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How to Incorporate Water Features into Your Landscape Design

Adding a water feature to your backyard or garden is an exciting and beautiful way to bring life, texture, and sound into your outdoor space. By designing and installing the correct type of water feature, you can create a unique focal point in your landscape that provides hours of enjoyment for you and your family. Whether it’s the gentle trickle of a fountain or pondless waterfall or the relaxing presence of a koi pond; if you dream of turning your Calgary outdoor escape into something special, consider incorporating one (or more!) type of water features!

In this blog post, we will discuss how to begin planning your perfect landscape design by establishing what kind of statement you want it to make with these functional yet elegant additions.

6 Tips to Incorporate Water Features into Your Landscape Design

To incorporate water features into your landscape design, here are 6 tips to get started:

Tip # 1. Choose the Right Feature for Your Outdoor Space

The first step is determining which feature best suits you and your outdoor space. Some popular water features include fountains, ponds, streams, cascades, and waterfalls, each with distinct looks and sounds. Do some research to find out what will work best for your particular property size, shape, and budget.

Tip # 2. Consider the Theme You’re Going For

Do you want a modern or traditional feel? A formal or casual ambiance? Once you’ve established a general theme for your landscape design, it becomes much easier to decide on details such as the kind of water feature and plants to include.

Tip # 3. Place Your Feature in an Ideal Spot

When it comes to placement there are several factors to consider such as sunlight, access to utilities, space available, and how it fits into the overall design of your landscaping. If you’re unsure where to place your water feature, consult a professional landscape designer who can take all these factors into account when making their recommendation.

Tip # 4. Select Appropriate Plants for Around and In the Water Feature

There is a wide variety of plants suitable for around (and in) water features, from aquatic grasses and water lilies to marsh marigolds and irises. When selecting plants keep in mind the environment they will be in and their water needs, as well as how they will look in the overall design.

Tip # 5. Incorporate Lighting to Enhance Your Feature

Adding subtle illumination around your water feature can create a warm, inviting atmosphere after dark. There are many types of lights available that can be used around fountains and ponds, from submersible LED lights and floating lanterns to solar-powered spotlights and even fire bowls for a dramatic effect.

Tip # 6. Don’t Forget Maintenance

Finally, don’t forget about maintenance! Water features require regular upkeep to ensure they remain clean and functioning properly – so be sure to factor this into your plans before purchasing a feature or hiring someone to install it. Cleaning and maintenance services are available if you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself.

With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your water feature will become an integral part of your landscape design and turn your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style, incorporating water features is a great way to add value and beauty to any outdoor living space. Click here to learn more about how our team can help.