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Planning Space for Your Deck

If your Calgary yard leaves something to be desired, a deck might be the cure you need. A deck is a wonderful space for entertaining, enjoying the outdoors, and making the most of your living space. With this in mind, you might be thinking that it’s time to build a deck for your own home, and we couldn’t agree more. However, how much space do you need? What size is going to fit your budget? Read on to learn more from the landscaping professionals at Project Landscape and call us today to talk about your decking build budget.

How will you use it?

If you are hoping to entertain your extended family at every holiday, then you’re going to need a little more space than if you are just hoping to grill out every now and then. Keep in mind what the purpose of your space is before you commit to a specific size deck. A family of four planning to eat outside is going to need enough space to push out their chairs and walk comfortably around the table.

If you want to get a good sense of how much space you will need, feel free to drag around some patio furniture and set it up in a way you like. See if you have the space to comfortably move around and perform the activities you want to.

Lay out the guidelines

If you know exactly how big you want the deck to be, feel free to mark it. Find stakes to put in the ground and attach them together with string to get a sense of how big your deck will be. This will allow you to discuss your needs more openly with your deck contractor. Think about leaving behind some green space for the sake of your yard. Most people want to enjoy a deck because of the nature surrounding. Beautiful trees, a blooming garden, and warm sunshine pull the inhabitants of your home outdoors to enjoy the space. Don’t get rid of these things for the sake of a deck! Talk to your contractor about the importance of balance. They may have suggestions for you.

Know your zoning codes

Some areas will have certain zoning and construction codes, even on your own property. Your local contractors, especially those at Project Landscape, will know these codes and be sure to tell you what they legally can and cannot do for your decking build. If your deck remains within the outer edges of your home, it should be just fine. The issues usually come when the deck reaches beyond the edges. To be entirely sure, contact your local government to ask. You might need to have your property surveyed to find the exact property lines.

Design for a view

One of the main reasons for building a deck in the first place is for the beautiful views outdoors! Look out the window where you want your deck to be built. If you love what you see, that’s your spot. However, keep in mind that raising your deck will change the view! Even if you have a tall privacy fence, your deck will likely be installed high enough for you to peek over the top. If you don’t want to end up peering into your neighbor’s backyard, you should think about planting trees right within your yard line to block the view. Don’t worry, we can help with that too!

Tricking the eyes

If you feel like you need to, you can direct your deck boards to distract the eye. People have a tendency to look the way the deck boards are pointing, so running those boards away from a bad view will lead any visitors to look at a more pleasing view. Mention this to us if you want to employ this trick, and we can help you get the result you desire.

Project Landscape in Calgary

We know that you want your deck to be a small oasis to just escape it all. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and get an estimate for your decking build! We offer landscaping services ranging from deck installation to tree planting and more. Reach out now to get started.