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Modern Yard Landscaping Trends

Do you look outside and feel like your yard is kind of dull? It may be a good idea to spark things up a bit. What modern yard landscaping trends can fit your property? When looking through some of the modern trends you may realize that there are different options out there that seem to fit just specific types of yards. One of the main problems that people see is that their yard is maybe not large enough to feature certain things.

In landscaping everything can be adapted to fit virtually any size yard. You just need to make sure that you’ve got the right people on the job. We say this so that you don’t immediately rule out some of these modern trends for your yard just yet!

Using Different Grass Varieties

This one is a trend that definitely isn’t for everyone, and it also may not be something that you want to feature in your entire yard. However, more and more people are ditching the traditional perfectly cut green lawn for a wider variety of natural grass options. These may not need as much upkeep when it comes to watering and things like that, but you do want to be careful to end up growing a jungle within your own home.

A Smart Use Of Hardscapes

Properly set up hardscapes are never going to go out of style. If you’re in that part of your life where your kids have grown up or just never really played outside in the lawn maybe you should think about building a patio with a BBQ spot. Create an area that you can actually use and enjoy rather than things that you’re only worried about their upkeep. Proper hardscapes can really help create a spot that you’ll be able to take more advantage of overall.

Letting Nature Take Its Course

This is similar to what we were talking about with the different grass varieties. It applies to a bit more different plants and flowers that you could plant in your gardens. Lavender is a very popular flower to do this with. You can add some dandelions in the mix and create a very rural open field type of area. As is the case with the other trend that we were talking about, they usually don’t require as much upkeep as your typical lawn.

Retaining Walls Are Your Friend

Retaining walls can be added to virtually any type of landscape design that you’re trying to implement. They can be a great way to divide for example your perfectly green lawn with a flower garden that you want to add to the mix. With retaining walls you want to make sure that they are built to handle the type of pressure that they’re going to be under. It’s not just about building a wall and hoping that it holds up for a long period of time. To be able to implement any of these trends the best way to go is to work with professionals that know what they’re doing. Project Landscape are the pros that you’ll want to call to see which trends can fit your property best!