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How Do I Plan the Landscaping for My Yard?

If you feel intimated by how difficult it seems to plan your own landscaping yard, don’t worry. Although it is complex, you can design it by yourself. However, there are some questions that you must ask. Does the project that you are considering demands a detailed landscape plan? Or it can go with a simpler drawing? If the answer is that it needs a detailed plan, you probably should go with a professional company. But if you are going to make minor changes, you will be able to do it alone.

A landscape plan won’t be perfect the first time you draw it. It evolves and gets better the more you work in it. To create a good landscape plan, you must follow the following steps:

  • Get Your Property Map

Every property should have a property map (the name can change depending on your region) which indicates the measurements of your property, its borders, and sometimes even the location of underground utilities. If you don’t have this map, you can obtain it at your county’s record office. It will help you with measuring your property correctly and locating everything accurately.

  • Measure Your Property

Before measuring, you must determine the scale you want to follow. You can decide by saying that every square on the graph paper represents 1 square foot of space on your property, for example.

After deciding that, you will use a tape measure to determine the length of your property boundaries, then measure the width and size of your residence. Keep in mind that you need to establish precisely where your house is in your property space. You must also determine the location of other objects, such as gardens and driveways. Always use points of reference in the process to make it easier. And measure these objects as well, precisely.

  • Make a Bubble Diagram

Now you can start planning your landscape through a bubble diagram. You must delimit the space by drawing a circular or even oblong shape on your tracing paper. When you are done with it, it will look like you just have confusing bubbles on a paper. The thing is that you must label the bubble you drew as what you wish it would be, for example, a patio or a planting bed. Then you will move to a free space and repeat the process until you’re satisfied and everything is planned.

  • Make Space for the Plants

Fit your plants in the diagram. You don’t need to specify the species or anything like it, but be aware of the size the plant has as a baby and its size once it grows.

  • Color the Diagram

You are all done! All that is left is to colour the diagram, so everything will be easier to observe. You can colour grass as a light green, water as blue, trees as dark green, etc.

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