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5 Advantages of Sod Installation vs Seeding Your Yard In Calgary

Landscaping is the best way to create the kind of aura you want outside your home. Aside from its aesthetic and health values, this amazing process makes good investment to get higher value of your home in case you want to sell it in the future.

What kind of lawn for your Calgary Home

Here are common options for achieving a lush, green lawn.

  1. Sod is the most common method people choose. It is instantly appealing to many for its initial maintenance is much easier to establish. Due to its root system, few weeds grow into it.
  2. Seeding can be a good fit as your seed choices soil type. But this type of lawn is not able to hold the most amount of traffic. It needs constant care and maintenance.
  3. Hydroseeding is the right seeding for large areas; it is also fast and quite inexpensive. However, you need to hire a professional or rent a hydroseeder.
  4. Once artificial turf is installed, it needs no maintenance except cleaning the surface free of leaves and other debris. It is a popular choice in dry places suffering from water shortages.

5 advantages of sod installation in Calgary 

  • Create an instant Lawn

Sod transforms a base patch of ground into a full lawn as the grass is put on the ground. No need waiting to have a big green lawn. In other methods, it requires several days before the grass starts growing. And a lawn planted with seeds must be covered with mulch or similar materials as protection for the seeds. If you don’t want to wait for a heavy lawn to grow naturally from seed, opt for the other alternatives like sod.

  • Freedom from erosion

Sods are already fully mature the day they were installed, so they immediately control erosion. With this capability, it is better to install them on steep hills for they are used on slopes for stabilization. Lawns from turfgrasses also filter dirt and dust from your environment to eliminate mud. A sod lawn absorbs carbon dioxide & releases oxygen keeping the air clean & fresh around your home, as well as filtering and muffling noise.

  • Usability

After installation, sodded lawn allows low traffic and maintains normal high traffic levels within two to three weeks. Due to its capability, sod blocks mud tracking as soon as possible. For the others, use of the ground is allowed after a couple of weeks or months after seeding and normal to high use are allowed only after the first year.

  • Installation made easy.

Easy installation process is one of the best features of sod. You can opt to do it alone and follow a DIY manual. It is so easy to integrate sods into your landscape with very little preparation. If you choose to install the sod yourself, make sure that the grounds are properly ready, monitor daily water levels, and maintain your lawn to get the best results. If you think the work is too much for you, you can always hire a team of professionals who will take care of everything.

  • Money saver

Sod installation is a money saver. It is economical when it comes to the use of   fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and water. No expenses needed to buy different fertilizers and pesticides. Your water bill does not increase as there is no requirement to nourish newly planted seeds daily.

Make sod installation your option in seeding. Calgary sod installation has overtaken all the others when it comes to the benefits of seeding your backyard.

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