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4 Steps Your Calgary Lawn Care Provider Should Take to Benefit Your Lawn


The beautiful gardens and landscapes of Calgary are well-known facts but behind the beauty of these natural sceneries are the lawn care providers who took care of these lawns. It would be interesting to get behind the scene and discover the steps your lawn benefits from them. Here are 4 steps Calgary lawn providers did to benefit your lawn and made the awesome landscaping.

  • Soil test

Soil testing involves analysis of soil sample to: know its nutrient content, study its composition, and evaluate its other characteristics based on as its acidity or level of PH. Soil nutrients differ based on its depth as soil components alter with time. Timing of sample and the depth also affect the results. The object of soil testing is to discover more info of the soil’s properties that are found in that particular location or planting place. Thorough sampling of soil is vital for lawncare in order to create lovely landscape and to use the right fertilizer as well as amendment made on the evaluation and given recommendation. All these work will provide plant roots a better environment through the right kind of fertilizer that will increase product yield, decrease the costs and possibly lessen pollution in the environment.

  • Lawn care schedule

There will always be time for everything. Seasonal cycles play an important role in gardening, Calgary landscaping and lawn care. Schedule of lawn care will vary based on the according to the climate where you reside. The calendar call the month of March as “early spring,” but in the Midwest, your lawn may have piles of snow when your kins in Florida are bringing out mowers for spring.

Lawn care schedule follows: early spring, mid-spring, late spring, summer and fall.

  • Deep soil aeration

Deep soil aeration cuts through hard and compacted soils and remove the plugs at about 3/4″ diameter and 4″ in depth. Each time you aerate the soil, it accomplished many functions: aids the turf in creating new pathways for nutrients, oxygen and water to reach the root system. When you aerate the soil, you help loosen the soil making easier development of root systems and serve as convenient means of eliminating the removing the soil which has minimal amount of soil compaction. Some types aerate the compact soil further.

Aeration benefits landscaping by increasing percolation of water through soil profile; it improves soil water retention; enhances response of turf grass to fertilizers; stimulates feeding of deep roots; frees toxic gases from soil; boosts useful activities of microbes; promotes the revival of turf grass injury or disease and prepares soil for overseeding and reseeding

  • Overseeding

Overseeding is a good option to make yours grass looks greener and appears healthier. The procedure is to plant grass seeds into turf, but without destroying the old turf or throwing away the soil. As the density of the turf improves bare spots are easily filled up. Notice the grass varieties established and colors of the lawn appear brighter. Most of the older lawns were using a type of turf grasses that do not meet the needs of today. They easily succumbed to diseases and are insect-prone, aside from requiring more fertilizers and water. Overseeding plants more new turf grass into an older lawn. The new grasses in the landscape area can better withstand disease, drought, insects, heavy traffic and shady conditions. As an investment, overseeding costs money but it is paid off by many benefits: reducing the amount of fertilizers, water and pesticides required. But the most important is a renovated lawn that is greener, looks thicker and healthier!

Calgary lawn providers are great in lawn care as they do all of these steps to insure a magnificent landscape that made the city well-known for its greenery.