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6 Tips on How to Properly Lay Sod for Your Calgary Home

A number of homeowners in Calgary often take up the job of sod installation all by themselves so that they can save money. It is a well-known fact that an attractive and a healthy lawn acts as a framework for a pretty home, it is not always easy to install and maintain the same. The main reason for the same is due to the extreme weather conditions of Calgary and homeowners often face problems like soil erosion, bare spots and water pockets.

This is what makes it important to get the Calgary sod installation right as it is one healthy start to set up a good lawn and also to defend it from any kind of weather abuse. If you have decided to do it yourself, then the below-mentioned tips are just right for you.

Start with fertilizing grass sod calgary

A number of homes in Calgary have clay soil that is hard. So, the soil might as well have rocks or weed seeds that have to be removed. Any uneven surfaces have to be leveled well. Later you can start with fertilizing the underlying soil. A landscaper can make use of liquid organic fertilizer that can easily be found at a local nursery. Coat the soil properly so that the sod gets the needed nutrients.

Moisten the sod

Before you start laying the sod on the fertilized ground, you also need to make sure it is moist. It is also important to make sure that it is not dripping wet. You just want it to have the right moisture so that it can draw up the fertilizer from the soil. This will also protect its roots and helps the grass to grow healthy.

Staying laying the sod

Landscaping is never easy and the same applies to installing the sod right. You can start layering the sod from an edge as it helps to maintain clean lines and even spacing. You can start from a sidewalk or a plant bed and start working the way out. This is just similar to how you lay hardwood flooring.

Time to seam the edges

Once the sod is laid, you can use a sharp knife and cut off the excess. You can even cinch the blocks of sod together so that they touch one another. You can next soil or any organic to fill up any gaps that are there between the laid sod blocks.

 Use a water roller

Homeowners can purchase water rollers with ease at a nearby hardware store. You can use it over the laid sod but make sure to apply a very little pressure. You can roll over twice over every inch of the yard so that any bumps or seams are leveled out.


Never overwater the sod. You can start watering it the moment you have finished laying it. By adding the right amount of water, you are indeed helping the sod to absorb the fertilizers from the soil.

If you are having trouble laying the sod, do not worry!

Just call a professional Calgary landscaping company in your area to assist you with the same.

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