fence out of the way. What these folks fail to realize is that a fence, a lot of times, is going to be the first thing that stands out about a property. A poor-looking fence can literally drive down the value of a home. So with all this in mind, we want to provide a couple of tips on how to get things done.

1. Choose The Perimeter & The Height Of The Fence Wisely

Again you may be looking at this as one of the most obvious statements ever uttered about fences. The reality is a lot of people end up with poor results because they really didn’t think this through ahead of time. Particularly folks who go out and buy prebuilt structures. How much shade is the fence going to provide? Do you want that? How much space is the fence going to eat up? There are a ton of consequences that you need to consider that stem from the height and width of the fence that you ultimately choose to build.

2. Understand The Quality Of Materials That Are Used To Build A Fence

When you start getting quotes from different companies to build your fence, you may realize that the price range is huge. That may come down to the quality of the materials with which each company plans to build your fence. Virtually any company can provide a fence that’s going to look great on day one. Will it still look ok on day 530? By that time, you’ll have lost all contact with the company that built it for you! That’s why it’s really important to look into the materials that are being used in the project.

3. Put Everything Together

We don’t want to make building a fence more complex than it needs to be. Ultimately the success of the project may very well come down to who you choose to help you put everything together. If you’re not going to be too hands-on when it comes to the materials that are used in their project, you’re going to have to just trust who you’re working with. We strongly recommend that you hire professional fence installers like Project Landscape. They’ll help you with the fine details of the project that ultimately is going to heavily dictate its success.