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Parking Lot Cleaning is Crucial for Business

You are careful to maintain the interior of your Calgary business, but how well do you do when it comes to caring for your building’s exterior? It’s easy to overlook the parking lot, but we think the parking lot is one of the most important things to keep clean. In fact, studies have shown that it’s the exterior of the business that determines whether or not the client is going to go inside. That aside, failure to keep your parking lot in top condition can lead to quicker asphalt deterioration and damage that could cost a lot more than just general maintenance would have.

Here are some of the top reasons to keep a clean parking lot.

  • A clean parking lot makes a great first impression. Who are you trying to impress? Your customers, of course! While we don’t usually think too hard about a parking lot when we pass by, we definitely notice when it isn’t in good shape. A business that has an unkempt parking lot is telling people that they don’t value themselves, nor do they value their customers. Clean and kept parking lots show customers that you take pride in your business, but you also take pride in the community and the environment as a whole. Customers notice these things!
  • A clean parking lot is going to discourage people from littering. Clean parking lots set the tone for those who use it. What’s another piece of trash when there’s already a small pile of broken and discarded wrappers and cups nearby? However, if an area is already tidy, people will be less inclined to be the ones to make the initial mess.
  • Clean parking lots can help local waterways avoid pollutants. In order to do your part for the environment, it’s important to keep your parking lot clean. Regular sweeping of these lots can keep chemicals, metal particles, and even garbage from draining into our water systems. This means saving local wildlife and keeping the water cleaner.
  • Street sweeping and general care of parking lots can prevent erosion. If the pavement is not cleaned regularly, debris has a tendency to get knocked loose and build up. This can wear down on a surface and lead to lasting damage. For example, dirt, garbage, sand, and other particles can cause quickened deterioration.
  • Cleaning your parking lot regularly can make your asphalt last longer. As we mentioned before, dirt and sand can damage the surface of your asphalt. However, by cleaning regularly, you can actually prevent other issues that build up over time. For example, dirt and debris can block sewers, meaning that puddles and standing water cannot be drained from your parking lot. A clean surface, on the other hand, won’t be gathering chemicals and water that could damage the lot.
  • A clean parking lot could protect your business from a lawsuit. One of the main reasons to keep your lot clean is to keep people safe! Garbage and debris building up in the gutters can lead to buildup that cars can skid on. Any lot with standing water is also a hazard, particularly in the winter time with freezing temperatures and ice forming. While you care about not having to pay for a lawsuit, we know you care even more about keeping your customers safe and willing to return. Keep the lot clean and remain free of worry!
  • A clean parking lot is one of the main ways to keep rodents and pests away from your business. Rats and mice are attracted to food sources, and with trash building up in your parking lot, they might think that’s a great home. However, rodents can spread disease, they are hard to get rid of, they damage property by trying to nest, and they scare away customers! Don’t let them take over your business; take the preliminary steps to keep your business parking lot clean.



Parking Lot Maintenance from Project Landscape Ltd.

At Project Landscape Ltd., we know that we have what it takes to care for your parking lot. We offer everything you need, from parking lot painting to daily or weekly litter pickups. We also offer power washing services and parking lot sweeping. You can be sure that your business’ parking lot is always in the finest condition with us! Contact us today to get started.