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Cost of Deck Construction in Calgary – Composite vs Wood

Landscaping and adding decks will be accrued assets to your home. A deck is a raised flat surface that is able to support weight and constructed outdoor of your house. They are comfortable place to entertain or simply to relax. Realty experts said that you can recoup 72% of your building cost by the increased value of your overall property.

Construction cost

A new deck can add value to your home and increase your living space without spending. You are expected to shell out about $7,000 to build a deck measuring 200-500 square foot. A smaller deck will cost you less for about $2,000. Many factors can affect your project cost as building materials, size and extras enhancement of its functionality. The cost to build a new deck varies from $21.0 to $71.0 per square foot. A standard 12’ x 4’ deck cost from $3,528 to $11,928. Of course, you have also to consider current decking prices and the complexity of work that directly affects labor cost.

Type of decking

Some of the many types of decking that Calgary deck builders can construct for you are:

  1. Similar to a patio, attached desk uses pressure treated wood or composite decking materials, and slightly elevated. It is commonly built behind L-shaped or U-shaped house.
  2. Detached deck is constructed anywhere on a property and must be easily accessed through a path or steps.
  3. Multilevel decks are set on different levels, often linked by paths and steps. This is the appropriate type for large property, or one that changes in elevation.
  4. An entryway deck is located in the front porch with wooden steps and platforms. Sometimes it is placed on constructed with built-in benches or planter boxes.
  5. Calgary decks can be located on your garage roof but you must settle first tests on structural/engineering matters.

Composite vs. wood

Composite decks are primarily a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. Clearly unnatural, these materials lack the potential beauty of a real-wood deck. But you can choose from wide array of hues to mimic a more natural look. The advantage of composite decking is their need for low-maintenance: no more sanding, no refinishing or minus staining. It comes with a warranty for 20 years or like a guarantee for a lifetime. The disadvantage is its cost; it is almost 2 x the cost of decks from natural woods plus quality and warranty given to the work.

Many people prefer real wood for their Calgary decks because of its natural, warm appearance. An inexpensive option is pressure treated wood called PT. PT is made of wood soaked in anti-rot and insecticide agents. Although it’s natural color turned to brown-green, but you can stain it for a more attractive look. Pressure treated wood is the most inexpensive option for decking. But is requires regular maintenance as it is susceptible to cracking, splitting and warping.

If you prefer an expensive hardwood for decks then choose ipe that is rot resistant, more solid and durable than cedar or redwood. Ipe price is four times more than of cedar/redwood because ipe is a South American tree.

Deck maintenance

Some kind of maintenance is required for decks, whether composite or wood. According to Calgary deck builders, decks from natural wood are high maintenance materials. They require yearly refinishing and often needs sanding, removing finish from last year’s and application of a new one. Composite decking has low-maintenance requirements; you can bid goodbye to sanding, refinishing or staining.

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