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How To Create Low-Maintenance Landscaping This Spring

Most people dream of having an elaborate garden. But they shrug the thought off because they have either no time to spare or feel it to be a huge effort. What they forget is that they can always opt for low-maintenance landscaping in Calgary that can make their dream come true.

A low maintenance garden is one that does not require constant attention and it almost cares for itself. It means you have the freedom to focus on the landscaping aspects, perennials and other tasks that don’t need regular upkeep. If you want to try your hand at a low-maintenance gardening, our experts at Project Landscaping have some tips to offer:


  1. Minimize The Variety Of Plants

Greater the variety of plants in your garden, longer the period spent in attending to them. If you want to spend less time and still have a good garden:

  • Choose evergreen plants like Lavender, Daphne, and Camellia etc.
  • Use coloured containers for plants and place them strategically in various areas of the garden.
  • Keep the variety of plants to a minimum, and reduce your work too.
  1. Consider Doing Away With the Lawn

While may love to have a lawn, it needs a lot of maintenance. Is there any other option to give your landscaping in Calgary a great appearance throughout the year?

  • Prepare plant beds with a wider look.
  • Install native plants in the area surrounding the trees in your lawn.
  • Plant early bloomers and easy growers like scillas and crocuses because their roots do not disturb the root structure of other plants.
  • Use border shrubs.
  • Opt for hardy, water-efficient groundcover rather than grass.
  1. Make Gravel Paths An Inbuilt Feature
  • Add gravel paths – this will allow the excess water to drain well and will also prevent weed growth.
  • Enhance the look of your landscape by laying pavers or flagstones.
  • Create seating spaces near the path.

Low maintenance landscaping in Calgary is an art you need to learn if you want to have your cake and eat it too. You want a good looking garden but want to save on effort. You can do that by meticulously planning the use of your time for gardening.

Hire The Experts

Once you know your garden area well and install the right types of features, your low-maintenance landscape will start taking shape. We at Project Landscape provide excellent landscaping in Calgary services and can handle all your low-maintenance planting needs.

Our team can provide advice on which plants would be best-suited to your low-maintenance landscape. The other aspects we focus on are water-efficiency and energy-efficiency.  For any more information, feel free to contact us at 403-407-5777 or drop us a line via this Online Form.