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Plant of the month – Swedish Columnar Aspen Tree

Plant of the month – Swedish Columnar Aspen Tree

Do you know what is the most popular tree used in urban landscape? It is none other than that narrow columnar tree known as Swedish Columnar aspen. It has been chosen by the Gift Club as plant of the month for all its worth. Many companies and people involved with landscaping, especially in Calgary, use this tree among the plants of their choice. You, too, would want have this tree in your landscaping.

Get to know more about the plant of the month

Tall, slender and hardy are good descriptions of the Swedish Columnar Aspen. It has tiny rounded and serrated leaves that turn reddish-green in spring, matures to green and finally into nice red and yellow color during fall. They tremble with the faintest whisper of wind, creating pleasant rustling sounds. This type of aspen thrives well on milder climate growing to a height of 40 feet and spreading about 10 feet. Its stately height and appearance make it deserving to be chosen as the plant of the month.

Service as privacy tree

Privacy trees are attractive ads-on to your yard. They provide the curves needed in your garden and privacy from neighbors as well as blocking out noise. During extreme weather, you can depend on the protection of these trees and at the same time, improve the air quality of your yard color during fall. Used as privacy tree, they screen the area. When used for privacy, trees are spaced at least 1.5-1.8 meters or 5-6 feet center to center to help prevent land issues.

Keep your aspen trees happy and healthy

Your Swedish aspen tree will stay healthy and happy if the soil and all the zones of the root are thoroughly moistened once at least bi-weekly to supplement the need for rainfall. In the spring, feed aspen with slow-released balanced granular tree fertilizer every year. To remove diseased and damaged limb as well as thin the branches, you prune aspen trees in the winter. In case of the infestation of poplar borers, an injection of an insecticide to the trunk’s bored holes will keep them away. To get rid of caterpillars that make big webs around the tree, spray your aspen trees in winter or early spring with horticultural oil. Deal with fungal disease leaf spot by raking away and destroying all fallen leaves and spraying plant using fungicide in the early part of spring. Use spray from high-pressure hose then apply insecticidal soap to control aphids.

Swedish Columnar trees in Calgary

The booming oil and energy economy of Calgary made this place a thriving young city with a population of over a million with a well educated and affluent workforce. Admire new types of lifestyle offerings. There are newly-opened restaurants, art galleries, theaters offering new shows, boutiques with new stocks, grand hotels, and sophisticated spas flavored with high-end lifestyle and slick operators. Houses in the residential areas are surrounded by wonderful landscaping that make the city truly green. Despite the thickening population in the neighborhood, the privacy tree kept peoples’ lives private. It is not surprising that the Swedish Columnar aspen tree has become the favorite choice of the Calgarians and voted as the plant of the month!