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Best Perennial Shade Plants

Gardens are beautiful additions to your home, making it look appealing and inviting to guests who visit you, but not all gardens have access to sunlight 6 plus hours a day in every corner, making heavily shaded areas look drab or barren. There are blooming perennials that prefer shade and will brighten up those darker areas of your garden.


These plants are perfect for shady areas that need a decent amount of ground coverage. Most varieties stay lower to the ground but spread out, providing ample coverage of the soil, but some varieties are much larger. They’re easy to maintain and come in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes (depending on variety). 

They require full shade to full sun (depending on variety), and evenly moist, well-drained soil.



This plant has attractive leaves that vary in coloration and pink or white flowers. It’s an aggressive grower, spreading quickly over the ground. It loves moist soil and stays low to the ground. 

These require full shade to full sun in evenly moist, well-drained soil.

Zone: 3-9


These bloom beautiful sky blue flowers in the spring and have robustly textured leaves. The plant is short-lived but self-seeds and regrows year after year, allowing you to plant once and not have to worry about resowing.

This plant needs full to partial shade, evenly moist, and well-draining soil.

Zone: 3-8


This plant has a heavenly look with it feather-like plumes of delicate flowers that come in red, pink, lavender, white and burgundy that bloom in early summer. The neat and fine-cut foliage can be blushed with bronze in some varieties and is a beautiful addition to your garden.

These require partial shade with moist and well draining soil.

Zone: 4-8

Japanese Forest Grass

This tall grass has vibrant long leaves that come in beautiful colors and resemble a flowing waterfall as it drapes over itself. The colors become even brighter in the fall season, usually taking on a beautiful red coloration. It comes in a few varieties that have varying shades of gold/yellow and green edges.

This grass requires full to partial shade and thrives in evenly moist soil that drains well.

Zone: 5-9

Japanese Painted Ferns

Another beautiful addition to your shady paradise, these ferns offer variations of dark greens dappled with silver, green and burgundy along the fronds. Deer and rabbits leave it alone, making it perfect for areas with large populations of these animals.

These plants require anywhere from partial to full sun and plenty of moist soil that drains well.

Zone: 5-8

Consult with a Professional

If gardening isn’t your thing, or you need some serious maintenance help, a professional for your landscaping projects can assist you and help you achieve your landscaping goals and dreams.