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Plant of the Month: Calgary Carpet Juniper

Plant of the Month – Calgary Carpet Juniper 

If you have been looking for a fast growing ground cover for your garden, it is time you try Calgary Carpet Juniper. One of the most popular of Juniper’s it is widely used to cover any bare soil in the garden beds or on the sloped banks.  The small shrub-like plant has tiny ground-hugging branches and looks good all the year. The plant is easy to grow in almost all weather conditions and is ideal for planting on slopes as well as banks.

The History and Uses of Calgary Carpet Juniper

Calgary Carpet Juniper also goes by the name of Savin Juniper, and Juniperus Sabina. The short shrub is known to be the native of Eastern Europe and can also be found in various countries of Asia and Siberia. Though the plant was known even during the 18th century not many started cultivating it till the 20th century due to the fright of the Juniper Blight disease.  Not all the species of Juniper were ideal for cultivation and out of many only 3 species of Juniper were known to be resistant to blight and one of it is the Calgary Carpet Juniper.

The leaves of the plant of Carpet Juniper are known to be toxic but were put to use in a number of homemade ointments during the olden days. The oils that are extracted from this plant are also used to make a number of insecticides.

Carpet Juniper – The Design Ideas

The shrub of Carpet Juniper is used by a number of Calgary landscaping companies as a part of their commercial and residential landscaping. As these shrubs have a rich green color, they are considered to be ideal for erosion control and are used on slopes where water and soil runoff can cause a problem. This plant can also be used as a nestling for various landscape boulders or over the edge of any masonry wall.

Carpet Juniper is also the hot favorite of many homemakers as a winter plant and looks magical when used with other shrubs as a border. This plant can be used as a part of winter garden as most of the gardens look barren during the months of snowfall. The plant is also used to create some of the best forms of Japanese bonsai.

Care and Maintenance 

Carpet Juniper is easy to grow a plant that can be planted in almost any season. It grows the best in well-drained soils but one need to avoid planting them over wet soil. The plant needs a deep and regular watering during the very first season so that it can establish a good root system. The frequency can later be reduced.

The plants can be spaced at a distance of about 8 feet or even closer if you are looking for faster ground coverage. Gardeners also need to control the growth of weeds by using mulch as plants tend to grow slowly if the weeds are more.

If you are looking for one carefree and an evergreen groundcover for your garden, Calgary Carpet Juniper is the one to choose.

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