Landscaping Calgary

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips for a Lush Landscape

You can have a lush landscape in Calgary that is pest-free and environmentally friendly by following these green landscape tips provided here. Soon you will have an eco-friendly garden nurturing nature that also protects your surrounding ecosystem.

#1 Go Innate

Choose native plants suited for your living area to provide a natural defense against native pests. Your ethnic plants can endure and thrive without using pesticides, chemical additives, or fertilizers. It needs less maintenance and water better suited to help protect the ecosystem. Another great thing is to plant perennials, as they require little water.

#2 Go Wild with Mulch

garden mulchOne thing that works as a natural weed barrier is mulch. It reduces the loss of moisture and helps reduce the spreading of soil-borne pathogens. The beneficial microorganisms enhance plant health, lowering maintenance as well. When your plants are healthy, they are not that susceptible to disease and pests. In addition, it helps lessen soil erosion keeping the ground at moderate temperatures.

#3 Amend Soil Accordingly

Your foliage in the garden needs well-draining soil that is nourished. While most native plants can survive in their habitat, it does not mean they can live in your garden. So the ground needs to have nitrogen for leaf and stem growth. While phosphorus helps with root growth and potassium enhances your plant’s health. Use organic fertilizer and compost for the best results.

#4 Become Water-Wise

Achieving this helps to have an irrigation system from sprinklers to a gauge adjusting the moisture as needed. If you have one, regular inspections help to prevent leaks caused by overgrown plants. You do not want to water the paving and street but not your plants. Making minor adjustments helps make a difference. Even a drip system is a great way to deliver water to your foliage without wasting the water.

#5 Utilize Your Hardscapes

Enhance your landscape with gravel pathways, pavers, retaining walls, and boulders. Doing this presents your garden with eco-friendly solutions and is visually appealing. You need not water or fertilize it and reduces the size of the lawn. Retaining walls or bolder help with erosion stabilizing slopes. They create flat areas within your hillside slope.

Final Thoughts

Making minor changes to your landscape in an eco-friendly way keeps your plants thriving and your water bill down. Using sustainable materials such as permeable pavers is excellent. It helps the water seep into the ground. Even recycled or salvaged material helps lower the impact on the environment. Going eco-friendly helps make your place look great and keeps your surroundings healthy for you and nature to live. If you need some guidance on how to have the best landscape for your soil, property and curb appeal, contact our team today.