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Minimalist Landscaping Design Ideas

Plenty of people end up with rather bland backyards because there’s a sense that proper landscaping is expensive, and a lot of times an unnecessary expense. In reality, you don’t need to have the biggest fountain in the world anchoring your landscape design or bushes shaped to look like different animals. There are plenty of ideas that you could implement which are part of a minimalist trend. To provide your outdoor areas with a unique look and feel without it costing you a fortune to set up or maintain.

Gravel or Mulch Paths and Flower Gardens

Creating gravel areas, or paths can be a great way to contrast your outdoor areas so that they’re not just patches of grass. Mulch and gravel are not overly expensive, nor do they need a ton of upkeep. If you can design an outline that you’re fond of, this simple solution can upgrade your entire outdoor area.

Adding Concrete Patios

Don’t necessarily think about these as boring slabs of concrete. You can use concrete to create all sorts of designs. Particularly if you chose a concrete finish that allows you to incorporate different colors and textures onto the patio. Again, this is a job that won’t necessarily require a major overhaul of your existing outdoor elements. Yet, it can give you the chance to create for example a spot where you may love to hold gatherings and other types of events. It’s just about how good it looks when you poke your head out the window with these patios.

Get The Right Type of Grass

You change the entire outlook of an area just by upgrading the type of lawn that you currently have. At times even if you water it and take care of your lawn it won’t look as good as what your neighbor has. That may have to do with the type of grass that’s installed in each of the homes. The grass is not always greener on the other side, but sometimes it actually is. The good thing is that there’s no reason why your grass can’t be as green or better.

Add A Fire Pit 

This is another one of these ideas that can seem more complex to actually implement than it really is. Of course, you want to make sure that the spot is built with some sense in mind. Particularly, if you’re going to add some type of fire place that you can buy that runs on ethanol for example. In those cases you don’t just want to build a hole or cut a hole for that matter in one of your existing fixtures. An outdoor fireplace however you set it up can be a great add-on to any outdoor area. Mainly because it’s going to allow you to be a bit more comfortable on chillier nights. That can help you and your family get more out of your outdoor areas.

Any of these ideas usually require the help of experts to ensure that they are implemented correctly. Our go-to outdoors experts are Project Landscape in Calgary. They can help you not only implement, but come up with more minimalist ideas for your outdoor areas!