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Commercial Parking Lot Services in Calgary

The range of commercial parking lot services vary from line painting, sweeping to maintenance and power washing. These services are meant to ensure that a property is kept clean, safe and functional for clients. Here are a few parking lot maintenance services that we at Project Landscape in Calgary offer our commercial clients:

  1. Litter Pickups

landscaping-calgary-commercial-parking-lot-maintenance-5c69ad04daf57Daily/weekly pickups maintain the appearance of your outdoor spaces. The trash cleaning time is set according to what suits you the best. This ensures that your business operating hours aren’t affected.

  1. Parking Lot Line Painting

Line painting keeps your facility much more functional and neat-looking. In addition it keeps your property safer and complements the aesthetic of your landscaping in Calgary.

  1. Power Washing

A lot of oil, dirt and grease accumulate on parking lots and hardscaped areas in landscape in Calgary. Power washing the parking lot, walls and walkways can make them look clean and professional. The modern equipment we use delivers outstanding results at very cost-effective pricing.

  1. Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking lot sweeping ensures that you have a litter-free, clean and tidy parking area for all your clients

The Importance of Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

  • To Preserve Aesthetics- the difference between a well-maintained parking lot and one that hasn’t been cleaned can make a drastic impact in the impression people have of your property. When a parking lot is free of cracks, holes or loose gravel and is smooth and dark it gives the place a much more polished feel and also impresses clients and customers.

 To Reduce Liability- it is important to maintain the looks of a parking lot. However, it is much more important for it to be safe. If the parking lot is covered with cracks or holes it can result in an accident which may result in slip and fall injuries which can get you embroiled in legal battles. Keeping up with asphalt repairs like patching and pothole filling help reduce the chances of such incidents occurring.

  • To Reduce Costs- A well maintained parking lot can help you save money on repairs in the future. Carrying out crack repairs, seal coatings, and crack fillings in a timely manner will increase the longevity of the asphalt too. In addition, these services can prevent gasoline, heat, water and cold from penetrating the pavement and affecting its quality.

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