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How to Effectively Light Your Landscape

If you’ve made the decision to light up your landscape and begin using the space at night, it’s time to make some more choices! There are many types of lights and ways to space them, but don’t be overwhelmed. We can help you come up with ideas that will illuminate your landscape and keep you feeling pleased year round.

Types of Landscape Lighting

  • Up Lighting – This type of lighting is very basic and popular, as it creates drama in your yard and can add to the appearance of taller items like trees in your yard. Some people choose to illuminate the trunk while others aim more for the underside of the tree’s canopy. You can choose spotlights or well lights.
  • Silhouetting – If you would like to highlight any interesting shapes in your yard, this is the way to do so! You have the option of placing a light source behind your favorite items and aiming the light towards the viewer, making the light source invisible.
  • Shadowing – This technique is the opposite of shadowing. Instead, place the light between the item being lit and the main vantage point. This works best when there is a wall or flat surface behind whatever you are shadowing. We enjoy this effect because it creates a softer and moody effect. Use spotlights, well lights, or floodlights!
  • Moon Lighting – If you have larger trees in your landscaping, this may be a good option. You can place lights in your tree and aim it downward, which creates an illusion of the moon’s light shining onto the ground below. Use spotlights for the best effect.
  • Grazing – If you have retaining walls, fencing, or other hardscaping, this is a good option. You can place a light close to a flat surface and either aim it upward or downward for dramatic lighting. The idea is to show off the texture of the wall, so we recommend stone work areas! This is seen often in nice restaurants or in hotel design, so it can add an upscale feel to your home.
  • Washing – If your space needs a little more lighting, you can try floodlights! Aiming these at a large wall or other surface will reflect light back over your yard and “wash” the landscaping with light.
  • Path Lighting – These are lights that line the pathway through your landscaping. While this seems simple, it’s important to strike a balance and get the right amount. Too many makes the area too bright, while too few will leave you and your guests scared to go out in case you should trip.

Choosing What to Light

Not everything in your landscape needs to be illuminated, so we recommend thinking about a few different factors before making a decision. First, pick out the features of your yard that you like. Whether it’s a pond, a tree, or a statue, you can always show those off with lighting first. Second, you can add drama to areas that don’t necessarily get a lot of attention during the day.  You can add a light to a stone wall to totally transform the way your space looks at night compared to the daytime. Third, think about the function of your space. If you have a path you want people to use, then you will want to illuminate it for everyone’s safety when they visit.

A minor detail, but an important one, is your entryway. If you illuminate the entryway to your home or garden, then all your guests will feel both welcome and safe navigating through the space.

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